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Have you seen it clearly? Wang Yu turned to ask Tianhua in a sea of excitement.

If Tianhua wasn’t wearing black frog glasses, Wang Yu would have seen Tianhua’s eyes stunned at this time.
If it’s you, do you have the confidence to rush into each other’s fourperson group with assistance, kill each other’s assistance and ad, and then come alive in various hunting skills and leave safely? Wang Yu asked seriously.
Tianhua pondered for a moment and then smiled wryly, If it were me, the most I could do was kill the auxiliary hammer stone opposite and then Liying came back and flashed away.
Do you still think that this level of competition in the 100city league is not worth watching? Wang Yu asked again.
Our shook his head apologetic way I’m sorry yu elder brother I was wrong! I don’t know when I became arrogant, but how old the people really are. The forest team looks very young. If he joins the professional team, he will definitely achieve more than what I have achieved now.
I’m still too narrowminded. It’s really glad you came to accompany Yu Ge out this time. Well, I’ve learned a lot. Xie Yuge I’ll slowly correct it.
Wang Yu was very pleased to see Tianhua so humble. Even if he didn’t find the mysterious master to make Tianhua change, it was a windfall.
Brother Yu, if I mean if we can’t find the mysterious master from Sister Yue, it’s also a good choice to develop a single player in this forest team, Tianhua said.
Maybe we’ll talk about it then. Wang Yu squinted at Taiwan Jiyan and nodded and said.
The game is still going on.
As the robbery escaped Lux’s big move, Lulu and the blind monk turned back to the fire, and the Japanese girl quickly dropped the seconds. Xiao Fei saw the resurrection. Lux finally arrived and tried to plug in the red zone of the forest team in Xiaolong Canyon to stop the escape robbery, but Li Jiamei stopped it.
Lax’s resurrection of Rambo should be not far away, and the male gun should also be on its way here, so the loss will be even greater, said Li Jiamei.
Xiao Fei thought for a moment and finally gave up the pursuit. He was unwilling to meet Lulu, Lux.
At the same time, the forest team Rambo has come to the red zone, while the men’s guns have just gone high, and there are bursts of shouts in their ears, Come on, forest team!
Come on, forest team!
This wave of small dragon group war robbery, Japanese female and dragon turtle succeeded in grabbing the dragon hand in hand and killed the other side. ad Vayne and auxiliary hammer stone, although the last Japanese female army was out of touch and trapped in the small dragon canyon, were killed, but they changed two and took a small dragon. No matter how you calculate it, you will not lose money.
The choice of being robbed of Xiaolong should have hit the morale of the other side. After all, Xiaolong was robbed at the bottom of his eyes, and an assistant was changed. The most important thing is to let him escape.
Hou Peng and Yue Tian Online were suppressed by the Firefox team, and then they were killed by a single sheet. In fact, their mentality has collapsed. Because of their mistakes, the team lost Xiaolong, only to be robbed to save it.
At this time, I was encouraged to hear the audience shouting that the spirit of the two was shocked.
In a short while, they may give you some breathing space specially for me. Remember to grasp this and develop quickly. Rui Chen seemed to have a presentiment that after this wave of team battles, Lulu, Hammer Stone and Blind will definitely be frequented by the other side in the middle, and it is very likely that they will come to gak him in the middle.
Yue Tian apologetically said, Then be careful in the middle.
Well, it’s just some minor disadvantages. We’ll try our best to make up for it. Don’t be too radical in the middle. Hou Peng nodded
Big Brother, do you want me to stay in the middle for a long time? Xiao Mo asked
No, I can handle it alone. The advantage of helping many roads and roads is not a good thing for me alone. It is necessary to let the players get up. I am alone in the middle of the road. They want to kill me and need three people less. Rui Chen was confident.
Seeing that Rui Chen said this, Xiao Mo gave a thumbsup and praised, It’s worthy of being Wei’s brother and big brother. You are as strong as ever!
After the end of the battle for Xiaolong, both sides returned to the line, and the skills of summoners of the two teams were exchanged. It should be difficult to fight again without wild intervention. Whether it is the forest team or the Firefox team is now cautious.
At the same time, in their respective loops to fill soldiers or brush wild files in the wild areas, Xiao Fei bitterly said, We must grasp the robbery to death and not let him develop again. He should have a chance just after he crossed the middle road.
桑拿会所It’s better not to continue to maintain the advantages of each line like this. The middle road is so inferior that it is difficult to kill and rob even if it is blind. It is better to keep each line crushing the opposite side and squeezing them to rob a person. It is not terrible that the other two lines of the forest team will help us to develop the gak middle road when we seize the opportunity. Li Jiamei expressed his objection
Be sure to target robbery! Fuck Vayne Firefox team ad said, The rest of their team are forced to suppress the robbery, so we can win the others.
Yes, you just commanded the group battle, but what was the result? Hammer stone was dissatisfied with the fact that almost all the former Xiaolong group battles were commanded by Li Jiamei, but the results were not satisfactory.
Others in the Firefox team admit that Li Jiamei has strong personal ability, but they all have doubts when the team is in command.
Then Xiao Fei agreed that Danlaxi wanted someone to help him relieve the pressure, and agreed.
Li Jiamei sighed in his heart that once he didn’t fight against a team, it would be difficult to integrate into the team for a short time, let alone command them.
See Jiamei Li silent Firefox team others finally developed a new tactic.
That is limited to the robbery in the middle of the road!
P One shift today.
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Chapter 6 Three Flowers Instantaneous Explosion (1)
Chapter 61 Three Flowers, Instant Explosion 2
At the scene, more than 1,000 people all looked at the hammer stone with bated breath. Hu Fei and Ji Yan on the commentary desk also stared at the screen. This is a key wave, a classic tactic of squatting in the grass to block the back road.
Hammer Stone is controlled by a series of moves, and the blind monk will take super high damage in the middle and middle period, robbing almost born to die. What’s more, there is a man in the rear who outflanks Lax and grabs one of the control skills. If three people are besieged, they will die!
In addition to Li Jiamei, the Firefox team, Lu Weien also secretly looked over here, and at the same time secretly said, If you don’t die this time, you will always eat Xiang live!
In addition to visiting thousands of people at the scene, the live broadcast platform of League of Legends in Lecheng is also playing the final at the same time, which is called the moment of great attention, but many people are caught up in this adventure.
Rob just walked past the corner of the blue buff outer wall of the purple square Firefox team and suddenly stopped.
At the same moment, a hook appeared in front of the robbery, just in front of the robbery, but it was almost missed.
Ambush in the grass early and hammer the stone. This longplanned hook was robbed and escaped!
Is it good luck by mistake? Or did you foresee the crisis ahead?
When I saw that the hammer stone hook didn’t hook the robbery, an exclamation broke out at the Pearl Square scene immediately. Is it a coincidence that the robbery stopped? He passed by death in name.
Wow, this is luck? Still amazing consciousness? Hu Fei incredible surprise one.
Ji Yan smiled. She knew that there might be luck in it, but it was more because the master was sensitive to danger. The common saying is consciousness
The real master will not only control the battle line, but also remember the basic things such as the summoner’s skill D when the big and small dragons refresh, and also calculate how long it takes for the other party to return to the line after returning to the city to predict the ambush time in each grass.
In Summoner’s Canyon, you never know how many Galens are squatting in a certain grass, and even a small grass may become an enemy ambush death trap in advance.
Being able to predict ambush in advance is the basic quality of a master.
It is obvious that Chen Ruishen has this superior quality.
Blindness has never appeared. After returning to the city, there is no time to appear online. These Chen Rui can see clearly through the small map. What’s worse, the middle road is still full of blue or blood. It’s a good time to return to the city. Isn’t this when the waves develop themselves?

Muling genius just took out his second child and even the third one didn’t come yet, so the children woke up in a daze.

Fortunately, the lights didn’t turn on, but they stopped in a place without light. In the dark, the two children couldn’t see what they were doing in front of them and heard some incongruities.
I vaguely saw two figures in the driver’s seat, like father and mother.
Rubbed his sleepy eyes and made a detour. Mom and Dad, what are you doing?
Suddenly, the sound made them stop the car with a whoosh.
I realized that there were two children behind the car and I was awake. Mu Lingtian quickly loosened her lips. She straightened up and hurriedly blocked the children’s sight and blocked her little woman.
Night Xihan blushed and his heart broke out in a cold sweat, and his brain was so depressed that he didn’t even dare to breathe out of the atmosphere.
I have been awake for a long time, and I have a lot of small mouths to ask, Why do Mom and Dad want to sit on your legs?
Oh, my god
Night Xihan was almost ashamed and went into shock.
Because now she’s not only wearing a dress that doesn’t cover her face, but she’s still stuffed with his stuff, and she can just feel that this man is startled, too.
It’s strange that two children found out that they could calm down when doing such a thing. It seems that he is no better than himself.
Okay, it’s dark. Two kids in the car can’t see what they’re doing at the moment, or they’ll have to …
Breathing heavily, they heard the children ask, What was the sound of mom and dad just now?
Yeah, I just heard it, too.
This ask night Xihan a flushed.
桑拿按摩God, what a shame!
Just now they were heard by the children?
Sin sin
Night Xihan’s heart is twisted to death.
Her face is thin, and now the children have heard their voice just now. Can she calm down?
Shame, she didn’t even dare to lift her head. She fell deeply into the chest of Muling Day.
That remorse in my heart, how could she forget all the children and do such a thing directly with this bad guy’s car, and still make such a passionate voice to make the children quarrel? How did she get to this state?
Oh, my God, my God, my God … She despises herself.
What should we do now? What should we do?
It’s all the fault of this smelly man. It’s all his fault
If it weren’t for him, it wouldn’t be like this now.
She also blames herself for being too disappointing! It’s so easy to fall!
Night Xihan is confused at the moment, all kinds of entanglements and fears. At this time, she really doesn’t know how to face the child.
MuLingTian is relatively calm slow for two seconds kids how to wake up? Don’t sleep more?
The two children were very unhappy when they tooted their mouths. I was awakened!
Go around and say, It’s so strange, Dad. Didn’t you and Mom hear the sound just now?
Kids dad didn’t hear any sound. You must have dreamt it accidentally. Mu Lingtian told a lie, and his face was not red and his heart didn’t jump, which made Ye Xihan very admire.
Two children are not generally easy to fool and deeply doubt what he said. Really? But Dad, Niannian and I both dreamed of the amount?
Er, you are twins with telepathy! It is normal to have the same dream!
What do you mean, a foot high and a foot high? See? Sure enough, ginger is still spicy.
Oh oh …
Section 317
Where are mom and dad?
It’s strange that we just saw your mother’s leg!
Night Xihan’s whole face turns red and he hates not finding a place to bury himself.
Kids, you’re dazzled. I’m afraid the two children will continue to ask him how to hold them off. So that they can sometimes put on their clothes. Don’t you sleep now?
This question made a haha and was a little sleepy. I looked out of the window and knew that I was home. I shook my head and said that I didn’t sleep.
Don’t the kids knock on the door when they get home?
“oh!” Without much thought, the two little guys twisted the door and took the car.
The child over there will quickly operate the car controller as soon as he gets a car Muling day.
The two children listened to the crash before they could stand on the ground. Looking back, they found that the car door was closed and they stared at each other. What was the situation?
Wool can’t see mom and dad’s car? Isn’t it a little weird today? Don’t mom and dad usually get in the car first and then hold their car? How come today … The two children started whispering to each other.
The car didn’t have a child’s voice at night. Han was ashamed. This was because he was disheveled and came out of Mu Lingtian’s arms. He was as busy as a tomato, so he came from him and sat back in the passenger seat and bowed his head to tidy his clothes.
Mu Lingtian looked soft-eyed, and Xiao Lingtian’s depressed face turned black.
These two little bastards didn’t wake up early and didn’t wake up late, but when they chose this button, they interrupted them and harmed him … Alas, they sighed, and now they have no passion at all. This is really terrible. Naihao took his little brother back to the library.
Night Xihan is embarrassed, trying to breathe smoothly and dare not look at Mu Lingtian beside him. I still feel concerned just now.
Mu Lingtian couldn’t help complaining that the warm moment was so messed up by two kids. How are you going to endure tonight?
It’s all your fault! She blushed and was annoyed to see him all seen by the children …
He looked at her with a smile. Hehe, excuse me?
This is still said!
Small demon jing they don’t know what we do …
Besides, I didn’t see it. I just heard some sounds. Besides, even if I saw the kids, how could I know what they were doing?
How do you know?
Forget it, I’m too lazy to ignore you, you color embryo. I twisted my door angrily and wanted Chemuling to stop. Wife … I’ll take you in.

