She looked up and glanced at the stage in a hurry, and saw several men holding glasses at her, and others shouting at her. The whole scene was noisy and vaguely heard several laughing and calling her sister, and some people let her drink in the past.

But in addition to these disturbing scenes, Xia Xue counted more than four or five in succession
One is fifty! Xia Xue’s bright eyes suddenly came to the spirit. She took a deep breath and said to Taiwan in a clear voice, Thank you for your support. My name is Cher! Can everyone sing another song?
Taiwan customers applauded and said that there should be a deliberate blink of an eye, a thief smile and a long sound, saying, Brother wants more!
spa会所Xia Xue’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, but this place is so hard! Can we still expect them to be as innocent as children? Pretending not to understand their overtones, he played another song.
Xia Xue, a popular singer, had such a successful performance when she first appeared on the stage, but it never rains but it pours. Just after the second song was played, someone walked to the stage and threw a pile of banknotes on the piano keys, saying with bedroom eyes, Sister, sing a song for your brother alone!
The man’s mouth stinks. Xia Xue can’t help but cover his nose and give him a cold look and say, I’m not a maybe-seat lady! Take back your stinking money!
Hey, bitch, I’ll give you a hard time! The man was refuted in public and felt ashamed. At the same time, he turned his face and shouted at him. At the same time, he took up his sleeves and showed his hairy arms. lost face threatened, Believe it or not, I stripped you naked and let you dance in public!
Xia Xue had never seen such a vulgar and disgusting man strip her clothes without saying a word, but before the furry and fat palm reached out, she simply and neatly slapped her first.
pa! A slap on a man’s face explodes with great strength and directly hits him on the spot.
For a long time, burying his face in his face, he seemed incredulous, pointing to Xia Xue and stammering with anger. You … you dare to fight the old man!
Who are you old! Immoral and uncultured things. Who allowed you to appear here, polluting the atmosphere and ruining the fashion? It’s time to go back to the furnace and rebuild the roll! Xia Xue is like a deer in front of a bear in the face of a fierce bruiser, though delicate and thin, but he has no fear at all.
Wow, his mother is quite awesome! The man was completely angry and waved his arm and shouted, Brothers stripped her naked together and fucked her in turn!
Xia Xue was shocked to see that many men with poor complexion and evil eyes jumped out of the stage. Suddenly there was chaos, screaming and avoiding. More people were watching the fun. Those men who had long coveted Xia Xue’s beauty heard that they were going to strip her clothes and wanted to have a good time with dark and dirty psychology.
Let me go and don’t touch me! Xia Xue, after all, is a weak woman who can’t compete with these men. Her thin one-shoulder gift was torn off by a rough hand, and the whole sweet shoulder was exposed. The blue light was as smooth and white as milk, which made the drinkers’ eyes redder.
It’s really good stuff! The man forgot to slap his face and suddenly opened his mouth and laughed. Hahahaha brothers, we are really blessed!
“ ` ` w w w
Xia Xue took advantage of the man’s smug laughter when he went out with a powder boxing just to hit him. He succeeded in making him close that smelly mouth, then took off his high heels and carefully pointed and grabbed her. Two men each knocked on the back of their hands.
Knocking on the back of the hand with a pointed heel is like hitting a nail. The two men who grabbed Xia Xue let go.
Xia Xue took the opportunity to throw his shoes, pick up a long dress and flee the stage barefoot.
Help! There are hooligans! Call the police! Xia Xue gave full play to her advantage of practicing music since she was a child. She kept calling for help at a high decibel, and she deliberately hid around the column in crowded places and played hide-and-seek with those bad guys.
But this is not a lasting solution. There are many of them and she is a weak woman alone!
The bodyguards went out to stop the drinkers from harassing her.
Whoever looks for trouble here doesn’t look at where it is! The foreman commanded the bodyguards to rush forward and cursed at the same time, I don’t know how to beat them one by one by pouring some cat urine!
