I know what he means. At this moment, it should be determined that Ye Li is moving.

I was just about to ask him if he was going to see Ye Li when Ye Wen knocked on the bedroom door.
There should be a new discovery. Ye Wen whispered a few words in Ye Xiangyuan’s ear. Ye Xiangyuan asked him to leave first and then turned back to me. "I have to go to my room to deal with things. Do you want to go to the yard?"
Today is cloudy, the temperature is not too cold, but I don’t have any mental service road. "You go to work, I’ll lie down for a while and I’ll call my sister-in-law if something happens."
He, uh, leaned over and kissed my forehead before going out.
I touched the place where he kissed me, and it seemed that there was still heat, and my heart was ironed unconsciously.
After that, I slept in until night arrival. The dinner was delivered by my eldest sister-in-law. She said that Ye Xiangyuan was still in the room. I was not worried and I didn’t know whether it was serious or not.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t go back to her room until midnight.
I turned on the bedside lamp and saw that his face was dignified. I couldn’t help but be greeted by the bed and asked, "What happened? Did you find anything?"
He suddenly took me into his arms and held my arms tightly around my waist, and my bones were almost broken by him.
But instead of retreating, I gently stroked his back. I sensed his emotional instability and tried to calm him down.
For a long time, he said dumb, "Grandpa did the evidence and found the rape and exposed it."
It was Ye Li who intervened. No wonder he was so depressed.
I stood on tiptoe from his arms and kissed him with a soft voice. "We have speculated about this for a long time. Don’t worry … We have to find out what he wants to save Xiaoyan … Is there a bigger conspiracy? Are you going to deal with that traitor directly?"
Chapter 19 Late at night ancestral temple
Ye Xiangyuan looked down at me for a few seconds and said, "I don’t want to startle you so soon. Besides, there may be big fish behind you … I want to meet grandpa first."
I immediately said, "I’ll go with you."
He gave me a deep look, but he didn’t object to "put on more clothes in the cool night breeze"
I suddenly became happy.
What I insisted on being with him was that I wanted to be with him for fear that he would feel uncomfortable, but he knew my mind, but he didn’t exclude me from approaching him. Naturally, I was happy and clever.
I didn’t go out with him until my pajamas were wrapped in a coat and a big scarf.
At this time, it was already late at night. Although the lights in the villa were still on, they were not as lively as yesterday’s. The mottled walls reflected silence.
Ye Xiangyuan put his arm around me firmly. When we went to the courtyard, we saw eldest sister-in-law pacing in the cloister in her thin pajamas.
About hearing our sister-in-law turn her head and wonder, "Why haven’t you slept out so late?"
That’s what I want to ask her. She will wander around a people’s yard in the dead of night.
When I was puzzled, Ye Xiangyuan whispered, "Sister-in-law, in a few days, it’s the big brother’s memorial day. What do you think of taking Xiaojin abroad for fun?"
It turns out that the big brother’s memorial day is coming soon. No wonder the eldest sister-in-law will wander alone in the middle of the night.
She must miss big brother …
I really don’t know much about Ye Dage and he has heard about it, and I rarely listen to Ye Xiangyuan and his children occasionally. They all talk in a tone of worship and respect.
I can hear that everyone respects him very much. I think Brother Ye must be something.
Unfortunately, at a young age, I was calculated to throw my sister-in-law and Xiao Jin.
At this time, looking at the lonely figure of eldest sister-in-law, I said in my heart that it was not a taste, and I felt a little distressed and uncomfortable.
Sister-in-law didn’t speak, and the shadows blocked the light, so I couldn’t see her face clearly.
夜生活Ye Xiangyuan didn’t urge her to say slowly, "You don’t worry about Xiaojin’s schoolwork. I’ll arrange it before the meeting."
Eldest sister-in-law hesitated, "but now the situation is tense …"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and interrupted her. "I don’t worry about everything. Besides, at this time, eldest sister-in-law and Xiaojin will be more at ease when they avoid me … There are still a few days when eldest sister-in-law can think about it."
Sister-in-law nodded. "Let me think."
Ye Xiangyuan changed the subject and said, "We are going to see grandpa and sister-in-law. Do you want to listen?"
Sister-in-law seems to be leng, and then immediately came to help me. "How can I let her go to the ancestral temple when she is pregnant … I’ll send her back to her room?"
I could see her face because I was close, and I was deeply worried.
I was so moved that I grabbed her hand in judo. "Sister-in-law is fine. I want to stay with Ayuan."
Sister-in-law looked at me for a moment before releasing her hand. "Then I’ll follow you. At least I have a care."
I saw that she didn’t look as lonely as she did just now, and her attention shifted from her eldest brother. I’m glad to come again, but I’m not sure I accepted it gladly
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t mind, so we went to the ancestral temple together.
The ancestral temple is a separate room in the backyard, where Ye Li is guarded by bodyguards 24 hours a day.
It’s scary to walk in there with dark light.
I can’t help shivering.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead "not afraid of me"
I clung to his body and answered vaguely.
Soon a bodyguard helped turn on the light.
As soon as the ancestral temple lit up, I saw Ye Li sitting on the sofa and staring at the ground motionless.
Even if the light suddenly turned on, he didn’t respond at all and didn’t know what to look at.
Besides, it’s already midnight, and he’s an old man who hasn’t slept yet.
I looked at him carefully.
He’s so thin, his cheeks are sunken, the meridians on the back of his hand are like bursts, and he looks like a dying man, and he’s not as dignified as before
This great man who has been in charge of the leaf family for decades is now left with a dry body.
He should have heard our footsteps, but he still stared at his toes without even raising his eyelids.
And opposite him, there are three incense sticks burning in front of Grandma Ye’s memorial tablet.
Ye Xiangyuan approached Ye Li in silence.
Ye Li still didn’t respond
My eldest sister-in-law helped her walk to Ye Xiangyuan and looked down at Ye Li.
Nobody’s out.
It’s so quiet in the ancestral temple that you can hear the burning sound of incense.
For a long time, Ye Xiangyuan whispered, "Grandpa is really good at calculating."
Ye Li just looked up and the three of us swept our heads and said, "I don’t want to ask for anything. I hope that the two children alive can be safe."
He has a rough voice and is still depressed. He doesn’t listen carefully and can’t hear what he says.
Ye Xiangyuan said, "You killed your grandson and your great-grandson with two children alive?"