Maybe you can find out something when you meet.

Thought of here, I was thinking about whether to discuss with Gu Changning.
But before I could speak, I saw someone who surprised me.
At this time, we just walked out of the high steps of the court
And the step parking lot Han Qingshan is wearing a black coat with a burning cigarette in his hand. He is leaning back against a sports car like someone else.
He raised his eyebrows when he saw us.
Even though he is lower than us, he is not weak.
I hesitated to say hello.
Gu Changning has said, "Go and meet him."
I, oh, have no objection to joining him in the promotion.
Han Qingshan twisted out cigarette butts to meet him.
夜网论坛  title=He looked at me for a few seconds and said softly, "Look at your expression, you should have lost the lawsuit. I guess you are also very dissatisfied with the result."
The face is cut and gentle, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable.
I deliberately said in a cold voice, "We have decided to appeal to this judgment, which does not mean that it is the final result, so we can say that we are dissatisfied."
Han Qingshan didn’t seem to recognize the cold face and smile in my tone, and the tone became softer and softer. "Even if you sue, you may not win unless there is enough evidence to overturn the first-instance judgment."
I am silent.
That’s why I’m worried. I don’t know how it’s going in Lu Xun
Han Qingshan said, "I can help you."
I can’t help looking at him.
"I know what you need" is on his lips.
I frowned and looked at Gu Changning.
Gu Changning eyebrows also frowning gently and didn’t look at me.
I look back and think secretly.
If Han Qingshan can really help, it’s best, but it’s more like a matter of courtship or approaching us with another purpose. Can I believe it?
I had some doubts about him before adding it. At this moment, I really can’t believe his kindness.
I thought about it and tried, "I really don’t know what kind of help we need."
Han Qingshan smiled slightly. "I won’t go around with you, and you don’t have to guard against me." He paused, glanced at Gu Changning and turned to me. "I want to tell you that I know the arms dealer who bought fuel."
My eyelids jumped and my eyes widened involuntarily.
Everyone knows that the fuel is missing, but it took Ye Wen a long time to find out when it was bought by an arms dealer.
But he is so clear …
This man is really not simple!
What surprised me even more was that he knew the arms dealer!
I was shocked to see Gu Changning again.
Gu Changning frowned more tightly, but he didn’t open his mouth and didn’t know what to think.
Perhaps it was noticed that I and Gu Changning’s expression Han Qingshan smiled and laughed. "Actually, I made a special trip to look for Gu Shao today."
Gu Changning raises eyebrows.
Han Qingshan said, "I want to talk to Gu about a business deal. As I just said, helping is a gift."
I narrowed my eyes.
His eye turned out to be Gu Changning.
My heart can’t help but give birth to an idea to deal with Chu Han Qingshan. Do you want to deal with Gu?
The same method is to dig a hole under the banner of closing and then wait for the net to be closed.
If so, Gu Chang would rather never promise …
I want to wake up Gu Changning, but he is much smarter than I thought and feels more alarmed.
Just listen to him and say, "I appreciate your kindness because Guggenheim has been dragged by several cases and can’t spare the manpower."
I secretly relieved.
What the hell is a family gentleman? I can think of something, and he did.
Han Qingshan, who was rejected by him, was not angry, but smiled more. "That arms dealer can’t talk easily. Gu Shaozhen doesn’t need me as a referee? You don’t want to help Ye Ershao win this lawsuit?"
Gu Changning’s long and narrow eyebrows gently provoked, "The last thing I like about Gu Changning is that he was calculated by Mr. Han’s arms dealer to blackmail me, but he didn’t really want to agree with me."
Han Qingshan looked embarrassed. "Gu Shao doesn’t believe me?"
Gu Changning unceremoniously cold hum.
Han Qingshan turned to me with a wry smile. "Don’t you believe me either?"
Of course I don’t believe him.
It’s even worse. Gu Changning decided
So I shook my head and didn’t do it.
Han Qingshan looked at me for a long time and suddenly sighed, "At least I have run away with you twice, but you seem to reject me … I just like that you have no bad feelings for you. You must be so wary of me … I am really sad."
Chapter 245 Grandpa reaction
I heard a burst of numbness.
Compared with Chen Shu, Han Qingshan dialect is more straightforward

Huangfuda bowed his head and seemed to be thinking about something. When Shuiyunjin stared at him bitterly, he saw him move, gently swing his clothes embroidered with moire, and walk leisurely and gracefully towards himself. He stopped against the wall not far away.

They bathed in moonlight together, and his eyes were as dim as a clear spring, and a faint voice seemed to come from a distant valley. "Maybe he just wanted to see if I slept in the same bed with you."
Shui Yun-jin zheng’s big eyes turned round and round and then took a deep sniff at the corners of his mouth, saying, "This person won’t be so chatty, but he’s also specially here to peep."
Shui Yun-jin doesn’t think that person is insane at all, but when she inadvertently sees Huang Fu-da’s clear and faint face, it seems to be white. "It’s Huang Fu-heng."
品茶论坛"No one will talk like this except him, and even more people dare to break into Lanwang Palace in the dead of night." Huangfuda’s eyebrows are slightly picky
"Why did he do this? Was his brain crowded by the door?" Shuiyun Park was surprised and with some anger, she thought about Huangfuheng, the son of a bitch, and what he wanted to play.
Any suspection.i da silent is faint eyes light light looked at ShuiYunJin.
"What do you mean by looking at me like this? You shouldn’t be me conspiring with him to deal with you, should you?" Shuiyunjin was regarded by him as a low-eyed man with hair all over his body.
Huangfuda stretched himself out, and suddenly he took two steps forward and bowed his head slightly to lock the water clouds and hibiscus in his figure. The tone in his figure didn’t recognize the slightest emotion. "I think he seems to have not given up on you. What would I think if you said that my woman was so missed?"
Shuiyunjin blinked her eyes, so she waited for him to open her mouth seriously. At first glance, she heard him whisper, and her little face suddenly exploded like a spring thunder. "Bah, can you stop disgusting me? I’d rather believe that he sent someone to kill someone. Maybe I can feel better after listening."
"If you really don’t have the slightest inclination, he may regret it." Huangfuda slightly raised his eyebrows and his deep eyes seemed to want to see through Shuiyunjin.
"What do you mean, if he regrets it, I’ll have to pick him up? What is he? Am I that naive?"
ShuiYunJin is very disgusted to stare at HuangFuDa is very don’t like his attitude Yang added, "and what do you guess at random? Do you really want me to forgive him and accept him? Are you not my justified husband now?"
Huangfuda suddenly smiled like a spring breeze and drizzle, nourishing people’s hearts, and like breaking clouds and seeing the moon, her face was absolutely gorgeous with a pleasant smile. "It’s rare for you to know that I am your husband. Since you know that, you can’t change your mind no matter what he says or does."
"It’s really a lot of words. I don’t admit it. The fact is the same. Is there anything before you? If you wake up and see him, I’ll hide as far as I can?" Shuiyun raised her eyebrows and her face was still angry.
"Ha ha good really obedient" Huangfuda seems to be very happy slender jade fingers gently scraped a water cloud, and her nose was full of brilliance and lightness.
Shui Yun-jin was suddenly happy with him, and her heart panicked slightly. She suddenly remembered that this person was naturally familiar and turned over a supercilious look. No one had done such a childish thing to her since childhood, but it also hurt her, rubbed her nose and somehow felt a little warm in her heart.
Seeing that he had lifted his feet and walked inside to chase him, he asked, "What did the thief do if he caught you?"
Huangfuda didn’t return to the tunnel. "If you enter without permission, you will die or crawl out."
"Then you let him go. If he goes back to Huangfuheng alive, he must have guessed that you are not as able as you showed over the years, so he will not let you go." Shuiyunjin asked.
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Chapter 34 This bed is also half mine (please accept it)
Staring at the big water in front of me, my eyes reveal an eagerness to smile.
"You know what? You can’t even catch a little thief?" Huangfuda was clear and didn’t question the sound, but suddenly heard him say with smile. "This is my heart."
"You think too much" gave him a white look in the water cloud and hibiscus language, and his heart was already white. He meant that Huangfuheng would face each other one day.
That Huangfuheng is so inhuman that even she wants to spy. It’s really a dog meddling. Don’t leave her hand or you’ll kill him. But it must be something to rely on to hear this man’s tone of dismissing Huangfuheng’s people so much.
Seeing his thin and elegant appearance, I think that he doesn’t match all those fighting and killing. I’ve seen Lin Han’s coming and going, but she’s very interested and wants to practice martial arts
"What are you thinking?" Huangfuda’s gentle voice suddenly sounded.
Shuiyunjin blinked and looked at him. It doesn’t matter. She suddenly became angry and grabbed his arm. "Get up, who told you to sit in my bed?"
Huangfuda backhand suddenly held a big hand and hooked her mouth around the front with a smile. "This bed seems to have half of me."
"You’re half as good as you are." Shuiyun Park roared grumpily. The little hand struggled to break free, but the more it struggled, the more firmly it held.
"Okay, I’m going to cut it in half." Huangfuda smiled very gently.
His small hand was clenched tightly, and she couldn’t get free no matter how she moved. Instead, it made Shuiyunjin burst into anger. "You are a dirty cheapskate. You don’t keep your word. You want to fish in troubled waters and take the opportunity to tell you that there is no way."
"Fish in troubled waters" Huangfuda laughed in a low voice, and looked at Shuiyunjin with clear spring-like eyes. The eyebrows were dyed with a thick smile, which made it more magnificent. "I have never touched fish in the water and where do you look like a fish?"
"Metaphor is a metaphor for me, okay?" Shuiyun Park gave him a hard dig in anger and boredom.
"What’s worse than comparing yourself to a fish? Don’t worry, I’m not interested in fishing. I’m not interested in you."
"How" ShuiYunJin stupefied at him slightly raise eyebrow eye.
Huangfuda suddenly loosened her grip on the back of her hand, gently leaned against the bedpost and closed her eyes lightly. "I’m not interested. You can rest assured that I won’t fish in troubled waters or touch you like a fish."
Shuiyunjin suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He said that he was not interested in himself, but he felt a little harsh. With some precautions, he said, "This is the best way for us to stay out of the river. If you really like this house, you can live in it for you, but you have to give me the waterside pavilion."

