"Why don’t you see Da? He should be with you." Huangfuyu’s smiling face is more obvious in her relative tone.

"Guan month girl is more gorgeous and moving. No wonder the temple is surrounded by you wherever it goes." ChuChengXuan suddenly raised a thick smile but interrupted Huangfuyu’s eyes.
Huangfuyu’s eyes are too presumptuous and predatory. How can you not see it?
In autumn, Guan Yue was suddenly named, and all the emotions in the low eyebrow eye were masked. "Guan Yue has seen Ling Tai and everyone."
"I haven’t heard Guan Yue’s girl play a song for a long time, but even if there is something important in the world today, I have to send Yunxi back to Lan Wangfu safely, or Adai will turn against the world again."
Shuiyunjin listened to ChuChengXuan pretend to be ridiculous, but it was funny to stay away from these people. She nodded at LingXiaoYao and followed ChuChengXuan up.
"Palace for a long time didn’t give the old report to inquire, so let’s go together." Huangfuyu suddenly spoke.
"Small ye also want to go" HuangFuYun followed by Yang.
"Forget it, don’t run errands for Da Ji. He’s in charge of his own woman." Chu Chengxuan said and sat back. It seems that he remembered something at Huangfuyu and added, "If the temple wants to inquire after the old prince, please go first."
Nonsense led so many ulterior motives to go back to Huangfuda and kill him.
"I heard that Ergong Yunge Waterfront is the most beautiful garden in Beijing. I don’t know if Guan Yue will be lucky enough to have a look." Autumn Guan Yue Yin’s soft beautiful eyes looked straight at Shuiyun Park to follow Shuiyun Park back to the house.
Real autumn Guan Yue identity root is not qualified to visit Wangfu, but her capital is highly regarded, and her family, brother, relatives and relatives all see her. She also makes sense with Huangfuyu.
品茶"Then you will be disappointed. Adai Hospital can never let outsiders in, especially women." Chu Chengxuan’s leisurely appearance seems to feel pity.
"This seems unreasonable. Little lady is also a woman." Autumn Guan’s goal has always been Shuiyun Park.
"You should compare with Yunjin who you are." Chu Chengxuan hit the nail on the head.
Autumn guan month face a white ChuChengXuan want to say that she overreached with ShuiYunXi than she ask yourself is as good as people, far overshadowed ShuiYunXi but being so ridiculed, the bottom of my heart rolling anger like sharp cut her face, so humiliating she will never forget.
"Then please ask the young lady to take a look at Guan Yue."
Shui Yun-jin feels funny. Autumn Guan-yue’s face is really not as thick as usual, so obviously she refuses. She dares to shamelessly plead with herself. It’s really "not good at all."
As soon as the voice fell, several bursts of laughter broke out in the room. This woman really didn’t give a face at all.
Look at the autumn Guan month face can no longer be colorful, but it’s said that it’s a scandal.
The owner of this house has a long eye, and who cares if she lives or dies?
Shuiyunjin doesn’t want to sit down any more, and she doesn’t want to get up and walk a few steps behind the house like a piano.
Without thinking about it, the teenager immediately chased it to Huangfu, smiled and jumped out of the window. Chu Chengxuan got up slowly and was in a good mood and out of the room.
LingXiaoYao left in the room with a faint smile. Huangfuyu was angry. Autumn Guan was dark and cold, and her eyes were cold.
Loushuiyunjin just took the carriage and the young man followed him across.
"Go home when you’ve had enough, and don’t follow." Shuiyunjin saw his one eye.
"No home" young lightly casually replied.
"That’s why there’s no more reason to follow" Shuiyunjin picked his eyebrows.
"I want the capital to wait for someone to go here these days." The young man also looked straight at Shuiyunjin with his eyes open and unabashed.
"Then a few days your name" ShuiYunJin way.
"Li Chen" has a slight voice.
Shuiyunjin frowned slightly and felt as if she had heard of her surname, but she couldn’t remember "Let’s go" at the moment.
Ji Qing waved the reins carriage and drove.
It wasn’t long before the carriage stopped water. Yunxi was lifted by a jade hand before the curtain of the carriage. She was seeing Huangfu Tsinghua’s face, and he held the carriage with his hand.
"Why don’t you wait for me to pick you up?" Huangfuda sounded warm.
"I wanted to see what you were doing behind my back, so I came back first." Shuiyun Park was smiling.
"This will show you." Huangfuda didn’t release water. Yunxi held her straight across the door and swept to the small boy’s body and eyes, but she didn’t speak.
Behind him, like a piano, I blocked the front of the teenager. "Handmaiden takes you to the guest house."
The boy nodded his head.
The thought of stealing the heart and means of autumn Guan Yue in Shuiyun’s arms made me ask, "What exactly is the identity of those men in black today who are from autumn Guan Yue?" "I have sent someone to Nanling to check it out." Huangfu Yue’s eyes are getting darker.
Shuiyunjin nodded, only to notice that the courtyard was exceptionally quiet today, and almost didn’t smell the sound. The green flag just left suddenly lit up, and it seemed that this day was illuminated and dyed into brilliant red. She didn’t see clearly that today Yunge Waterfront Red Silk paved the whole courtyard, and the rockery long pool outside was surrounded by brilliant red red silk.
At this time, the sunshine just leads to the courtyard. The potted plants are arranged neatly on both sides of the road. Shuiyunjin likes orchids of all colors. She couldn’t help but open her eyes. "This is your arrangement."
Huangfuda hooked her lips and smiled. "You’ll like it better inside."
Looking at all this, Shuiyunjin’s ears are a little red, and her heart is already white, meaning "today"
"Today" Huangfuda sounds gentle and pleasant, and her eyes are sticky with water and clouds, and her face is firm and persistent.
Shuiyunjin’s heart trembled suddenly, but she no longer said what it was to hold Huangfuda’s chest brocade robe tighter and tighter.
The two men walked into the courtyard and passed through Yunge without entering the suspension bridge. The green bamboo forest over there was very lush. At this time, they also wore a layer of brilliant red coat. The picturesque scenery in the waterside pavilion was full of red water clouds and hibiscus. If they didn’t look closely, they were held by Huangfuda in the bedroom on the third floor.
In the large and elegant bedroom, the decoration of Yunge Pavilion is almost the same, and the walls are pasted with festive couplets. Everywhere in the room, bright red is hung, forming an atmosphere of red light reflecting and beaming.
Purple nanmu is covered with red satin, dragons and phoenixes, double happiness, bedding, embroidery, fine wealth and wealth, and hung with red satin embroidered dragon and phoenixes and double happiness curtains. At first glance, it is extremely gorgeous and luxurious.
Shui Yun-jin’s body was wrapped in bright red, and it happened that this man was dressed in white as snow, and his figure was tall. Tsinghua was as jade as the only one in the whole room, and it was as picturesque as a painting. She suddenly felt dizzy, her heart was warm, and she seemed to float in the middle, and all the sensory organs failed for a while.
I don’t know when she was put in front of the table by Huangfu Da. There were exquisite dishes in front of the table, red gold, dragons and phoenixes, and crystal clear wine was shining in the glass. It seemed that all Huangfu Da was ready, just waiting for Shuiyun Park to come to the wedding room.
"If I knew that the hijab was you, I would wait until today." Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin in a good mood and tunnel.