Boss Liang laughed when he heard Xiao Tian’s parents say this, and said, Haha, I probably understand. In this case, since the words have been said here, I really have to advise you to say a few words. I really want to speak for Sun Jiashi.

Oh Xin Dad didn’t know what to answer.
Xin’s mother said, just listen to boss Liang. Maybe we really think in the wrong place. Maybe we really don’t know Xiao Sun.
Ok, just listen to Boss Liang, Xin’s father said.
Xiao Tian’s parents are no longer exclusive and want to hear what boss Liang has to say.
So boss Liang praised Sun Jiashi from head to toe, without deliberately exaggerating that it was good for Sun Jiashi to come, and boss Liang also told the truth objectively.
Xiao Tian’s parents didn’t talk for half a ring after listening.
Maybe Qian really misunderstood his own daughter and Xiao Sun because of his own prejudice.
桑拿会所It is estimated that the goal was reached when Boss Liang looked at it, and then he made a few polite remarks and said a few closing words before saying, I have something to do. Don’t say goodbye. By the way, see if there are any other guests who need to be greeted, so I won’t continue to stay here. Sweetheart, please treat your parents well. Make yourself at home if you want to eat anything.
With these words, boss Liang got up and left politely. Well, he stayed here for more than an hour and talked for more than an hour, which was really enough.
Stealing pleasure from a sweetheart.
The original first plan is very simple. Xin Xiaotian takes her parents to a hot pot restaurant, and then when the clerk orders, she directly recognizes her and calls Boss Liang to come over, and then Boss Liang helps to put in a good word for her parents.
However, after careful consideration, they felt that it was too false, for fear that her parents might suspect that she was deliberately soliciting lobbyists, they made a detour in advance, ambushed the pen, and told their parents that they must keep a low profile and not be recognized, and then the clerk tried to pull hatred and quarrel, and finally Boss Liang came out.
This arrangement will be more natural, not too deliberate, parents will not be defensive, and they will be more able to listen to Boss Liang’s words.
Xin Xiaotian and Sun Jiashi have gradually solved Xiaotian’s parents’ psychological rejection, which really took a lot of thought and effort.
Xiaotian and her parents continue to eat hot pot and talk a few words while eating. During the period, my parents also took the initiative to ask a few words about Sun Jiashi. Although there are still things that are still undecided, although there is no definite agreement, they are no longer strongly opposed.
On the third day, Xin Xiaotian took her parents to the Q Mountain scenic spot outside the city for hiking and sightseeing. Before leaving, she specially brought some washed cucumbers and some fruits. At noon, they ate something casually at the scenic spot. Because the meal at the scenic spot was unsanitary and unpalatable, Xin’s mother picked up the cucumbers in her backpack.
All day long, Xiao Tian was still deliberately silent. On the contrary, Sun Jiashi was happy with her mother twice.
In the evening, they returned to Xin Xiaotian from Q Mountain and took them to a hot spring for a buffet.
You can still see the Zijia Vegetable Field labeled desktop in the restaurant with the same logo, including the paper pad on the plate, which is the introduction page of Zijia Vegetable Field.
On the fourth day, Xin Xiaotian took her parents to visit the mountains outside the city. In the evening, they didn’t return to the city, but dropped by and came to Sun Jiashi’s icing manor:
Chapter two hundred and ninetyone Brainwashing brigade ()
On the fourth day, Xin Xiaotian took her parents to visit the mountains outside the city. In the evening, they didn’t go back to the city but came to Sun Jiashi’s icing manor by the way.
The name icing manor was chosen by Sister Qin.
Fortunately, at that time, after listening to her advice, there was no word for Sun Jiashi’s name to name this manor. The idea of Qin Jie was farsighted
The manor is not in a hurry to officially open. This holiday season is still a trial operation. The occupancy rate of guests in the smallscale advertising office is about 35.
After entering the manor, Xin’s father is still relatively calm, but Xin’s mother is not reserved at all. The whole girl’s heart is awakened. A woman in her fifties is so dreamy that she is happy like a child.
Xiaotian chuckled silently behind her mother.
The frosting manor dinner was very delicious, and Xiaotian’s parents even praised it as the best and most exquisite food they had ever eaten in their lives.
After eating, Xiao Tian and her parents live in two rooms. After half an hour’s rest, Xiao Tian invites her parents to go for a walk in the garden to see the night.
Beautiful food makes Xiaotian’s parents feel particularly relaxed.
Qin Quanjiang arrived here at noon, sipping coffee at the window and basking in the sun all afternoon. At this time, he pretended to be a passerby and ran into Xin Xiaotian and his parents while walking after dinner.
In the quiet and romantic garden, Sister Qin brainwashed Xiaotian’s parents, saying that people should live actively, make money, have money, what are the benefits, and so on until Xiaotian’s parents were completely stunned.
When it was completely dark, they went back to the building together and went back to their rooms.
Xin Xiaotian chose a catcute theme room this time. When she opened the guest room door, she found that the light was on. She quickly turned around and locked the door. When she turned around, Sun Jiashi appeared out of nowhere and smiled sadly in front of her.
You are more and more daring to break into girls’ rooms, said Xin Xiaotian.
I haven’t seen you say this in the first sentence for several days. Sun Jiashi’s face was faintly visible in the soft light of the porch dome light.
Probably because of the light, he looks particularly attractive at this time, and his gentle smile is full of masculinity
What did you say? Xin Xiaotian suddenly felt a little tight in breathing. This sentence sounded very low.
Sun Jiashi seems to have a malicious smile and said, It should be that you miss me very much.
Xin Xiaotian said, I don’t think so, that is, I have thought about it several times a day and I feel bored every time I see your company ogo.
Ha ha Sun Jiashi didn’t speak again and took the first two steps to hold Xin Xiaotian in his arms.
My parents are next door. Xin Xiaotian mumbled.
Sun Jiashi said badly, Don’t worry, the rooms here are specially soundproofed, and the sound insulation effect is very good. No one can hear you even if you shout your throat.
Why should I shout to break my throat? Xin Xiaotian deliberately asked.
Because, um, I can’t get out for the time being, Sun Jiashi said, and gently rubbed her face and put it on her lips.
Slowly, like temptation, purely focusing on this moment, warmth is like melting honey.
The room was suddenly quiet, leaving a slight breathing heartbeat.
After a long time, Xin Xiaotian lay on the bed with a meowshaped pillow, and Sun Jiashi sat on the small sofa opposite. The sofas were also meowshaped pillows. The two talked about their experiences these days.
I’m really exhausted. Please ask the restaurant staff to temporarily arrange the scene before the fight. The bosses are all very nice. The staff heard that we are also actively cooperating with what we saw. There was no mistake all the way, Sun Jiashi said.
Xin Xiaotian said, There is nothing wrong with the foundation, and the acting skills of these people are excellent, and the boss Liang is really eloquent. We know that there are so many things and we cooperate well.
Sun Jia stone laughed. Haha, that’s good. How do you think uncle and aunt reacted? Is our whole plan effective?