Then her eyes stopped at my face. "I have something to discuss with you at the right time."

I was a little suspicious, but I didn’t refuse
She said, "Can we go to the room?"
That should be very important. I looked at my sister-in-law
桑拿按摩Sister-in-law laughed. "Go ahead. You both have good personalities and you won’t quarrel."
I couldn’t help laughing
Gu Changyu is really gentle as water, but my temper is not very clear, just a little stubborn.
But is Gu Changyu Ye Xiangyuan’s childhood or Gu Changning’s sister Lu Xun’s wife? I can’t possibly have a conflict with her.
It’s like being accused by her once, and I didn’t say a word of rebuttal.
When I got to the room, Gu Changyu stared at me with the door transfixed. "If it’s Li Yuyan, I’m sure I’ll be spoiled with her dad at home and let her dad let Ah Yuan go … if not, at least I can let Ah Yuan suffer less …"
The first sentence was Li Yuyan, and her implication was so obvious that I certainly understood it.
I blinked and didn’t speak.
She looked at me indifferently for a long time and sighed, "Maybe I’m talkative. Now everyone is at a loss. Can you find a way to try him? I just thought of Li Yuyan."
I, uh, "What do you want me to do?"
She immediately said, "Go and ask Li Yuyan for whatever she wants."
Chapter 144 Decision
I came in silence.
I also agree with Gu Changyu that no matter what method, we should try it.
But it’s not a matter of saving my face …
Even if I ask Li Yuyan, will Li Yuyan promise to save Ye Xiangyuan?
She hates me so much for Ye Xiangyuan, but also for love … Now I’m afraid she wishes Ye Xiangyuan had an accident …
Section 137
I whispered, "Let me think about it, okay?"
This Gu Changyu seems to be a little embarrassed instead. She looked at me apologetically. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take it personally … I was too anxious to be afraid that Ah Yuan would suffer."
I shook my head with a wry smile.
She is a little ugly, but Ye Xiangyuan’s worries are the same.
Gu Changyu paused for a few seconds. "My brother really agrees with this idea …"
Is it true that Gu Changning also finds Li Yuyan more?
Did he and Lu Xun find out what they could say to let Gu Changyu come to me?
I was lost in thought.
I haven’t been out of the house for half a day since Gu Changyu left, and I can’t think of a reason.
Do you really want to beg Li Yuyan?
Li Yuyan and I are rivals in love.
After all, the night falls outside the landing window, which is a wide courtyard. At this moment, it is quiet and hazy, and the light shines through the night.
I sighed softly and finally decided to discuss it with my sister-in-law first.
Sister-in-law didn’t listen for a long time
She finally said, "If it means Changning, then call them all and ask about the situation."
After thinking about it, I think my sister-in-law is right. At least I have to ask what they are going to do after I go to find Li Yuyan.

Boss Liang laughed when he heard Xiao Tian’s parents say this, and said, Haha, I probably understand. In this case, since the words have been said here, I really have to advise you to say a few words. I really want to speak for Sun Jiashi.

Oh Xin Dad didn’t know what to answer.
Xin’s mother said, just listen to boss Liang. Maybe we really think in the wrong place. Maybe we really don’t know Xiao Sun.
Ok, just listen to Boss Liang, Xin’s father said.
Xiao Tian’s parents are no longer exclusive and want to hear what boss Liang has to say.
So boss Liang praised Sun Jiashi from head to toe, without deliberately exaggerating that it was good for Sun Jiashi to come, and boss Liang also told the truth objectively.
Xiao Tian’s parents didn’t talk for half a ring after listening.
Maybe Qian really misunderstood his own daughter and Xiao Sun because of his own prejudice.
桑拿会所It is estimated that the goal was reached when Boss Liang looked at it, and then he made a few polite remarks and said a few closing words before saying, I have something to do. Don’t say goodbye. By the way, see if there are any other guests who need to be greeted, so I won’t continue to stay here. Sweetheart, please treat your parents well. Make yourself at home if you want to eat anything.
With these words, boss Liang got up and left politely. Well, he stayed here for more than an hour and talked for more than an hour, which was really enough.
Stealing pleasure from a sweetheart.
The original first plan is very simple. Xin Xiaotian takes her parents to a hot pot restaurant, and then when the clerk orders, she directly recognizes her and calls Boss Liang to come over, and then Boss Liang helps to put in a good word for her parents.
However, after careful consideration, they felt that it was too false, for fear that her parents might suspect that she was deliberately soliciting lobbyists, they made a detour in advance, ambushed the pen, and told their parents that they must keep a low profile and not be recognized, and then the clerk tried to pull hatred and quarrel, and finally Boss Liang came out.
This arrangement will be more natural, not too deliberate, parents will not be defensive, and they will be more able to listen to Boss Liang’s words.
Xin Xiaotian and Sun Jiashi have gradually solved Xiaotian’s parents’ psychological rejection, which really took a lot of thought and effort.
Xiaotian and her parents continue to eat hot pot and talk a few words while eating. During the period, my parents also took the initiative to ask a few words about Sun Jiashi. Although there are still things that are still undecided, although there is no definite agreement, they are no longer strongly opposed.
On the third day, Xin Xiaotian took her parents to the Q Mountain scenic spot outside the city for hiking and sightseeing. Before leaving, she specially brought some washed cucumbers and some fruits. At noon, they ate something casually at the scenic spot. Because the meal at the scenic spot was unsanitary and unpalatable, Xin’s mother picked up the cucumbers in her backpack.
All day long, Xiao Tian was still deliberately silent. On the contrary, Sun Jiashi was happy with her mother twice.
In the evening, they returned to Xin Xiaotian from Q Mountain and took them to a hot spring for a buffet.
You can still see the Zijia Vegetable Field labeled desktop in the restaurant with the same logo, including the paper pad on the plate, which is the introduction page of Zijia Vegetable Field.
On the fourth day, Xin Xiaotian took her parents to visit the mountains outside the city. In the evening, they didn’t return to the city, but dropped by and came to Sun Jiashi’s icing manor:
Chapter two hundred and ninetyone Brainwashing brigade ()
On the fourth day, Xin Xiaotian took her parents to visit the mountains outside the city. In the evening, they didn’t go back to the city but came to Sun Jiashi’s icing manor by the way.
The name icing manor was chosen by Sister Qin.
Fortunately, at that time, after listening to her advice, there was no word for Sun Jiashi’s name to name this manor. The idea of Qin Jie was farsighted
The manor is not in a hurry to officially open. This holiday season is still a trial operation. The occupancy rate of guests in the smallscale advertising office is about 35.
After entering the manor, Xin’s father is still relatively calm, but Xin’s mother is not reserved at all. The whole girl’s heart is awakened. A woman in her fifties is so dreamy that she is happy like a child.
Xiaotian chuckled silently behind her mother.
The frosting manor dinner was very delicious, and Xiaotian’s parents even praised it as the best and most exquisite food they had ever eaten in their lives.
After eating, Xiao Tian and her parents live in two rooms. After half an hour’s rest, Xiao Tian invites her parents to go for a walk in the garden to see the night.
Beautiful food makes Xiaotian’s parents feel particularly relaxed.
Qin Quanjiang arrived here at noon, sipping coffee at the window and basking in the sun all afternoon. At this time, he pretended to be a passerby and ran into Xin Xiaotian and his parents while walking after dinner.
In the quiet and romantic garden, Sister Qin brainwashed Xiaotian’s parents, saying that people should live actively, make money, have money, what are the benefits, and so on until Xiaotian’s parents were completely stunned.
When it was completely dark, they went back to the building together and went back to their rooms.
Xin Xiaotian chose a catcute theme room this time. When she opened the guest room door, she found that the light was on. She quickly turned around and locked the door. When she turned around, Sun Jiashi appeared out of nowhere and smiled sadly in front of her.
You are more and more daring to break into girls’ rooms, said Xin Xiaotian.
I haven’t seen you say this in the first sentence for several days. Sun Jiashi’s face was faintly visible in the soft light of the porch dome light.
Probably because of the light, he looks particularly attractive at this time, and his gentle smile is full of masculinity
What did you say? Xin Xiaotian suddenly felt a little tight in breathing. This sentence sounded very low.
Sun Jiashi seems to have a malicious smile and said, It should be that you miss me very much.
Xin Xiaotian said, I don’t think so, that is, I have thought about it several times a day and I feel bored every time I see your company ogo.
Ha ha Sun Jiashi didn’t speak again and took the first two steps to hold Xin Xiaotian in his arms.
My parents are next door. Xin Xiaotian mumbled.
Sun Jiashi said badly, Don’t worry, the rooms here are specially soundproofed, and the sound insulation effect is very good. No one can hear you even if you shout your throat.
Why should I shout to break my throat? Xin Xiaotian deliberately asked.
Because, um, I can’t get out for the time being, Sun Jiashi said, and gently rubbed her face and put it on her lips.
Slowly, like temptation, purely focusing on this moment, warmth is like melting honey.
The room was suddenly quiet, leaving a slight breathing heartbeat.
After a long time, Xin Xiaotian lay on the bed with a meowshaped pillow, and Sun Jiashi sat on the small sofa opposite. The sofas were also meowshaped pillows. The two talked about their experiences these days.
I’m really exhausted. Please ask the restaurant staff to temporarily arrange the scene before the fight. The bosses are all very nice. The staff heard that we are also actively cooperating with what we saw. There was no mistake all the way, Sun Jiashi said.
Xin Xiaotian said, There is nothing wrong with the foundation, and the acting skills of these people are excellent, and the boss Liang is really eloquent. We know that there are so many things and we cooperate well.
Sun Jia stone laughed. Haha, that’s good. How do you think uncle and aunt reacted? Is our whole plan effective?

