It’s already noon in summer.

The burning sun is hanging overhead.
And this side of the world is still dark clouds.
The whole widemeter driveway is half hot and sunny and half heavy and dark.
As the saying goes, it’s a thousand miles away.
Nearly a thousand elite special police officers who have to fight in close quarters have been strongly shocked and incredible from the beginning to indifferent acceptance and face.
Everyone stood quietly waiting for the command to be deployed.
The battlefield is always changing rapidly. Guteng is an excellent commander and commanderinchief of the three armed forces. He has always believed in this.
Therefore, every battle and every plan Guten has a backup plan.
Sure enough, photos were poked out of Kong Shi’s building. According to Che Xiaoxiao’s halfman, halfcorpse, Guten redeployed the upcoming battle plan.
Compared with Guteng’s whole brainburning car, it is not easy to smile at hand.
At the moment, her eyes are almost staring at the two fourmeterlong and threemeterhigh glass doors at a flower.
Halfman, halfcorpse, that simple statement she made before Guten was hiding something.
Because the simple halfman, halfcorpse and complex theory is not simple, especially for the master of magic day, she really wants to see the true face of halfman, halfcorpse and understand the real situation with her own eyes.
After all, there is a gap between photos and real people.
For example, the same moves are played by experts and ordinary people, and the result is the distance between heaven and earth.
In its heyday, a man who can make the ten halls of the underworld fall asleep and laugh, but never dare to look down upon them.
My aunt, I am so cute, can’t I send someone out to have a look?
Car smiling face almost squeezed into the glass door.
It’s too thick. The yin in the building is as thick as ink, and it keeps growing and rolling!
The car smiled and the eye of the eye penetrated the clouds of black gas and saw half man and half corpse inside.
What can a man take a clear picture of a face hidden in a thick yin? It must be due to close contact and hightech tools of special forces.
But I le you to somehow also come out a look at my aunt beauty, aren’t you curious? !”
喝茶约茶  title=The car laughed and wandered back and forth, and still couldn’t see the situation inside the building outside the glass door, let alone see a face.
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3, painting array from prison black and white ghost
Section 55
3, painting array from prison black and white ghost
The car in the building is smiling and trying to find photos through the glass door and see half a man and half a corpse.
And she is separated from the building by dark clouds, and the two figures on the roof of Kong Shi lie quietly one by one.
There is a deep suspense about that figure, and it is Kong Anxiao, the body of the magic heaven.
At the moment, the yin qi is pouring in from all directions and permeating the surrounding area, and it is constantly rushing into Kong Anxiao.
Then it is divided into a little bit of carefully repairing the seriously injured soul root, and it is not allowed to be distracted by magic days.
The building is full of dead air and yin qi, and there is a slight wind and grass in every corner. He can know it clearly in his magical days.
But the situation outside the building has been completely blind since it was blocked by Che Xiaoxiao just now.
At this time, the magic day facial features are ferocious.
He never imagined that a girl with a short life of more than ten years knew not only the powerful ancient array but also the mysterious serial spell of array!
To the front and rear gates, I dare not move easily in the magic day.
The car smiled and stepped into his building, and it seemed that he had made a mistake in the magical day.
He stepped on the outside world, two dead doors passed by the car, and his smiling hand turned into a dead end for him to go out from the inside.
Because it can accelerate the attraction of Yin qi in the underworld, the speed of uniting the consequences has been increased several times, except for the magic days at the front and back gates, which sealed off the whole building of Kong Shi Building, even the top of the building.
To put it simply, there are two places in the front and back gates, and there are a lot of doors inside, and he has become a dead door.
Nowadays, there is no exit for the magic day to give a smile to the car and intervene in the whole building. It is like an aspect of closing the dungeon and being able to concentrate on staying inside and absorbing yin.
Unless he’s selfdestructing, he’s singlehandedly destroying himself.
But destroying the array is not an easy task for magic days.
I think how much effort he made to consolidate the array when he was in charge, and now he will double his effort and energy when he destroys the array, and maybe even damage his own soul and cause serious injuries.
Because since the magic day cloth this souleating large array is not going to leave the socalled posterior approach for yourself.
He thought of four wordsretire after success.
It can also be understood that there is no way to retreat without success.
However, the magic days are not calculated, and there is such a person in this ordinary human world who knows the mysterious ancient law as well as tens of thousands of years.
Does this prove that there is a saying in the long river of history that the magic height is one foot and the road height is ten feet?
Therefore, this reason is also why Che Xiaoxiao can be safe and undisturbed, and concentrate on his work outside the building.
It’s not that the magic day doesn’t want to do it, but that he can’t reach out from it.
Wandering around looking for a car and laughing is really no way to find a chance to see half a man and half a corpse inside.
When she was ready to give up and start to concentrate on finding the exact position to deploy, two people came to her with a few surprised eyes.