She asked him intermittently, "What do you mean?"

Gao Shenran misunderstood himself. How is it possible that Yufeng won’t lie to her at this time? If he still says that he did everything at this time, he will prove that he really misunderstood Ding Yi.
"Yes, you think so. You misunderstood Ding Yi. I didn’t carry the pot for him, but I did. You wronged him."
Compared with Meng Qingzhuo, it is of course a six-year relationship that he prefers to lie and not change his face
He knows that Ding Yi thinks highly of Shen Ran as a life in his emotional view. Before Gao Shenran, she was very kind to Ding Yi, and she didn’t leave with a cruel heart just like what happened just now.
I see. If they are given time to continue to get along, there is nothing wrong with Meng Qingzhong, and they will be fine.
Gao Shenran has a feeling that the sky is falling. If Yufeng hadn’t lied to her, how sad she would have been. She made such a natural speculation about Ding Yi and then put his pride on the soles of his feet and stomped on his feet.
She is really like an asshole, and her relationship with Meng Qingzhuo is not affected. She tries her best to keep all Ding Yi away.
But Ding Yigu was abused by himself. He must have been in a worse mood than he is now, hundreds of times.
"Royal Wind" Gao Shen ran bright as a star, holding the poor fog in his eyes and praying for the royal wind "You told me Ding Yi would be fine"
Yufeng knew that Gao Shenran believed her words and what would happen when she felt guilty about Ding Yi?
Ding Yi, I can help you get here. It’s up to you.
The wind stretched out his hand and pulled Gao Shenran up. This time, she didn’t have much strength and she docile up.
He gave her a shallow hug, patted her like a shudder and comforted Gao Shenran, which was also like comforting himself.
"He will be fine," he said.
Meng Qingzhuo called Gao Shenran once, but no one answered the second time, but it was a man’s voice.
He seems to be no stranger to him, saying, "Meng Qinglong, is it? Ran is a little busy at the moment, so it may not be convenient to take your call. I’ll ask her to call you back later."
Meng Qinglong was stunned for a while and didn’t know how to answer the words.
Gao Shenran was robbed by Yufeng at that time, and then a series of things happened. She forgot to come back to Yufeng and return it to her.
And if it weren’t for Meng Qingzhong’s words, Yufeng would have forgotten about it.
"I live in a dormitory with Ran at Yufeng University."
Yufeng didn’t hear what Meng Qinglong said. He volunteered his name not to reassure Meng Qinglong that Gao Shenran was safe.
spa会所It’s a way of showing off that they lived with Gao Shenran for four years in college.
Meng Qing-long eyebrows think that there is something wrong with the words of the imperial wind. He should consider the words that have been hung up over there.
Meng Qingzhuo looked at the phone screen that had been hung up and felt that something was even more wrong.
Yes, he changed hands and dialed the landline of Gao Shenran’s bedroom at home, and the display person answered it twice.
Did Gao Shenran go out for a party with his college friends at 10: 30 p.m.
But can you guarantee that you won’t answer the phone at the party?
Not waiting for Meng Qingzhuo to think about the surprise sound from his mother’s ward, he quickly put away his mobile phone and walked into the ward.
In the evening, Meng Qingzhuo was thrown in the face by his grandfather and father. They asked him to think about how to deal with him and Gao Shenran before coming in.
That means forcing him to break up with Gao Shenran, but how is it possible that since he has started a relationship seriously, he is by no means the kind of man who will give up easily.
As a result, I have strengthened my feelings for Gao Shenran, that’s all.
"Mom, you finally woke up."
Meng Qingzhong bent down to give his mother a hug and sighed, "You scared us."
Meng’s mother tugged at her lip angle and twitched her whole facial nerve, which made her ache.
Grandpa saw that Meng’s mother finally woke up and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he saw that she twitched the wound because of Meng Qingzhuo, and she was dissatisfied with it.
Meng’s mother was in pain, as if she had been run over by a big truck. She couldn’t get up, but her eyes rolled and she saw her old father’s face and heart crossing some heartache.
"Dad, I’m sorry to worry you."
Meng’s mother talked hard, which made grandpa’s heart astringent and almost career-threatening.
He waved a generous hand. "Why do silly children say these things? I wish you were good."
Whether a daughter is thirty or fifty years old is the only treasure in the heart of a single old father.
Meng’s mother’s hand has always been gripped by Meng’s father, and she is afraid that if she lets go, she will never be seen again.
Meng’s mother scratched the palm of his hand with her backhand fingertips, and smiled at him even if it was difficult to reassure him.