Jun Qian’s understanding of mummy is not a ghost repair. Although his strength gives him an unfathomable feeling, this humble filament is condensed from corpse gas at best, and his quality is lower than that of ghost repair. Even if he has more than one achievement, he can easily cope with it.

Unfortunately, it turned out that he was dumbfounded.
After the sword light was cut into thin lines, it was slightly "scoffed", which made the gray filaments slightly flash and stagnate for a moment, and then the sword light suddenly disappeared, and it seemed to be absorbed by the gray filaments, and the gray filaments were again lasered.
Jun Qian’s heart shook his wrist and dozens of sword lights formed a fine sword net to meet the gray filaments. He especially felt that Xuanli was not running fast enough, and a huge sword light followed the sword net.
When the gray filaments meet with the sword net, they make a sneer again. The sword net failed to stop the filaments for a long time, but in a moment, the sword net was already dim and was absorbed by the filaments. Most of the filaments crossed the sword net and struck again, but then the sword light was cut out.
This time, the filament can no longer absorb the sword light, but it is not cut off by the sword light as Jun Qian expected, but it stops.
Jun Qian was a little relieved in his heart and was about to apply gray filaments again, but suddenly there was a blur, followed by a hundred gray filaments.
These filaments are extremely flexible and instantaneous, which is to bind the dagger in Jun Qian’s hand.
Jun Qian felt that his hand sank and he could hardly hold a strong force to take the sword away from his hand. He poured Xuanli into the dagger and Guanghua flourished for a moment before he forced back the filaments and barely got rid of it.
However, the gray filaments seem to have some hard-to-detect attraction. With his repeated efforts, the sword did not move.
Jun Qian frowned bitterly, and his heart loathed to give up this dagger. The dagger is a pair. If it is lost, it is not easy to make a pair again. I am hesitant to see a dazzling sword light flashing next to me, followed by a sword tearing and falling those gray filaments quickly.
品茶论坛The sword was cut, the sharp front sounded, and the gray filaments broke in the light of the sword. Although it was not broken, most of the filaments were cut into several pieces. Jun Qian felt that when his hand was loosened, the pressure suddenly dropped, and his wrist was taken back. At the same time, he took advantage of the opportunity to draw the sword light, and Huada Sheng was still wrapped around the filaments of the sword to regain his freedom.
The sword was naturally made by Jun Kuang, who had previously obtained the sword. He didn’t look at Jun Qian, but stared at the middle school with a frown and a dignified face.
See the mummy opposite a growl that was scattered by his gray filaments and condensed together for a moment and then returned to the same shape.
"What the hell is this?" Jun Qian also noticed this abnormality and was shocked.
"I don’t know, but it’s very troublesome to look at the sample." Jun sank wildly.
"It seems that the boss didn’t lie to us. The land of Fei Moon City is indeed dangerous step by step." Jun Qian turned his hand to offer another dagger.
"This kind of filament seems to be extremely difficult to destroy and seems to be able to absorb the physical attack of Xuanli, but it is effective and the effect is not obvious." Jun said crazily.
Jun Qian’s eyebrows are wrinkly. I’m afraid there is really no good way to deal with him.
Mummy didn’t leave enough time for you crazy people to think about it. Its hands stretched out, its fingers flexed and its gray filaments came from the fingertips.
Jun Kuang Jun Qian stood side by side with a dignified look, and almost the mummy attacked. At the same time, the two of them moved the Jun Kuang sword at the same time, and the sword rushed to meet the mummy filament.
Two people a left a right to protect themselves, filaments fall in the whole body, although a part of the sword light is absorbed, but when the two people work together to slay the sword light, there is no real threat.
Mummy saw its own gray filaments didn’t work for a while, but it didn’t stop. Instead, it meant that the fingers trembled and suddenly counted the gray filaments around them, and they rushed towards the crazy two men, and wrapped them layer by layer, which meant that they were completely trapped.
In your crazy eyes, there is a flash of cold light, a flick of a sword, a flash of light, and a sword, like thunder, slashing at the surrounding filaments.
At the same time, Jun Qian’s double swords violently twisted the surrounding filaments.
There are gray filaments, and two people join forces to attack and be chopped into several pieces. They want to be trapped, and their intentions are realized at one time.
Mummies don’t seem to know how to give up things, and they don’t seem to know how to choose the means of attack. They still keep spouting gray filaments to supplement the encirclement, and those filaments that have been cut off also have some re-condensation to restore the two sides to a stalemate at the moment.
"It’s not a way to go." Jun Qian once again cut off the filaments that extend towards himself and grind his teeth.
"We are really too passive, and the opposite root is a fool." He raised his eyebrows and saw his one eye.
How can Jun Qian miss the provocation in each other’s eyes? "Well, look, I’m really grateful that my opponent wants me to work hard."
"Otherwise, attract the attention of this monster, and I will seize the opportunity to get away and kill this monster near." Jun gave him a crazy and funny look.
"Why should I be a living target?" Jun Qian gave him a rather disgusted look.
Naijun’s madness is to throw all the dirty work to him. You can say that you took a shallow breath and turned your hand. The sword light came out of the filament encirclement and spared no effort to cut a gap.
You crazy word shape flash is flicker out from the gap in the hands of a sword toward the mummy pledge to cut.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-one Cutting corpse 2
Seeing your crazy mummy out of trouble seems to be a little anxious. It seems to be hesitant to deal with your crazy. At the same time, his eyes are also turning to your crazy. His attention to your modesty has weakened a lot. He is obviously not good at distraction, and he is slow to move.
Jun Qian is aiming at this. When the body achievement method is driven to the extreme, the later stage of the sacred land will exert more explosive force than the initial stage of the sacred land, and the sword light will shine and expand the gap in the encirclement.
Mummy seems to notice that Jun Qian’s side is lax and can’t shrink his fingers. It seems that he intends to shrink the encirclement filaments and wrap Jun Qian into a cocoon, which completely makes him unable to move.
However, an instant madman has swept to the mummy and turned his hand to sell his rapier and went straight to the mummy. The speed is that Jun Qian’s eyesight can also be captured.
Without thinking, the mummy made a spin and wrapped a rapier in dozens of filaments with her fingers.
"Ah" you crazy slightly evoked corners of the mouth.
The rapier is just a feint.
Pay attention to your modesty while mummified, but also try to deal with the rapier root. There is no margin to pay attention to your crazy action.
As early as several previous temptations, Jun found out the details of the mummy. The mummy’s manipulation of filaments is very similar to his body feeling, which can be regarded as a metabolic product, but in other words, it is also a part of his body.
Only by throwing a thin sword at close range did he determine that the surface color of the mummy was due to the winding of thick filaments, which must have accumulated on weekdays. This led to the fact that the physical strength of the mummy was far too strong, which could be comparable to that of ordinary monks at the peak of their status, regardless of those who reached the peak.
The meaning is very hard
It may be a headache for an ordinary warrior to touch it, but it seems that Jun Kuang does not pose a threat. Jun Kuang is comparable to the top artifact, and the physical strength is not a problem to deal with the mummified roots.
What’s more, he has an innate advantage.

I know what he means. At this moment, it should be determined that Ye Li is moving.

