Smell speech JiShan little face slightly red to Li Fu there.

But Li Fu didn’t listen to the footsteps and walked directly to the door. The handsome face looked ugly.
Seeing this, JiShanshan had to trot before she chased out. As soon as she went out, she saw Li Fu directly parked at the door. She frowned and grabbed Li Fu’s arm and said, Li Fu, you …
Li Fu’s eyebrows looked at her slightly.
Qi Shanshan was suddenly surprised to know that this person has cleanliness, but when La Du pulled it, she crustily skin of head and said, Would Li Fu like to come out and sit down another day?
No time, he said, throwing off his hand and getting out of the car.
Li Fu is like this. He can be a gentleman to women when he is in a good mood.
If he is in a bad mood, he is stingy to give it to others even once.
JiShanshan still wanted to say something, but Li Fu’s car had already left, and it didn’t take long before it disappeared.
JiShanshan one leng and then face a stiff look a bit resentful.
She stamped her foot and turned to see Li Jiao also came out. Her little face suddenly became a little face and became miserable. Aunt Li …
Li Jiao sighed. Is he gone?
Well …
夜网论坛She nodded and asked, Li Fu seems to be in a bad mood …
Smell speech Li jiao didn’t speak.
JiShanshan hesitated and asked, Aunt Li likes Li Fu very much, but Li Fuguan doesn’t look at me … I feel that I can’t get close to him …
She bowed her head as if she were somewhat depressed.
Li Jiao comforted her with a few words, which finally seemed to be unbearable. It’s really bad that their father didn’t pick you to meet at this time, and he may be in a bad mood recently when he heard that Li Fu’s exwife came back …
Li Jiao knows what Li Fu has become in the past two days because of Lu Jin, but she doesn’t know that these two people have made up, and they have been together all day …
Exwife …
JiShanshan leng asked, Is it called Lu Jin girl?
You know? Li jiao was a little surprised.
JiShanshan eyes light flashing shook his head. I don’t know if I’ve seen that girl before. It’s time and Li Fu’s shopping mall. Lu Jin’s younger brother also played Li Fu. It seems to be quite stiff …
Smell speech Li jiao sighed and said nothing.
After Li Jiao went in, JiShanshan’s face got cold. She directly dialed a word, Where are you? I want to see you.
See me?
Well, now, she said and hung up directly, looking at Li Fu’s departure direction, and some obsession in her eyes.
No one knows how long she has liked Li Fu.
As a teenager, she fell in love at first sight.
Even though there is always a Jiang Shier around him, she has never given up. Now that Jiang Shier has an engagement, Xia Zhinian can’t rekindle her old love with Li Fu. How could she lose to a little girl who jumped out?
Section 421
Ms. Lu on the street pushed Mr. Li to estimate that it was almost time to leave.
Just then her cell phone rang.
It was Li Fu. She looked at Huo Fengli not far away and went to the side to get through. The corners of her mouth ticked and asked, Are you finished?
Well, the man said in a low voice, I’ll pick you up later. Where are you?
Well, come later. I have a big trouble around me now. I’ll come to you when I get rid of him. She said, glancing at Huo Fengli not far away, she saw that he was still looking at her side.
Big trouble? Li fu raised his eyebrows
Well, it’s nothing. I’ll call you later.
She hastily hung up.
The man driving at the other end of the phone squinted when he saw the phone hang up.
When did Ms. Lu open her mouth to say something? Suddenly she looked at her and asked, Who are you talking to? Li Fu?
You … Don’t talk nonsense. She frowned slightly.
After spending an afternoon here, she felt that her patience was limited.
Smell speech Mr Seal glass corners of the mouth evoked don’t pretend I know you and Li Fu talk you are not divorced? Liang Qi told the Li family that she hated you from the heart … What would Liang Qi think if she knew that you and Li Feng were still in contact?
Smell speech her body a stiff face instantly cold way I don’t know what you said
You know, Mr Seal glass hook the corners of the mouth.
She was annoyed but suppressed her anger and sneered, So what if I talk to Li Fu? What are you doing? Huo Ershao, I don’t know about you, but I’m here today purely to see Aunt Liang, but I’m not interested in your affairs at all.
When she looked at her eyes, she said, It’s almost time. If you want to stroll around in your wheelchair, I won’t be with you.