I nodded.

This is really not bad news.
Eldest brother paused for a moment. "I’ve heard Ayun say that thanks to Ayuan’s support in recent years … you are also very good. Ayuan is lucky to find you … and thank you for taking care of Ayun and Xiaojin …"
I am really happy to get praise from my eldest brother.
I shook my head gently and smiled. "We are a family. You’re welcome."
Eldest brother also laughed and nodded and said, "A good family should support each other. No wonder Ah Yuan likes you."
I’m a little ashamed of being praised.
Section 374
Sister-in-law said, "It’s time for you to have a rest again. Your brother and I will watch here."
It was near noon at this time, and I only slept for four hours.
But I am reluctant to leave Ye Xiangyuan.
品茶论坛Sister-in-law didn’t force me, but advised me to eat something and settle me on the sofa.
She and her eldest brother went to the living room outside and asked Xiaojin to stay with me and Ye Xiangyuan.
I was relieved to know that I had eldest brother and sister-in-law, and I fell asleep again.
I was awakened by a burst of crying
When I opened my eyes in a daze, I saw Gu Changyu sobbing in the room and looking at the leaves of the hospital bed.
Eldest brother and sister-in-law Gu Changning and Xu Xin are here.
I immediately understood the situation.
It turns out that Gu Changyu also came back from Shanghai.
She stopped pretending to sleep and woke up completely.
I looked at her pale face and she lost some weight. Two nurses supported her, and her injury should not be healed yet.
After all, being hit by a bullet is really not so easy to heal.
However, although she looks thin, she has a weak temperament, which makes her facial features more prominent and looks even more beautiful.
She sobbed in a low voice and begged, "I’ll just take a look at Ayuan …"
Gu Changning coldly interrupted her, "If you are a demon again, I will send you abroad and never return to the Imperial Capital!"
Gu Changyu sobbed and cried even harder.
Xu Xin sneered at the door frame with his arms around his chest.
Eldest brother hug eldest sister-in-law didn’t mean anything.
Perhaps it was Gu Changyu who saw me awake and turned to me with a pair of big eyes full of sadness, staring at me tightly and sobbing, "Please be kind enough to give Ah Yuan back to me … I’ll make you a cow and a horse, and I want you to give Ah Yuan to me …"
I watched quietly as she didn’t do it
Look at her. Ye Xiangyuan blocked the bullet. I won’t dispute with her about the past, but I can never let Ye Xiangyuan go out.
I guess I understand what I mean. Gu Changyu’s tears keep falling like broken beads.
She bullet suddenly knelt down "when I beg you to see me, O Yuan died once and for all. Give me O Yuan …"
Chapter 429 Wake up (end of text)
Gu Changyu is a tianjiao woman who can make her kneel. I guess she is really interested in Ye Xiangyuan. It’s a pity that even if she commits suicide in front of me, I won’t give her Ye Xiangyuan. I avoided her bowing down and looking up at Gu Changning, Gu Changning, with a gloomy face, but I didn’t have the heart to push him. "Don’t let your sister quarrel with Ayuan, let me talk to Shi Shi." I noticed that her name for Ye Xiangyuan changed from Ye Er Shao to Ayuan. It seems that she and Gu Changning have made progress. Gu Changning didn’t consider it long before she called bodyguards to drag Gu Changyu Yu was unwilling to cry, but no one paid attention to her room becoming quiet again. After Gu Changning apologized to me, she went out. Eldest brother and sister-in-law also left Xu Xin to make amends. "Leave Gu Changyu alone, she is out of her mind." I smiled. Gu Changyu said that she had died once, but she didn’t know that Ye Xiangyuan and I had gone through life and death together. I don’t need to care with her, because she can never understand this hell feeling with her lover. I am curious about why she will stop pretending to sleep. I hope she will force Ye Xiangyuan to marry her because she is a vegetable. Xu Xin glanced at me and said, "I slapped her twice, and she couldn’t help crying." I was dumbfounded. This trick was simple and rude, but it was so effective … I couldn’t help but say, "If she didn’t lie, she was really sleepy. Aren’t you afraid of Changning blaming you for slapping her?" Xu heart laughs at a "she was so hurt that I gave her two slaps, which is nothing." This is also true, but I still admire her. Maybe she can subdue Gu Changyu. Xu heart patted me on the shoulder with a smile and said,"You just watch over you, Ayuan … don’t worry, he will wake up." I smiled gratefully at her, but somehow Ye Xiangyuan didn’t wake up as we expected. Grandpa Chu and my parents came back with Xiao Chen. He didn’t wake up. When Xiao Chen teethed and could walk and talk, he still didn’t wake up, but I didn’t give up hope that my heart was sure that he would not abandon me and the baby … Two years later, October was Ye Xiangyuan’s birthday, and he had been asleep for two years, four months and eleven days. There was no sign of waking up. I held Xiaochen in my arms and sat quietly with him on the edge of the bed. Xiaochen touched Ye Xiangyuan and angrily told his father to wish him a happy birthday. In the morning, the sun shone through the window and the room was full of crimson. Xiaochen sang a birthday song and the room echoed. At this time last year, we took Ye Xiangyuan back to the military compound. His body recovered well and his brain was bruised. After he came home, Xiaochen and I stayed with him every day. After Xiaochen talked, he often cooed in his ear and I didn’t know what to say. Our family of three would sleep later. Every time I snuggle up to Ye Xiangyuan and hold Xiaochen in my arms, I feel peaceful. I recall that these two years have been really hard. On the contrary, getting along with Ye Xiangyuan day and night has made me feel at ease. Because there is hope in my heart, even waiting is sweet. Xiaochen suddenly stopped singing in the middle of the song. He suddenly shouted in surprise, "Dad moved!" I immediately looked at Ye Xiangyuan, and he just opened his eyes and smiled at me, and I smiled gently.
Chapter 43 Married life outside marriage 1
Ding Yechen can walk steadily and eat by himself after two and a half years old.
Besides mom and dad, his favorite is his brother.
When Xiaojin played with him, he sweetly shouted love for his brother.
However, if Xiaojin is busy learning and training and has no time to accompany him, he will tear down the model and call out smelly brother.
Ding Shiyi can’t do anything about it
It was the first time she raised a child that she realized that the child was the cutest angel in the world, but it was also the most difficult to deal with the devil.
Good leaves are far away
He is a dutiful father.
Every day when he comes home from work, he will play with Xiaoyechen for an hour before doing something else.
Since Xiaojin followed Ye Dage to the army, Ding Yechen’s favorite sticky person became Ye Xiangyuan.
On this day, Ye Xiangyuan went home before meeting a foreign guest.
Half a year ago, he talked with Wen Lao once and talked with people in detail for half a day before he officially entered the officialdom.
This is also the result of his consultation with Ye Dage and his family.
After Ye Dage came back, he re-entered the army and rose several levels. With him sitting in the army, Ye Xiangyuan no longer needed painstaking efforts in the military camp.
But the actual officialdom is busier than the troops.
What’s more, the farther the original leaf is, the place where the quilt is cultivated.
Well, it’s easy for him to recover completely and be good at reading people’s hearts and have support
And he can always take time out of his busy schedule to accompany Ding Shishi and Ding Yechen.