I was just about to ask him if he was going to see Ye Li when Ye Wen knocked on the bedroom door.
There should be a new discovery. Ye Wen whispered a few words in Ye Xiangyuan’s ear. Ye Xiangyuan asked him to leave first and then turned back to me. "I have to go to my room to deal with things. Do you want to go to the yard?"
Today is cloudy, the temperature is not too cold, but I don’t have any mental service road. "You go to work, I’ll lie down for a while and I’ll call my sister-in-law if something happens."
He, uh, leaned over and kissed my forehead before going out.
I touched the place where he kissed me, and it seemed that there was still heat, and my heart was ironed unconsciously.
After that, I slept in until night arrival. The dinner was delivered by my eldest sister-in-law. She said that Ye Xiangyuan was still in the room. I was not worried and I didn’t know whether it was serious or not.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t go back to her room until midnight.
I turned on the bedside lamp and saw that his face was dignified. I couldn’t help but be greeted by the bed and asked, "What happened? Did you find anything?"
He suddenly took me into his arms and held my arms tightly around my waist, and my bones were almost broken by him.
But instead of retreating, I gently stroked his back. I sensed his emotional instability and tried to calm him down.
For a long time, he said dumb, "Grandpa did the evidence and found the rape and exposed it."
It was Ye Li who intervened. No wonder he was so depressed.
I stood on tiptoe from his arms and kissed him with a soft voice. "We have speculated about this for a long time. Don’t worry … We have to find out what he wants to save Xiaoyan … Is there a bigger conspiracy? Are you going to deal with that traitor directly?"
Chapter 19 Late at night ancestral temple
Ye Xiangyuan looked down at me for a few seconds and said, "I don’t want to startle you so soon. Besides, there may be big fish behind you … I want to meet grandpa first."
I immediately said, "I’ll go with you."
He gave me a deep look, but he didn’t object to "put on more clothes in the cool night breeze"
I suddenly became happy.
What I insisted on being with him was that I wanted to be with him for fear that he would feel uncomfortable, but he knew my mind, but he didn’t exclude me from approaching him. Naturally, I was happy and clever.
I didn’t go out with him until my pajamas were wrapped in a coat and a big scarf.
At this time, it was already late at night. Although the lights in the villa were still on, they were not as lively as yesterday’s. The mottled walls reflected silence.
Ye Xiangyuan put his arm around me firmly. When we went to the courtyard, we saw eldest sister-in-law pacing in the cloister in her thin pajamas.
About hearing our sister-in-law turn her head and wonder, "Why haven’t you slept out so late?"
That’s what I want to ask her. She will wander around a people’s yard in the dead of night.
When I was puzzled, Ye Xiangyuan whispered, "Sister-in-law, in a few days, it’s the big brother’s memorial day. What do you think of taking Xiaojin abroad for fun?"
It turns out that the big brother’s memorial day is coming soon. No wonder the eldest sister-in-law will wander alone in the middle of the night.
She must miss big brother …
I really don’t know much about Ye Dage and he has heard about it, and I rarely listen to Ye Xiangyuan and his children occasionally. They all talk in a tone of worship and respect.
I can hear that everyone respects him very much. I think Brother Ye must be something.
Unfortunately, at a young age, I was calculated to throw my sister-in-law and Xiao Jin.
At this time, looking at the lonely figure of eldest sister-in-law, I said in my heart that it was not a taste, and I felt a little distressed and uncomfortable.
Sister-in-law didn’t speak, and the shadows blocked the light, so I couldn’t see her face clearly.
夜生活Ye Xiangyuan didn’t urge her to say slowly, "You don’t worry about Xiaojin’s schoolwork. I’ll arrange it before the meeting."
Eldest sister-in-law hesitated, "but now the situation is tense …"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and interrupted her. "I don’t worry about everything. Besides, at this time, eldest sister-in-law and Xiaojin will be more at ease when they avoid me … There are still a few days when eldest sister-in-law can think about it."
Sister-in-law nodded. "Let me think."
Ye Xiangyuan changed the subject and said, "We are going to see grandpa and sister-in-law. Do you want to listen?"
Sister-in-law seems to be leng, and then immediately came to help me. "How can I let her go to the ancestral temple when she is pregnant … I’ll send her back to her room?"
I could see her face because I was close, and I was deeply worried.
I was so moved that I grabbed her hand in judo. "Sister-in-law is fine. I want to stay with Ayuan."
Sister-in-law looked at me for a moment before releasing her hand. "Then I’ll follow you. At least I have a care."
I saw that she didn’t look as lonely as she did just now, and her attention shifted from her eldest brother. I’m glad to come again, but I’m not sure I accepted it gladly
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t mind, so we went to the ancestral temple together.
The ancestral temple is a separate room in the backyard, where Ye Li is guarded by bodyguards 24 hours a day.
It’s scary to walk in there with dark light.
I can’t help shivering.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead "not afraid of me"
I clung to his body and answered vaguely.
Soon a bodyguard helped turn on the light.
As soon as the ancestral temple lit up, I saw Ye Li sitting on the sofa and staring at the ground motionless.
Even if the light suddenly turned on, he didn’t respond at all and didn’t know what to look at.
Besides, it’s already midnight, and he’s an old man who hasn’t slept yet.
I looked at him carefully.
He’s so thin, his cheeks are sunken, the meridians on the back of his hand are like bursts, and he looks like a dying man, and he’s not as dignified as before
This great man who has been in charge of the leaf family for decades is now left with a dry body.
He should have heard our footsteps, but he still stared at his toes without even raising his eyelids.
And opposite him, there are three incense sticks burning in front of Grandma Ye’s memorial tablet.
Ye Xiangyuan approached Ye Li in silence.
Ye Li still didn’t respond
My eldest sister-in-law helped her walk to Ye Xiangyuan and looked down at Ye Li.
Nobody’s out.
It’s so quiet in the ancestral temple that you can hear the burning sound of incense.
For a long time, Ye Xiangyuan whispered, "Grandpa is really good at calculating."
Ye Li just looked up and the three of us swept our heads and said, "I don’t want to ask for anything. I hope that the two children alive can be safe."
He has a rough voice and is still depressed. He doesn’t listen carefully and can’t hear what he says.
Ye Xiangyuan said, "You killed your grandson and your great-grandson with two children alive?"

There was a buzz around.

Yu Jiahao’s lungs are about to explode, but he still tries to smile. "My nephew always likes to joke with me. He is humorous and funny. Don’t take it amiss."
Yu Enze ignored Yu Jiahao’s reaction. He looked at long summer affectionately. "long summer, forgive me for coming uninvited. I don’t want you to separate from me with some unnecessary regrets. There are some things I have to make clear to you.
Ouyang has told me all the truth. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have misunderstood you blindly and doubted that it was my fault.
I don’t deserve you. I have to pay such a high price to sacrifice your happiness for me to live. What’s the point of living without you? "
Long summer suddenly alpha males.
Ouyang didn’t keep a secret for her, but he always told Yu Enze what she confided to him in the hospital that day, and Yu Enze would show up at her wedding scene with Yu Jiahao without hesitation.
She Bai Ouyang has a good heart for doing so.
He couldn’t bear Yu Enze’s resentment because he misunderstood her. She lived all day and was unhappy in the shadow.
He couldn’t bear her to suffer alone and silently, swallowing tears and blood together into his stomach to melt the pain all over his body.
Even if Ouyang told Yu Enze the truth, how can he make Yu Enze understand all her difficulties and Yu Enze feel more guilty and sorry for her?
The ending is the same. She can’t be with Yu Enze.
spa会所"Yu Enze, I don’t understand what you’re saying." long summer was cruel and cold, and he showed no doubt of disgust. "What Jiahao and I need is your blessing to us. If you come to our wedding, just let me listen to your nonsense here, so please shut up consciously."
Yu Enze didn’t seem to hear what long summer said. He locked her tightly and swallowed tears. His eyes were unusually calm. "You don’t love Yu Jiahao at all. Marrying him will bring you more pain."
Long, warm hands slowly caress long summer’s cold cheeks, and the eyes of the phoenix are shining with acid and heat. "I can die, but you can’t be unhappy. Only someone who really deserves you can protect your life’s peace and joy. long summer Yu Jiahao is not worthy of you and will never be worthy of you."
Is he crazy?
Does he know what he is talking about?
He has made a big mistake. He has touched Yu Jiahao’s bottom line.
He humiliated Yu Jiahao in public.
Yu Jiahao will never let him go. He will really kill him.
Yu Enze’s situation is already quite dangerous. He has completely offended Yu Jiahao. long summer’s heart is clenched, anxious and worried, and she is afraid that she will be helpless. She should help him.
The noise is getting louder and louder, and some people leave angrily.
Yu Jiahao can bear to break into a furious rage. "Yu Enze, get your horse out of here or I’ll have you kicked out."
"Whether I marry Yu Enze or not is my own business." long summer looked at Yu Enze coldly, and his tone was so dull that he didn’t have the slightest emotion. "You should go quickly and don’t hinder me from holding a wedding with Jiahao. Do you still think that our wedding is not funny enough?"
How she wishes that she could deliberately pretend to be rude and stimulate him to retreat away from this wrong place and leave Yu Jiahao’s sight. He is Ann.
"long summer, I know you have me in your heart." Yu Enze suddenly lost his heart. This time, he won’t foolishly believe her pretending to be cold. He smiled calmly. "I will wait for you to keep me alive. I will wait for you to come back to me. You are my life. God has given me grace."
In an instant, the world seems to be in silence and sorrow.
Say that finish Yu Enze turned from leaving in the quiet eyes.
Leaving the footsteps and drifting away, long summer’s heart tears fell hard every step of the way, and many worries were caused by feelings, thoughts and love, which were too deep to forget or deceive her life.
Yu Enze, he is her. Yu Enze is the same grace that God gave her for the rest of her life.
Others thought it was just an unexpected episode, and the wedding of Yu Jiahao and long summer went on as usual.
Just as long summer was preparing to exchange rings face to face with Yu Jiahao, suddenly a red light spot appeared in Yu Jiahao’s forehead and kept shaking.
Consciously, long summer shouted in horror that "Jiahao is in danger"
Also in the future, I have to push away Yu Jiahao and listen to the "bang". A bullet has already shot through Yu Jiahao’s head. long summer just watched him die suddenly and slowly.
The crowd was scared to flee in all directions, and the scene was chaotic.
"Jiahao Jiahao, wake up, wake up, Jiahao." It’s unbelievable that long summer and his father have been shaking their breath on their knees and have stopped Yu Jiahao.
"Enze had an accident. Something big happened." Qin Chen hurried to Yu Enze’s home early the next morning and was out of breath in front of her.
"Qin Chen don’t panic until you breathe smoothly." Yu Enze, who was shrouded in sadness, had no idea what was wrong with him or Qin Chengong.

They estimated that I was weak years ago because Ye Xiangyuan lost power and influence.

I’m too lazy to talk to them and just go out and leave by car.
Pan Dong is still in charge of my safety.
The car drove all the way to the city center.
Gu Changyu waited for me in Yuncheng. When I arrived, she was sitting in an open-air cafe drinking coffee while turning over a magazine gracefully.
Passers-by, men and women alike, stopped to look at her when they saw her.
Some people are very blindsided.
At this time, it is the early autumn when the sun shines on the earth.
She is wearing a red sweater, and her nails are also red. Her skin is fair and the sun is almost bright.
If the skin is so beautiful, it will naturally attract many people to stop involuntarily
Not far from me, I enjoyed it and called her "Little Fish" with a smile.
She frowned. "There you are."
When I approached her, I handed me my coffee. "Sugar latte, I don’t know if you like it."
I thanked her when I took over
She took my arm. "Let’s go in and buy some seasonal clothes before school starts."
This is my first time to go shopping with her. I have long thought that no matter what she does, I will stay with her anyway.
Section 14
Sure enough, she knows her way into the mall and chooses the most expensive store.
But she has a good eye. Everything she wears is incredibly beautiful.
In less than half an hour, the bodyguard had more than a dozen bags in his hand.
I can’t help but feel funny when I see Pan Dong walking behind me.
Gu Changyu held my arm all the way and was very intimate.
But she seldom talks, which seems a little embarrassing.
I thought about it. Is she sorry for accusing me twice before?
So I decided to take the initiative to break the silence. "What happened before … I was white … you don’t trust … just let those things go, okay?"
Gu Changyu was relieved to reveal a sweet smile. "I’m sorry. I was too worried and worried about Ayuan …"
I felt that she was relieved and sincere, so she smiled and shook her head and changed the subject. "Let’s go shopping again. You have a good figure. I feel that anything suits me."
She smiled shyly. "You have a good figure, too …"
Speaking, we walked into the store sign on the left. Of course, I don’t know it. It’s sweet and European to sweep it roughly.
Gu Changyu picked up a dress and gestured back to ask me, "Do you think it will look good on me?"
Before I came to speak, I heard a woman say, "You are still so hypocritically aware of your beautiful figure, but you deliberately ask people if they are good-looking."
There was a hint of sarcasm and hostility in the tone.
I followed the past.
The other person is a tall and beautiful woman, whose facial features are particularly delicate and beautiful. She looks a little thin, but her figure is bumpy, so she should have it everywhere.
Gu Changyu frowned. "Xu Xin?"
It turns out that she knows this person.
But it’s not hard to guess that someone familiar will say what he just said.
I guess this girl named Xu Xin should also be a young lady of which family and she is also very familiar with Gu Changyu.
Xu Xin stared at Gu Changyu’s eyebrows and screwed them together. "Why don’t you know me?"
She came in and stopped in front of us.
Sure enough, she is taller than Gu Changyu and me, and she has a commanding and oppressive feeling when staring at her.
Gu Changyu hung his clothes again and lowered his eyelids. "I think … maybe this style is not suitable for me …"
Xu Xin said lightly, "You know, Gu Changyu, I just don’t like your pretense of simplicity. If others say one more word, you will pout as if you were wronged."
Gu Changyu’s eyes are already shining with tears. "We used to be best friends … Do you have to slander me like this?"
Chapter 156 Rob your man
Xu heart ah like irony and disdain.
Her eyes suddenly fell on me and looked at me, which reminded me of my mouth. "I just returned to China, but I heard that Ye Xiangyuan got married … You are his wife?"
Gu Changyu took my hand. "Her name is Ding Shishi" and introduced Xu Xin to me. "She was a young lady of the Xu family and had been abroad before."
Xu Xin looked at me and said, "Don’t blame me for not waking up. Be careful. She robbed your man. Your family is ordinary. Even if she robbed you, you couldn’t find a place to complain."
I feel puzzled.
Is this a dissension?
桑拿会所  title=But the technique is too inferior …
Xu Xin no longer said anything, picked up the dress that Gu Changyu had just picked out, looked at it, and then smiled inexplicably, hung it back and turned away.
Gu Changyu stared at her back and said, "She still blames me …"
I can’t help wondering.
But that’s their past, and I don’t ask much.
Gu Changyu took the initiative to say, "She and I grew up together and had a good time … She was with my brother in college … but we broke up when we graduated … She went abroad and never came back … She has always been my middle child …"

