Huangfuda bowed his head and seemed to be thinking about something. When Shuiyunjin stared at him bitterly, he saw him move, gently swing his clothes embroidered with moire, and walk leisurely and gracefully towards himself. He stopped against the wall not far away.

They bathed in moonlight together, and his eyes were as dim as a clear spring, and a faint voice seemed to come from a distant valley. "Maybe he just wanted to see if I slept in the same bed with you."
Shui Yun-jin zheng’s big eyes turned round and round and then took a deep sniff at the corners of his mouth, saying, "This person won’t be so chatty, but he’s also specially here to peep."
Shui Yun-jin doesn’t think that person is insane at all, but when she inadvertently sees Huang Fu-da’s clear and faint face, it seems to be white. "It’s Huang Fu-heng."
品茶论坛"No one will talk like this except him, and even more people dare to break into Lanwang Palace in the dead of night." Huangfuda’s eyebrows are slightly picky
"Why did he do this? Was his brain crowded by the door?" Shuiyun Park was surprised and with some anger, she thought about Huangfuheng, the son of a bitch, and what he wanted to play.
Any suspection.i da silent is faint eyes light light looked at ShuiYunJin.
"What do you mean by looking at me like this? You shouldn’t be me conspiring with him to deal with you, should you?" Shuiyunjin was regarded by him as a low-eyed man with hair all over his body.
Huangfuda stretched himself out, and suddenly he took two steps forward and bowed his head slightly to lock the water clouds and hibiscus in his figure. The tone in his figure didn’t recognize the slightest emotion. "I think he seems to have not given up on you. What would I think if you said that my woman was so missed?"
Shuiyunjin blinked her eyes, so she waited for him to open her mouth seriously. At first glance, she heard him whisper, and her little face suddenly exploded like a spring thunder. "Bah, can you stop disgusting me? I’d rather believe that he sent someone to kill someone. Maybe I can feel better after listening."
"If you really don’t have the slightest inclination, he may regret it." Huangfuda slightly raised his eyebrows and his deep eyes seemed to want to see through Shuiyunjin.
"What do you mean, if he regrets it, I’ll have to pick him up? What is he? Am I that naive?"
ShuiYunJin is very disgusted to stare at HuangFuDa is very don’t like his attitude Yang added, "and what do you guess at random? Do you really want me to forgive him and accept him? Are you not my justified husband now?"
Huangfuda suddenly smiled like a spring breeze and drizzle, nourishing people’s hearts, and like breaking clouds and seeing the moon, her face was absolutely gorgeous with a pleasant smile. "It’s rare for you to know that I am your husband. Since you know that, you can’t change your mind no matter what he says or does."
"It’s really a lot of words. I don’t admit it. The fact is the same. Is there anything before you? If you wake up and see him, I’ll hide as far as I can?" Shuiyun raised her eyebrows and her face was still angry.
"Ha ha good really obedient" Huangfuda seems to be very happy slender jade fingers gently scraped a water cloud, and her nose was full of brilliance and lightness.
Shui Yun-jin was suddenly happy with him, and her heart panicked slightly. She suddenly remembered that this person was naturally familiar and turned over a supercilious look. No one had done such a childish thing to her since childhood, but it also hurt her, rubbed her nose and somehow felt a little warm in her heart.
Seeing that he had lifted his feet and walked inside to chase him, he asked, "What did the thief do if he caught you?"
Huangfuda didn’t return to the tunnel. "If you enter without permission, you will die or crawl out."
"Then you let him go. If he goes back to Huangfuheng alive, he must have guessed that you are not as able as you showed over the years, so he will not let you go." Shuiyunjin asked.
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Chapter 34 This bed is also half mine (please accept it)
Staring at the big water in front of me, my eyes reveal an eagerness to smile.
"You know what? You can’t even catch a little thief?" Huangfuda was clear and didn’t question the sound, but suddenly heard him say with smile. "This is my heart."
"You think too much" gave him a white look in the water cloud and hibiscus language, and his heart was already white. He meant that Huangfuheng would face each other one day.
That Huangfuheng is so inhuman that even she wants to spy. It’s really a dog meddling. Don’t leave her hand or you’ll kill him. But it must be something to rely on to hear this man’s tone of dismissing Huangfuheng’s people so much.
Seeing his thin and elegant appearance, I think that he doesn’t match all those fighting and killing. I’ve seen Lin Han’s coming and going, but she’s very interested and wants to practice martial arts
"What are you thinking?" Huangfuda’s gentle voice suddenly sounded.
Shuiyunjin blinked and looked at him. It doesn’t matter. She suddenly became angry and grabbed his arm. "Get up, who told you to sit in my bed?"
Huangfuda backhand suddenly held a big hand and hooked her mouth around the front with a smile. "This bed seems to have half of me."
"You’re half as good as you are." Shuiyun Park roared grumpily. The little hand struggled to break free, but the more it struggled, the more firmly it held.
"Okay, I’m going to cut it in half." Huangfuda smiled very gently.
His small hand was clenched tightly, and she couldn’t get free no matter how she moved. Instead, it made Shuiyunjin burst into anger. "You are a dirty cheapskate. You don’t keep your word. You want to fish in troubled waters and take the opportunity to tell you that there is no way."
"Fish in troubled waters" Huangfuda laughed in a low voice, and looked at Shuiyunjin with clear spring-like eyes. The eyebrows were dyed with a thick smile, which made it more magnificent. "I have never touched fish in the water and where do you look like a fish?"
"Metaphor is a metaphor for me, okay?" Shuiyun Park gave him a hard dig in anger and boredom.
"What’s worse than comparing yourself to a fish? Don’t worry, I’m not interested in fishing. I’m not interested in you."
"How" ShuiYunJin stupefied at him slightly raise eyebrow eye.
Huangfuda suddenly loosened her grip on the back of her hand, gently leaned against the bedpost and closed her eyes lightly. "I’m not interested. You can rest assured that I won’t fish in troubled waters or touch you like a fish."
Shuiyunjin suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He said that he was not interested in himself, but he felt a little harsh. With some precautions, he said, "This is the best way for us to stay out of the river. If you really like this house, you can live in it for you, but you have to give me the waterside pavilion."