They estimated that I was weak years ago because Ye Xiangyuan lost power and influence.

I’m too lazy to talk to them and just go out and leave by car.
Pan Dong is still in charge of my safety.
The car drove all the way to the city center.
Gu Changyu waited for me in Yuncheng. When I arrived, she was sitting in an open-air cafe drinking coffee while turning over a magazine gracefully.
Passers-by, men and women alike, stopped to look at her when they saw her.
Some people are very blindsided.
At this time, it is the early autumn when the sun shines on the earth.
She is wearing a red sweater, and her nails are also red. Her skin is fair and the sun is almost bright.
If the skin is so beautiful, it will naturally attract many people to stop involuntarily
Not far from me, I enjoyed it and called her "Little Fish" with a smile.
She frowned. "There you are."
When I approached her, I handed me my coffee. "Sugar latte, I don’t know if you like it."
I thanked her when I took over
She took my arm. "Let’s go in and buy some seasonal clothes before school starts."
This is my first time to go shopping with her. I have long thought that no matter what she does, I will stay with her anyway.
Section 14
Sure enough, she knows her way into the mall and chooses the most expensive store.
But she has a good eye. Everything she wears is incredibly beautiful.
In less than half an hour, the bodyguard had more than a dozen bags in his hand.
I can’t help but feel funny when I see Pan Dong walking behind me.
Gu Changyu held my arm all the way and was very intimate.
But she seldom talks, which seems a little embarrassing.
I thought about it. Is she sorry for accusing me twice before?
So I decided to take the initiative to break the silence. "What happened before … I was white … you don’t trust … just let those things go, okay?"
Gu Changyu was relieved to reveal a sweet smile. "I’m sorry. I was too worried and worried about Ayuan …"
I felt that she was relieved and sincere, so she smiled and shook her head and changed the subject. "Let’s go shopping again. You have a good figure. I feel that anything suits me."
She smiled shyly. "You have a good figure, too …"
Speaking, we walked into the store sign on the left. Of course, I don’t know it. It’s sweet and European to sweep it roughly.
Gu Changyu picked up a dress and gestured back to ask me, "Do you think it will look good on me?"
Before I came to speak, I heard a woman say, "You are still so hypocritically aware of your beautiful figure, but you deliberately ask people if they are good-looking."
There was a hint of sarcasm and hostility in the tone.
I followed the past.
The other person is a tall and beautiful woman, whose facial features are particularly delicate and beautiful. She looks a little thin, but her figure is bumpy, so she should have it everywhere.
Gu Changyu frowned. "Xu Xin?"
It turns out that she knows this person.
But it’s not hard to guess that someone familiar will say what he just said.
I guess this girl named Xu Xin should also be a young lady of which family and she is also very familiar with Gu Changyu.
Xu Xin stared at Gu Changyu’s eyebrows and screwed them together. "Why don’t you know me?"
She came in and stopped in front of us.
Sure enough, she is taller than Gu Changyu and me, and she has a commanding and oppressive feeling when staring at her.
Gu Changyu hung his clothes again and lowered his eyelids. "I think … maybe this style is not suitable for me …"
Xu Xin said lightly, "You know, Gu Changyu, I just don’t like your pretense of simplicity. If others say one more word, you will pout as if you were wronged."
Gu Changyu’s eyes are already shining with tears. "We used to be best friends … Do you have to slander me like this?"
Chapter 156 Rob your man
Xu heart ah like irony and disdain.
Her eyes suddenly fell on me and looked at me, which reminded me of my mouth. "I just returned to China, but I heard that Ye Xiangyuan got married … You are his wife?"
Gu Changyu took my hand. "Her name is Ding Shishi" and introduced Xu Xin to me. "She was a young lady of the Xu family and had been abroad before."
Xu Xin looked at me and said, "Don’t blame me for not waking up. Be careful. She robbed your man. Your family is ordinary. Even if she robbed you, you couldn’t find a place to complain."
I feel puzzled.
Is this a dissension?
桑拿会所  title=But the technique is too inferior …
Xu Xin no longer said anything, picked up the dress that Gu Changyu had just picked out, looked at it, and then smiled inexplicably, hung it back and turned away.
Gu Changyu stared at her back and said, "She still blames me …"
I can’t help wondering.
But that’s their past, and I don’t ask much.
Gu Changyu took the initiative to say, "She and I grew up together and had a good time … She was with my brother in college … but we broke up when we graduated … She went abroad and never came back … She has always been my middle child …"