I stared at his long eyelids for a long time and couldn’t help laughing.

When Xiao Jin and I were held hostage by Han Qingshan, it was Ye Xiangyuan who was passive.
Now the situation is reversed, and Han Qingshan is our headache.
Thought of here, I can’t help but admire Ye Xiang’s telepathic means again.
He really is tit for tat, and he is also tit for tat.
Ye Xiangyuan guessed what I was laughing at and pinched my face in a low tunnel. "So, honey, you have to believe your husband. He’s not a loser."
约茶  title=I am angry and funny. Touch his face like him and pinch the tip of his nose. "Got it."
As a result, I don’t know where I provoked him. As soon as his eyes deepened, he grabbed me and threw me into bed before I recovered.
After that, there was another killing.
It’s already noon when everything is calm.
I lie prone on my leaves and don’t want to move because I am lazy in my arms.
The warm sunshine outside the window is very comfortable for my face.
Ye Xiangyuan clasped my fingers, and my warm and generous palm made me feel at ease.
It’s … It’s broad daylight, and we have a serious discussion before making out …
I didn’t think this man suddenly threw me down.
I don’t even know how to feel this way.
It’s a little hard, but I also enjoyed it. I’m even embarrassed to call him a daytime slut …
Ye Xiangyuan pecked and kissed my face after lifting my hair.
Warm with him for a moment, I really can’t stand playing. I can’t help but debut. "Let’s … go see the baby. What if … what if he … is hungry?"
Ye Xiangyuan low smile "have parents-in-law what are you worried about"
I’m really afraid that everyone will know that there are not only bodyguards and servants in rolled sheets and the castle, but also my parents.
Ye Xiangyuan seemed to know that I was worried and smiled and kissed me again. "We are husband and wife … don’t be shy."
He has a hoarse voice and a taste of laziness.
I was red in the face.
Well, he didn’t move on, he just hugged me and slept in a cage.
It’s just lunch time after getting up again and washing up.
I was worried that I would be teased, but everyone was used to it and there was no abnormal reaction.
Come to think of it, Ye Xiangyuan and I have been married for almost two years, even with children, and it is normal to have a husband and wife life. It is really nothing to make a fuss about.
Li Mulin did find a time to find out again.
I told him that "Ayuan said the news was true … I was so shocked that I didn’t expect tracing the cause to betray Ayuan … I already knew that Ayuan was wanted in the country … Ayuan must have been wronged. Brother Lu Xun was too unkind. I thought he was a gentleman before." Then I looked at Li Mulin sincerely. "Fortunately, you have always been Ayuan. I know that you are Ayuan’s good brother. Don’t betray Ayuan like Lu Xun."
Li Mulin is better at acting than I am. He looks quite excited and holds his fist. "I also believe that my second brother has been wronged and I will never betray him."
I will show a moving expression.
When he left me, he secretly sighed.
Ye Xiang came over and took hold of my shoulder and said softly, "Don’t think too much about different things, no common goal."
I’m, uh, still sad after all.
It’s not that Li Mulin is sad, but I think I would be very sad if Nannan and I learned that Nannan had ulterior motives one day before they approached me and became friends with me.
At the end of the day, I’m Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my face and said, "Do you want to go outside?"
I knew he was trying to change the subject, so I followed him and said, "May I?"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled "of course"
Actually, I’d better stay in the castle and not run around when martial law is in place.
But since he said, but that’s definitely no problem.
We went out through the back door and crossed a long stone road with dense forests on both sides, and then we could see an open grassland with mountains on three sides.
It turns out that this is a canyon with a lot of gurgling streams flowing from the mountains, and the scenery is beautiful.
I didn’t expect that there was another world behind the castle, and I was shocked.
Ye Xiangyuan told me that this is the eastern end of the Alps.
The next time we went camping on the mountainside, we passed here, but the town didn’t come to this castle.
I slowly looked at him and said, "Did you expect to buy the castle a long time ago?"
This old castle is like a military stronghold.
The castle is surrounded by tall trees, just like a dense forest. It is difficult to attack from the outside.
And even those who are invade into that castle can retreat to this canyon.
The canyon is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and there is an entrance. If troops were arranged in the forest on both sides of the stone road just now, no one could conquer it.

Mrs. Bai nodded at Ling’s mother’s words. "Well, the old lady said yes."

She turned to her daughter, "Fangfang can eat if she wants. Mom has no problem."
Bai Fangfang said happily, "Thank you, Grandma Ling. Thank you, Grandma Mommy Ling. Then Fangfang had the cheek to get ice cream."
Ling mother nodded. "Uh-huh, you go and pick whatever flavor you like."
Ling mother motioned for the servant to take Bai Fangfang to pick ice cream. Yan Yan heard that Bai Fangfang could eat ice cream, and she consciously swallowed water.
Ice cream is her favorite. She just wanted to eat it, but no one gave it to her. But when Bai Fangfang came to Ling’s grandmother, she let her eat ice cream. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became.
Lele felt that Yan Yan was different. He faced Bai Fangfang’s back avenue. "Bai Fangfang’s ice cream is too cold. Eating too much is bad for your health. Let’s eat some fruit."
Bai Fangfang’s eyes lit up at Lele’s words. Ling Xuyang actually cared for her. He actually cared for her. She was so happy. She was so happy that when she turned around, her face was smiling. "Xu Yang, you’re right. I still don’t want to eat ice cream."
Ling mother didn’t understand Lele’s mind. She walked over and said, "Fangfang really knows how to eat one in such a hot day. Go ahead."
Bai Fangfang shook her head. "I still don’t want it, and eating too much sweets is easy to get fat. Fangfang still needs to stop being greedy."
Ling mother couldn’t help laughing at Bai Fangfang’s words. "Fangfang, you don’t worry about getting fat when you are still growing up."
Ling mother said that she couldn’t help looking at Mrs. Bai and saying, "Mrs. Bai, it’s so good for you to educate your daughter. Fangfang, this child is so young that he knows how to restrain himself."
Mrs. Bai looked modest. "The old lady is flattering me."
Lele listened with disgust. Every time Bai Fangfang came to Lingmu, she couldn’t help praising Bai Fangfang. She always compared Bai Fangfang with him and said that he was disobedient in school. Then he was bored with how Bai Fangfang was.
When Lele didn’t want to wave with them here, he pulled up Yan Yan and wanted to go upstairs to play. When Bai Fangfang saw Lele leaving, he quickly followed and asked, "Xu Yang, have you finished your studies?"
Lele didn’t reply "Leave it alone". He hates this girl the most. He always wants to take care of his affairs because he is the monitor.
Bai Fangfang was choked by Lele with a face of embarrassment. When Ling mother saw it, she quickly scolded, "Xu Yang is not allowed to be rude. Fangfang is also worried that you have not finished writing your career."
Lele curled his lips. "I will naturally hand it in when I start school. You are not in such a hurry."
品茶论坛  title=Lele’s summer vacation didn’t take long for Yan Yan’s family to come back to the city. In fact, he was too busy playing with Yan Yan to write a career. If Bai Fangfang hadn’t asked him about it, he couldn’t remember it at all.
Anyway, it’s just a piece of cake for him to write those professions. His IQ can now be in junior high school. It’s Xia Yuyao who doesn’t want him to skip a grade and lose his innocence prematurely, so let him honestly read it level by level.
Therefore, for that summer vacation, Lele was really dismissive, but this Bai Fangfang always likes to run to his house by checking the name of the industry.
Ling’s mother was suddenly unhappy when she heard Lele’s words. "Xu Yang, how can you talk to Fangfang like this?" Who let you go upstairs? Fangfang is still here. "
Lele pursed her lips when she saw her grandmother angry and went to Bai Fangfang. "We’re going upstairs to play. Do you want to come?"
Bai Fangfang hurriedly replied "Good" at Lele’s words.
Ling mother was satisfied. "That’s right. Fangfang is here. Our home is our guest. You should be polite to the guests."
Lele or pulling Yan Yan went upstairs to Bai Fangfang with a skirt and hurriedly followed.
When he came to the toy room, Lele hung Bai Fangfang aside, and he himself played puzzles with Yan Yan.
Yan Yan is only three years old now. Lele specially found a puzzle suitable for three-year-old children to play with Yan Yan, but Yan Yan doesn’t play puzzles very much at ordinary times because the little guy is too active. She can’t do it well. She sits and wants to do something else, dance and sing, or dress Barbie dolls, and so on
Yun Qianxue knows her daughter’s sex and rarely buys puzzles for her to play with, so Yan Yan is not very good at puzzles. She can’t find a place to hold a puzzle for a long time, and Lele sees that she can’t find it, and she doesn’t tell her directly, but slowly guides and tries to teach the little girl how to play puzzles.
Bai Fangfang, after all, is a big child. It is a piece of cake for this three-year-old child to play puzzles. She can’t help but cry, "Why are you so stupid?" Wouldn’t it be nice to put this puzzle in your hand here? Your puzzle is only sixteen pieces in total. It’s stupid that you can’t spell it. "
Yan Yan is only three years old, but she doesn’t like being called stupid. She glared at Bai Fangfang and snorted, "We don’t care if you go away."
Bai Fangfang listened to Yan Yan’s words, and a pretty face suddenly turned black. She stared at Yan Yan. "This is not your home. What makes you treat me like this? What an ill-bred child. "
Lele’s handsome face turned black at this. "Who are you talking about? Try it again? "
Lele’s voice poured coldly into Bai Fangfang’s ear. The first time she saw Lele so angry, she shrank her neck in fear. The tunnel "I … I want to educate this kid. She is so rude."
"From now on, don’t let me hear you call her a kid, Yan Yan. She doesn’t like people calling her that, and I don’t need you to judge whether Yan Yan is educated or not." Lele glared at her and warned seriously.
Bai Fangfang is not angry. "But she is very ill-bred. What can’t I say?"
"You get out of my house immediately and never set foot in our house again." Lele pointed to the door and motioned Bai Fangfang to go out.
Bai Fangfang cried when she heard Lele’s words. She covered her mouth and ran quickly to the floor.
Louling’s mother was chatting with Mrs. Bai over tea when she saw Bai Fangfang running crying. "Fangfang, what’s wrong with you?"
☆, Chapter two hundred and seventy-two husband outline?

