Nord knew it was absolutely impossible.

If you surrender again this time, even if the Terran is alive, it will become a few enslaved objects of Wang Guoguang.
Now the Grey Feather Kingdom is not qualified to negotiate with several United Kingdom in Huai Sha and surrendered. They are butchered lambs. They finally got them back, and the wings of the Terran will fall into the hands of the United Kingdom. Terran will never have a chance to turn over again.
Well, it seems that your gray feather kingdom is not going to surrender, but it’s all right. If you really surrender, I can’t bring an army of iron horns.
Noble didn’t reply at the moment. Braden nodded.
kill! Flatten the gray feather city!
Braden was very decisive. He didn’t talk nonsense and gave the order to attack directly.
Boom! ! !
Braden ordered Huai Sha Guotie Horn Beast Army to let out a roar, and after a loud noise, it was like a torrent of steel to kill the gray feather city.
The distance between the Iron Horn Beast Army and the Grey Feather City is only hundreds of miles, but the charging speed of the Iron Horn Beast Army is amazing. If Nord stops this wave of attack by the Iron Horn Beast Army, the Iron Horn Beast will rush into the Grey Feather City and level the Grey Feather City!
At Nord’s side, there are already two or three thousand soldiers from the gray feather kingdom, but it is still impossible to stop the menacing iron horn beast army with this number.
That’s it?
A lot of players who followed will encounter any special events, but I didn’t expect Braden and Nord to attack Grey Feather City after saying a few words.
Let’s go far away.
The army of Iron Horned Beasts has an amazing momentum, rushing all the way, shaking like a bamboo, and the soldiers of Grey Feather Kingdom are attacking the army of Iron Horned Beasts with bows and arrows, but the damage caused by their attacks on Iron Horned Beasts is extremely limited.
Can fly np!
品茶论坛With Nord and np around him, in a short time, Nord will be run over by the iron horn beast, and their attack root will not stop the attack of the iron horn beast army.
But at this time, many players saw a group of figures flying from the sky in the distant gray feather city.
Many players present have participated in the event of knowing that the gray feather kingdom is a Terran, and they are not too surprised to see that the gray feather city has flown out.
However, many people, including Chen Mo, feel that the Terran is powerful.
It’s only been more than a day since Terran’s wings were unsealed, and hundreds of years have passed before Terran has been able to use its wings to attack Huai Sha.
Their wings are real wings!
If the back wings of people flying over are artificial wings like those obtained by Chen Mo and others, Chen Mo and the blood paladin and others will not be surprised.
But they looked at the two eyes and knew that this group of flying people really had a pair of wings.
Not only that, but many of them, Chen Mo and the blood paladin, still have the impression that Terran’s back didn’t have wings these days before they finished, but now they all have wings on their backs, which is only a day away.
At this time, Chen Mo and the blood paladin vaguely felt that the effect of Terran’s wings being sealed was stronger than they expected.
There are thousands of np in a group of gray feather kingdoms. They fly to Braden, and the iron horn beast army suddenly stops one by one.
With their hands are pulled a piece of zhang qiang bow branches in condensed with gray light arrows hurled at Braden iron Angle beast.
Boom Boom Boom ! !
This group of Terrans from Grey Feather City will give the Terrans a chance to regain their strength in just one day. It is conceivable that they are powerful.
In an instant, tens of millions of arrows hit the bodies of ironhorned beasts.
The arrows hit the iron horn beast instantly, and the package exploded one by one in the gray light of the arrows.
The explosion was extremely powerful, even if it was a huge ironhorned beast, it was impossible to resist each ironhorned beast, and it was blown to the east and west.
Iron Angle beast army charge suddenly to a screeching halt, want to continue to charge directly into the gray feather kingdom that is impossible.
Hum! Sure enough! Get back a group of wings, and your Terran’s strength will be extremely restored! If there are more people like you in Terran, you will become stronger when you are more. I’m afraid we in Huai Sha are no match for you! But it’s a pity that you don’t have that time. From today, there will be no more Terrans in this world! Braden couldn’t help but face a heavy face when he saw that the Terran attack was so strong that it was far beyond his expectation.
But the eye situation is less than Braden Braden ordered the army of iron horn beasts to move their weapons of war on their backs!
The fifth watch of the day is to be continued.
Chapter six hundred and nine See the devil again
Boom Boom Boom
The huge ironhorned beast’s back is a series of riprap vehicles. After Braden gave the order, the riprap vehicles crashed and attacked.
But it’s not stones they throw out, it’s huge magic bombs.
These magic bombs fell into the sky and exploded one by one among the elites of the gray feather kingdom.
“**! Hide!
The explosion of magic bombs has caused great damage to the soldiers of the Grey Feather Kingdom, but not all magic bombs exploded just when they were exploring. Some magic bombs fell to nearby bystanders and exploded violently.
These magic bombs can do great damage to np, not to mention being hit by magic bombs, and players turn into white light one after another.