Real Madrid away to real betis in the 27th round of La Liga on March 1st, the day after the draw for the Top Ten.

Although they are all crowned with the word Royal, real betis’s strength and record are obviously far from Real Madrid.
Especially in this game, with Lu Wenbin starting, Real Madrid performed even more bravely.
Even away from home, Real Madrid also scored a big victory compared with home.
In the fourth minute of the opening ceremony, Lu Wenbin made a long-distance attack like a flash, and even three people broke into the forbidden area, scoring the first goal with a single knife.
In the second minute, Lu Wenbin dribbled brilliantly, forcing his opponent to foul and get an Italian goal, which he personally penalized.
Lu Wenbin scored twice and Real Madrid led 2 away.
In the 39th minute, Lu Wenbin instigated Real Madrid’s third goal.
Although he didn’t score, it was also a long shift in his midfield to launch an attack. Even ordinary fans can see that Lu Wenbin scored this goal.
Lu Wenbin contributed another goal and an assist at half-time. real betis didn’t score a goal to save face until the end of the game.
In the end, Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick and had an assist to lead Real Madrid to a 51-0 victory over real betis.
This victory has made Real Madrid unbeaten in the cross-season to 31 games, which has tied the longest unbeaten record in La Liga.
After the game, the media reported on Real Madrid’s unbeaten 31 games across the season and tied the team’s historical record.
Of course, Lu Wenbin, who played a hat trick and had an assist, naturally praised him. Many media believed that Lu Wenbin’s arrival made Real Madrid have such a dazzling performance.
Chapter 557 Champions League draw lots
Although it has tied the longest unbeaten league record in the team’s history, it will take another week for Real Madrid to break this record.
There is a Champions League match in China.
On March 14th, China’s Olympic team has been locked in the first place in the group to face Saudi Arabia away.
No Lu Wenbin, the Olympic team was beaten by Saudi Arabia 21 away. Although it lost the game, it was already the overall situation. Anyway, the China team has qualified, and this game is more of a substitute.
For example, Lu Wenbin’s fellow villager Wu Sihuo made his first appearance for the Olympic team in this game.
After the German League training, Wu Sihuo’s ability has been much higher than that of China.
In the future, it may really be possible to play in the adult national team with Lu Wenbin.
On the same day, at 2: 45pm local time in Madrid, Real Madrid played CSKA Moscow at home, and the final of the 211212 Champions League officially started.
In the first leg, Real Madrid beat Moscow 41 away and scored four away goals, announcing the end of the second leg suspense.
Therefore, Mourinho didn’t even send a main force to play in this Champions League and sent a semi-main force and a semi-substitute array.
spa会所Of course, Lu Wenbin didn’t go to the Olympic Games. It was the first time for Real Madrid to play.
Sure enough, although there was no main force, Real Madrid led Lu Wenbin to easily beat CSKA Moscow with 51, and advanced to the strong team with 92 points in two rounds. Lu Wenbin scored and assisted twice.
If Lu Wenbin starts at Real Madrid, his players can easily beat their opponents if they turn around Lu Wenbin.
Although it was easy to win two finals against CSKA Moscow, Real Madrid fans and teams celebrated warmly after the game.
Because this is after losing to Arsenal in the first final of the season in 2425, Real Madrid once again broke through the top 16 and entered the Champions League after seven years.
It’s no wonder that players and fans are so excited about Real Madrid’s entry into the Champions League.
With the final one after another, there are several unpopular teams in the top four.
The Greek from Cyprus beat Lyon, the overlord of French Ligue 1, in the final, which was a big surprise.
Marseille’s elimination of defending champion Inter Milan with the advantage of away goal is also a standard upset.
Without the core of attack, Lu Wenbin and his players have become successful and getting older. Inter Milan, the triple champion of the season, has lost its momentum.
Inter Milan stopped in the Champions League this season and only ranked seventh in the top 16 leagues, not to mention the league champion, and even the European qualification may not be obtained.