"It’s my company!" Zhuang Yan’s tone was cautious, and it seemed that he was afraid of flying a bird close to him. "Yutong, do you want to see me?"

"That’s it!" Nie Yutong paused. "I … want to go to the company to see Junhui, but I don’t want him to know …"
"Well," Zhuang Yanyin seemed disappointed, but he still said, "Come on! I will arrange it for you! "
That’s why Nie Yutong called Zhuang Yan. Without the acquiescence of the company boss, it’s very difficult for her to get into the company’s door, so it’s very difficult to find Zhuang Junhui’s job.
"Well, thank you, big brother!" Nie Yutong is happy again. She is an easy-to-satisfy and happy girl. It will make her grateful and happy to ask her to pay a little. "I’ll contact you when I get to the company!"
Zhuang Yan arranged for Nie Yutong to arrive at the floor of the head office building of the company smoothly. The office here is full of senior executives, including the chief CEO, executive directors and major shareholders … Nie Yutong got lost. Zhuang Yan specially arranged for a little sister to lead her to Zhuang Junhui’s office.
Zhuang Junhui, the major shareholder of the company, has an independent luxury office (although it is decorative). At this time, he sits in a wide and comfortable leather chair and talks about porridge.
Recently, he kept his job safe. He came to work in the company during the day and went home late to accompany Nie Yutong. It can be said that Nie Yutong was completely transformed. Nie Yutong was very surprised and moved by his change. In addition, today, when she was frustrated in finding Xia Xue, she wanted to come to her husband for comfort.
In front of ZhuangJunhui’s office, Xia Xuechong’s little sister gave a signal that she could leave, but she gently pushed open the door and crept in.
"… I miss you too! Baby, be patient for a few more days. I will go back to accompany you when my yellow-faced woman is pregnant! "
Nie Yutong stopped and looked at the man in the leather chair with his back to him in amazement. Although he was a figure, she was sure that he was Zhuang Junhui or her husband! The yellow-faced woman at home? Do you mean her? She felt chills in her heart
"Can’t master urged me to either go back to the company class or give birth to a son to Zhuang Jiazong! I think it’s easier to do the second thing! ….. Ha ha, don’t be jealous. I’ll go back to accompany you in a few days! "
"…" Nie Yutong just stood there as if being doutou poured a gourd ladle of cold water from head to toe in the cold winter of December.
"She’s just a tool for succession in my eyes. She has no status at all! Baby, don’t compare you with her. How can she match you? " Zhuang Junhui coaxed the words that the woman was not stingy with sweet words. "I vowed to move back to you when she was pregnant!" ….. Well, when did I break my word? Baby, I have a letter in my heart. When you wait for the bed, you can touch my chest with your own hands … "
Nie Yutong looked around and wanted to find a more convenient tool to smash Zhuang Junhui’s head. But think about it again. When you get a scene of chicken flying and dogs jumping, you just feel like chatting and waves. Just pretend you haven’t come in!
Section 223
Sadness is more than anger in my heart. Although I have already guessed the result, she is still so sad when she sees it with her own eyes and hears it with her own ears. She is just a tool for him to inherit! He has no place in his eyes and heart. Her only value to him is to have children for him! And he has been so quiet recently that he has been ordered by Zhuang Jianguo to make a villain with her full-time!
This man … Nie Yutong was afraid that if he stayed one more minute, he could not help but want to pick up the vase on the table and hit him in the head, so he bit his silver teeth and turned around forcefully.
She turned quietly and left quietly, and when she went out, she kindly covered his office door without disturbing Zhuang Junhui, who was talking with her lover.
Nie Yutong was about to leave the office when he saw Zhuang Yan looking at her. He seemed to be waiting for her there.
It seems that I want to say hello to her before, but I’m afraid of something. He is full of warmth and looks at her.
Look at Zhuang Yan, Nie Yutong’s lips moved, and nothing was said. She blinked, and tears dripped, and then she fled in Zhuang Yan’s stunned eyes.
After the plane entered Myanmar, it completely disappeared. It is very difficult to continue to track down Luo Binluo! In spite of this, Li Zhenyu went all out to continue the search. He would find Robin and Xia Xue in any way!
Damn it, when he catches Robin, he will definitely cut that little corpse into ten thousand pieces!
The plane Li Zhenyu was as gloomy as the weather at this time, but Tao Zheng’s appearance still made him shine at the moment.
That sunny handsome boy seems to light up people’s eyes wherever he goes. Looking at him, I’m afraid no one will believe that such a sunny handsome boy will be a killer!
This is the top killer sent by the cinema to Li Zhenyu-Tao Zheng!
Looking at the boy in front of him, Li Zhenyu seems a little surprised
"Mr. Li, I’m Tao Zheng!" Tao Zheng smiled before he approached, and the corners of his mouth burst into moving dimples. "I am young but I have rich experience in killing people. Over the years, I have broken the big shots in my hands! Please give me a performance opportunity from Mr. Li, and I promise you won’t be disappointed! "
After a long time, Li Zhenyu finally recovered his composure. He still stared at the boy in front of him and said faintly, "We seem to have met!"
An understatement made Tao Zheng slightly stunned, which was slightly unexpected. "Mr. Li … still knows me!"
Obviously, not only Li Zhenyu felt that he had met Tao Zheng, but Tao Zheng was more familiar with him.
"You are …" Li Zhenyu frowned slightly and tried to remember this warm and handsome face in the long river. Finally, there was a slightly childish boy’s face overlapping with the handsome face in front of him. "You are Xiao Zheng!"
Seven years ago, Li Zhenyu went to Myanmar with the army to cooperate with Interpol to carry out drug suppression. In that extremely tragic battle, many comrades were killed. Of course, there were countless drug lords. As a result, human life became extremely humble in the chaotic environment, and it also happened from time to time to shoot Gu in melee, for example, drug lords delivered customers.
In the fierce battle, it’s hard to tell whether those people are really drug lords or brokers forced by their livelihood. The most direct way to save trouble is to kill them all.
In a large-scale drug suppression operation, Li Zhenyu saw a boy of about 14 or 15 years old fall to the ground injured in a scuffle. At that time, a comrade-in-arms beside him raised his gun to shoot the boy on the spot. He stopped him and saved the boy.
桑拿After the successful operation, Li Zhenyu asked the accompanying military doctor to take out the leg bullet for the teenager, sew up the wound and inject him with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. What he did was to give the teenager a chance to live, otherwise the boy might die of post-injury infection even if he didn’t die.
Li Zhenyu felt that the boy had a very sunny and beautiful face and a deep dimple on his lips. He was so childish that he couldn’t bear to watch him die and helped him.
Teenagers like to cling to Li Zhenyu after his recovery. He follows him wherever he goes. He knows his name is Xiao Zheng!
In his spare time, he taught him to shoot a gun, taught him to practice boxing and told him about the harsh training of the army. In most cases, he said that Xiaozheng listened to Xiaozheng and had a near-adoration and infatuation with him. He would do whatever he said without hesitation. They kept this kind of friendship until Li Zhenyu returned home with the army after the drug suppression department ended, and they completely lost contact from then on.
Seven years have passed! What surprised Li Zhenyu even more was that Xiao Zheng turned out to be a cinema killer and a top killer.
"Brother still knows me!" Tao Zheng grinned at the corners of his mouth, and the charming dimples became deeper and deeper. The sunshine could almost shake the eyes of people.
Li Zhenyu took a deep breath and couldn’t help but squint. "Xiao Zheng, you practice charm!"
Tao Zheng’s stunning appearance is a trump card for a killer. If it is more beneficial to have a daughter who is suspicious, his stunning skin will be more invincible, but his marksmanship and kung fu will be more invincible, but he can also disguise himself as a woman. When he disguises his masculinity, he will specialize in charm, which will make his appearance more attractive and easily confuse his goal.
Men who practice charm must be born handsome, and if they look feminine, they will get twice the result with half the effort. Although Tao Zheng is handsome, he looks a little masculine, so Li Zhenyu didn’t find anything wrong when he first met him, until Tao Zheng smiled.
"Brother’s eyes are still so poisonous!" Tao Zheng watched with admiration Li Zhenyu’s efforts for so many years. He slowly climbed from the bottom of the cinema to the top of the pyramid. One day, he can let his gods see his outstanding achievements and make his male gods sit up and take notice of him. "I have studied charm, but I still rely on live ammunition when killing people!"
"Well brother believe you! Brother Xiao Zheng is always the best in his heart! " Li Zhenyu smiled slightly. At the beginning, they met and knew each other in Myanmar. Seven years later, the childish and handsome boy turned into a top killer in the cinema. He still affectionately called his brother as if he had been isolated for seven years. The world was really wonderful. "With you, I will definitely save your sister-in-law!"
Let’s go home!
Yu Lizhenyu came to Myanmar to pursue his beloved wife. Tao Zheng had already made a detailed understanding. At this time, when he came out face to face, he nodded and said, "I want Tao Zheng to be able to command my brother to kill a knife and a sea of fire. There will never be the slightest ambiguity."
"Good fun!" Li Zhenyu patted Tao Zheng appreciatively on the shoulder and said, "Come and tell my brother what you have experienced in these years!"
Tao Zheng took a look at Li Zhenyu, and his eyes welled up with joy and excitement. However, after years of killer career, he has been tempered with emotion. If he had put it aside, he would have jumped to his back happily. Now he is excited but still calm. His beautiful eyes have exposed his true feelings. After all, he is only 22 years old. Even though his psychological age has long been weathered, his physical age is a big boy!
"The things I have experienced over the years include how many people I have killed and how many women I have slept with. I will tell my brother never to hide anything!" Tao Zheng looked at Li Zhenyu admiringly and asked, "Brother, can you also tell me what you have experienced since you left Myanmar and returned to China … and what kind of woman is your sister-in-law who makes you love her so much!"
Tao Zheng has seen Xia Xue’s photos. From the photos, she is a beautiful and temperament China woman, but her beauty is not enough to charm the country. I believe that what really fascinates Li Zhenyu is not her appearance but some special qualities of her body.
"I made a reservation for the hotel box and we two brothers had a good drink and talk!" From Xia Xue Li Zhenyu’s handsome face, it’s hard to smile and return to silence again. A heart is like frying in oil.
Is she okay now? What will Robin do to her? She will miss him and they will miss Xiaoyuxuan! She will cry and be afraid! Her help door is filled with despair at this time …
Dare not think about it again, he is afraid that if he thinks too much, he will collapse! At this point he must not collapse! If he breaks down, he should calmly think about the next steps and come up with a strategy to rescue her. He must harden his heart and try his best to think and act calmly as usual.
But when it comes to Xia Xue, he can’t help but be upset. He knows that his emotions have been affected. He urgently needs someone to help him analyze, help him plan and help him make an action plan. This person should not only have extraordinary IQ, calm mind, but also be absolutely loyal to him.
Tao Zheng suspected that he was a very suitable candidate! However, after all, has the contract of life and death, which was difficult at the beginning of separation, passed away at any time and gradually faded away? Li Zhenyu delves into this problem because he has no choice!
Chong Tao Zheng believes that Tao Zheng is the only thing he can do at present! He needs the help of Tao Zheng’s mind and contacts to quickly search for Xia Xue.