Cinderella dance club can have such a big name to support such a big scene. Of course, there are two brushes, which is not for anyone who wants to find fault! When bodyguards kept coming, they beat the six or seven drunkards to tears.
Section 39
Xia Xue was hiding in the corner with her heart pounding wildly. It was too dangerous just now. If she hadn’t reacted quickly enough, I’m afraid she had been molested by those drunkards in public. This place really belongs to the roots, so it is not a good woman who should come!
67 the way to go is narrow
I regret that I shouldn’t throw myself into a pit of fire, but if I don’t do this job, what will she take to redeem the pawned jade bracelet?
The hospital keeps urging for medicine, and her meager salary is a drop in the bucket. Zhang Jixin has just passed the critical period, and it is very important to consolidate treatment in the later period. Never stop treatment, so that Xia Xue can send Fang Ruolan to the jade bracelet to the pawnshop.
When Fang Ruolan sent Xia Xue jade bracelet that day, she heard Li Guoliang say that he brought it back from Myanmar as a gift for Fang Ruolan, and said that she could not meet what she wanted. Although she didn’t know jade, she also guessed that the jade bracelet was valuable. When the pawnshop clerk asked her how much she wanted to be, she was more careful and asked the other party to evaluate the bid.
The clerk hesitated for a long time and held out a finger.
Xia Xue frowned and said, Don’t be fooled if I can do business sincerely! She is 100,000 yuan, which is much different from her psychological price. She thinks that this bracelet is worth 350,000 yuan less. After all, something that can show Li Guoliang must have its value.
Finally, the clerk said in a blunt tone, No more than 1.5 million can be used!
… Xia Xue stood there for a long time and finally accepted the pawn price.
1.5 million is enough for Zhang Jixin to receive follow-up treatment, but how can she face Li Zhenyu when she pawned her bracelet? After all, this is a gift from his elders! What’s the exchange of money when you’re so pawned by yourself?
In order to make up for this loophole, she could find a way to make money desperately, so she rushed into the nightclub to make a living.
What about Xia Xue! A shout brought back Xia Xue’s wandering thoughts. When she looked up, she saw that Manager Zhang had arrived and her face was flustered.
Two bodyguards pushed Xia Xue in front of Manager Zhang, and she got a heavy slap before she opened her mouth to defend herself.
Give me something! Do you understand the rules! Manager Zhang’ s fierce face spit and reprimanded What do you care about when the guests drink too much? Remember that your station is to make them happy and pretend to be pure! When you enter a place like this, you want to be a goddess. Don’t remember here that you are a fucking singer!
Xia Xue got a slap in the face, and her head was beaten buzzing, and her charming body shook her hands, but she was able to cling to the etiquette in her chest and fight back. Because she tore a gift with those drunkards, her shoulder strap broke and after some hard work, her clothes would have fallen apart, and she would have let go of her hands, and her chest would have burst into spring.
Manager Zhang was still not convinced and raised her leg to kick her. She was able to step back quietly. Xia Xue walked lightly, but Manager Zhang was as fat as a pig. When he kicked and hid, he didn’t snap! Fall down on the floor
Mom, don’t you dare hit me! Manager Zhang immediately great anger, pointing to Xia Xue cried smelly bitch don’t want to live! You teach her a lesson!
Xia Xue qiao face turned white, and she didn’t know what would happen next. Her lips moved and she hesitated. A bodyguard had arrived and pulled her arm. She was busy shouting Don’t touch me! I am Li Zhenyu’s girlfriend. If you dare to touch me, he will not let you go!
The name Li Zhenyu, Cloud City, is absolutely so that the bodyguard has caught Xia Xue’s arm but released it in a conditioned way.
Manager Zhang was so angry that he cursed, You fools believe her nonsense! How can a girl come to a place like this to sing!
Yet a crowd suddenly feel reasonable and surrounded with a wry smile.