I like four of them very much 2.

The first chapter sensation (3)
The first chapter sensation (3)
One is a witch broom. According to the introduction, this broom is rare, but it is used to clean the flag. I know it is a good thing at first glance because hooligans have a skill called [doodling]. If someone scribbles on the flag of another place or guild, it will never be altered. This is a matter of honor. I believe there should be many people who like this thing in this guild. I will slowly consider how much RO coins I want to buy this thing.
The second thing is a barbed rattan fist blade with an attack power of 35 and a hole. In addition, this weapon has a special skill [kudzu vine], which enables this skill to grow four kudzu vines and entangle the opponent for three seconds to restrict him from moving. This skill is unknown.
约茶  title=The third thing is a card, a furious queen card, equipment position, cloak, a raging queen, and a shadow monster. It’s generally very rare to drop the card, and it’s even more difficult. It’s very instantaneous to convert the magic power into health. This is a life-saving skill, and the sage’s magic power like the disease method will have more health. There is no time. If you have this skill, it’s equal to regeneration.
The fourth is a small horn hanging cone to see him because he looks good. This is something I want to give Chris. Well, I haven’t given anything to Chris so far. Now I can treat Chris like a human being, because Chris is no different from people now, but it’s just in the game, and now I can’t tell the difference between the game and reality.
I try my best to quote a large number of everything. I quote 50 thousand RO coins, while the blood repellent and the ice fox are purely here to see things. Because they can’t afford to buy diseases, fires and students, they all have a copy. I am the only one in the VIP room who chooses things.
Half an hour later, the results of the second stage of the project came out, and I voted for all four things. Don’t others know the benefits of these things? However, I was glad to give the furious queen card to the disease, the blade of the rattan fist to the dark fire, and the sharp-angled hanging cone to Chris, and of course I wanted the last small broom myself.
Blood repellent and ice fox received my equipment from the beginning and won’t feel anything, but jathyapple put aside his unhappy face directly to the other side, but his hand still pulled my clothes. I can’t help but know, "jathyapple, isn’t it enough for you to buy so many things? Wait and see how you take it away. "
"But my things are not as expensive as one of them," jathyapple said with grievance.
"ah? I don’t know what your occupation is or what equipment you need. How do you know what you like? "
When I asked jathyapple, she suddenly froze. Yeah, what’s her occupation? No profession wears her fur. Yi Yi Oh, she has started to buy things herself. After the purchase, the things are sent directly to the players. At least one fifth of the hall is full of jathyapple’s shopping, and I have to let her play. The third stage is the most important thing.
"Is Chris ready?"
"Really? I will be embarrassed. "
"What are you afraid of? Anyway, not many people know that you are right. Let’s come and see Chris’s original appearance. At least it won’t be too surprising then."
Dark fire first said, "how surprised can it be? I don’t believe it. "
However, when Chris returned to her original appearance, everyone except jathyapple and I stared and said nothing. After a long time, she was the first to say "Fairy!"
The second disease method is "better than that female NPC guide!"
"…" Blood-repellent and ice fox can hardly speak, even if the ice fox is a woman, it is equally amazing to Chris’s beauty.
Jathyapple "Hum!" I went on fiddling with her toys.
I was very satisfied with the performance of everyone, thinking that I was not as amazed at Chris’ appearance at the beginning, but it was so fun to see others surprised, which also made me do this amazing thing when I had nothing to do later, and appreciated their speechless expressions with their big mouths.
However, they were surprised for so long that Chris was embarrassed to get up and immediately turned back into a water sample, which made the four of them close their mouths and swallow two mouthfuls.
"Now you know why I plan? Think about it if this … that … and then OO it will definitely be a sensation. "
The four people unanimously affirmed that "that’s for sure!"
Then I discussed the details with Chris, and when we discussed it, the third phase of the auction had already started. We all left the VIP room and called the iron man to say that we had come, and the iron man had already told them.
When I came backstage, I asked everyone to prepare props and wait until the third stage auction was over. It’s not that I don’t want to buy some good things in the third stage, but when I think about it, I know that these things are sky-high and I don’t have that much money.
In the third stage, the auction was extremely fierce. Many guilds seemed to be trying their best to shoot, especially the pro-soldier "All the fighters are in front of the fierce battle" and the heavenly dance "Wonderland Girls’ League". It was just like playing against Taiwan. Although both of their presidents didn’t come, their vice presidents came. The vice president was also a crusader. I heard that his name was "Eating Flowers" and I knew it must be a good thing when I saw his gray and black armor. At this time, I also remembered the only reincarnated player of the game, Shen Guan Qin.
The vice president of the Wonderland Girls’ League is a hunter. She is more exposed than ordinary hunters, almost wearing three-point clothes, but with a few pieces of cloth in her pants and a snow-red shawl and long hair that looks fiercer than dancing in heaven. What officers and soldiers are there?
In the third stage, there are five things in the auction, three are weapons, one is a ring, and the other is something I don’t know. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know where these players got the information. This thing turned out to be the most intense.
All five items are sold out. The lowest one has 50,000 RO coins, and the highest one is the grass and mud. The 170,000 RO coins are enough to make many players stunned. I don’t know what’s so good about that thing.
The ninth chapter sensation (4)
The ninth chapter sensation (4)
When the third stage was over, the iron man ran over and asked me if I was ready. I definitely ordered an iron man and immediately signaled the host to start talking.
"Dear owners and players, there will be an auction in front of them. The elegant players will take out four rare things. The auction house doesn’t know what they are, but there will be a demonstration later. I hope you can watch them quietly."
As soon as the broadcast was over, it was quiet because everyone was curious about what would be so grand, especially Xixi and Huachi, who were used to watching what strange things would appear on the stage.
I whispered to Chris, "Are you ready?"
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
Chris said nervously, "Really? I … I … "
"Not now, and I’m sure I, Chris, can perform a beautiful painting perfectly!"
On hearing me say’ I’m Chris’, Chris’s face was flushed, and the tension actually disappeared.
Chris summoned the angel Polly and immediately [feathered]. At this time, the stage and the whole auction house lights went out. I, the ice fox and Chris formed a team and threw a [water element field] on the stage. The original dark auction house suddenly lingered in the blue, and the light was as soft and comfortable as a stream. At this time, Chris appeared. When Chris came to the stage and flapped his wings, there was a neat sound "Oh, my God!"
Then there was no sound, because the audience, including Xixi and Huadu, were stunned by the beautiful things in front of them, Chris, the whole stage scenery.
Chris held high the spirit stick of disease and a ball of fire flowed from her, which was a skill [fire hunting], and then the ice fox Chris threw a ball of fire and a ball of white light around Chris. At this time, I used my service skill [angel barrier]. A huge bell struck Chris’s head and the ice fox made a [lucky carol] (short-term high lucky value) appear before the bell struck. A hazy-looking female angel waved her hand and her white feathers fluttered around Chris. When the bell struck the third time, she turned into pieces. With the disease method, Chris’s hand soul stick immediately gushed out little drops of water, while I put 30 reddish [dark barriers] on Chris’s face in succession, and then Chris’s wings beat behind her to match her white clothes and flew around in the auction house. Many players were caught in the drops of water from the soul stick, but they still looked at Chris with a stunned face.
When Chris flew back to the stage, everything disappeared into darkness again …
For a long time, no one spoke, because it was too shocking to give them visual stimulation. Everyone remembered what they had just seen. Reagan couldn’t have seen these people, including dark fire and blood repellent. jathyapple also had an envious expression. The most outrageous thing was that he was an iron man. When he saw Chris flying back to the stage, his legs went limp and his heart thumped. Even his hands could hear him, but his hands and his reactions were not much different. He didn’t listen to the iron man’s heartbeat.
When Chris ran back backstage and put away the angel Polly, she was greeted with a kiss from me, but this time she won’t be spared. Chris’s lips froze on the spot. She wanted to hug me with both hands, and I forgot to hug my neck. I realized that Chris’s soft lips were so enjoyable in the game. When kissing Zhang Xian, it felt different. When kissing Zhang Xian, it was a faint feeling worth remembering, but when kissing Zhang Xian, it was a sweet and warm feeling. I kissed Chris’s head, but I knew that I was kissing her, but I couldn’t think about how to do it in one step.
When the players started screaming and clapping, they broke our kiss, and Chris was flushed and buried in my arms, but she was happy. What was it like? Is this what human beings call a rapid heartbeat? ************! In a short time, Chris fell asleep in my arms, which made me not motionless or not.
I called back the Iron Man and brought him the four angels Polly. He said a few words in his ear. The Iron Man is really a great man. He immediately went to the stage and said to the players with a megaphone, "Everybody be quiet!"
The players who screamed and applauded slowly put away their excitement, but everyone was still extremely excited because of the ups and downs in their chest. Although they didn’t see the female player who just flew, the scenery with golden hair, white clothes, white wings and water streamers was absolutely unforgettable.

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.