Stop bickering. Xiao Dai put away his whip and wrapped it in his hand. He raised his arm and pointed at the front boundary pillar. It finally entered our jurisdiction.

Qin Zhen, can you read? I motioned Qin Zhen to read the inscription.
He is still on horseback with a sad face.
Can’t you get up? I lifted my arm. Wood, will you teach him?
It’s okay, I’ll go and have a look … Qin array muttered, slightly climbing up and holding the horse’s neck, and ran past white Zhao …
Is there a black man, asshole? I saw a huge wood on the left side of the word white. It’s really hard for the pheasant to recognize half of it … But what is more difficult for him to read the word Zhao without any obstacles?
You can have a good rest today. Jia Mu rubbed his ass.
I’m afraid I have to hurry. Ma Dai held up a simple map. There are still two hundred and twenty miles from Bairen County in Handan, and now it’s time.
Cut so far! Jia Mu scratched his head. Zhao is a slap in the face. Is it 200 miles from here to the cure?
Er … according to the map, it’s normal that the Berber people are in the northernmost part of Zhao’s winter and Handan is in the southernmost part. Ma Dai looked at the map carefully.
Isn’t Handan in the center? Jia Mu continued to mutter Good egg pain setting
Let’s go quickly. Do we have any trench? Don’t delay. I made a whistle to chase after my life and accelerated sharply.
Want to race horses? An excited voice sounded from the side, I can’t lose! Just now, I almost fell off my horse, and Qin array was chasing me with a red face and a twinkle in her eyes.
The gap between me and him is narrowing rapidly.
Sure enough, a good cavalry is born!

By the time we got to Handan, the moon had already appeared from the top of the mountain.
I can finally see Qin array’s back and round horse’s ass.
This bastard runs very fast. I have never surpassed him for so many years … Jia Mu touched his mount mane and gasped.
Want to chase me? Wait ten years! Qin Zhen reined in his horse and laughed back.
I know who it is when I hear this kind of crazy talk. Chengtou leaned out a head.
Pang Gan, don’t you dare to come and eat my knife? Qin array suddenly jilted to jilt elegant long hair.
Dare you eat me a stone there? Pang Ganli pushed a stone against Chengtou.
Qin Zhen took a look and jumped into the city with his head in his arms. Although the height of Handan wall is not more than three feet, dozens of pounds of heavy stones hit his forehead with great acceleration. Even Transformers have to get a big pit, which is an essential weapon to defend the city against them.
Everyone can see the answer at a glance to the question of who has no guts and who is brave. Pang Gan shook his head and took the stone back.
品茶论坛The dog day pang Gan ate a knife from the uncle! Although I was still in the city, I clearly heard Qin array roaring in Chengtou.
Pang Gan immediately disappeared from Chengtou.

Adults mean Yi Yang Ling? Cheng Yu just thought, Well, Wen and Lao Di are called Gongsun Zan.
Jia Xu nodded and said that he didn’t remember wrong.
Gongsun Zan?’ I was stupid. It turned out to be this fellow!
How do adults know him? Cheng yudao
When I was a Wei Wei, I heard the news of this man. I found a very appropriate reason. At that time, he was a satrap in Youzhou and Liu Yu, a state shepherd, impeached each other, so both of them were relegated to Liu Yu at that time … I tried to recall that I was relegated from Youzhou to Hongnong to be a satrap.
Hongnong Taishou? Jia Xu looked at me with a smile. It doesn’t look like relegation.
Uh, yeah … I’m not sure. You Zhou’s geography is remote, but it seems not as bad as Liangzhou’s toecrossing, right? I remember Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Lu Zhi. Aren’t their hometown in Zhuojun, Youzhou? Youyan is not a backward area.
Adults don’t know, Cheng Yu showed his erudition again. Youzhou is a vast country. Zhuojun and Daijun in the south are not bad, but Liaodong and Liaoxi in the east are vast and sparsely populated. The winter is cold and there are quite a lot of foreign people. The roads are not smooth and there is very little food production. Therefore, in previous years, it is often necessary to transport food from Qingzhou, Jizhou to help the soldiers and civilians in Youzhou. Speaking of Liu Yu, this person has also done some practical things. When he was doing secretariat and state grazing, he strongly persuaded Nong Sang to do it again. Yuyang County,
Isn’t this already very good? How do I feel that he seems to have overturned his own point of view at the end of his explanation?
Ah Cheng Yu was as cool as a cucumber. You Zhou’s secretariat office is located in Luoyang for several months, but Hongnong lives in two Beijing. Although it is the satrap with two thousand stones, one side is cold and far away, and there are millions of Xianbei Wuhuan aliens eyeing it in the north, and the other side is warm and comfortable Hongnong … If it is you, how do you choose?
I won’t go to Youzhou if I’m killed … I blurted out goodbye in Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan!
Freeze and Jia Xu nodded with satisfaction.
hey? I just came to my senses. It seems to be off topic again?
Well, Jia Xu calmly took a sip of tea. It won’t delay the business because of this effort.
Speaking of which, Zhu Xi also told me that I couldn’t make a magistrate … I scratched my head.
It’s natural, he stroked his beard. Now all four counties in Zhao except Handan County have county orders, and according to last year’s performance appraisal, they all make sense.
Handan order? I touched the bar. This is a big gap. Come on as soon as possible. I looked at Jia Xu and Cheng Yu.
Both of them are laughing. Didn’t you collect a lot of people? Pick one.
hey? I thought a little, Let’s do it … Let’s do it. I’m Zhao Xiang, so there’s no need to be too military commander to become a prodemocracy medical sage.
The two uncles said it was acceptable.
So … I hesitated for a second. What about the long history?
Cheng Yu raised an eyebrow. Your fatherinlaw, of course.
Jia Xu, thank you.
14 Zhao Wang Liu She
You said … what? I fiddled with my hair hanging from behind my ears and breathed a sigh of relief.
Pang Gan held out his chest in a very cooperative way. In front of his fairly tall figure and majestic chest, he retreated a little. The prince of Zhao Fu Shuo … If it is convenient for Ma’s adult, please come to Wangfu to visit the prince of Zhao at any time …
hey! The hall door was kicked. What fun do you have for me, young master?
At first glance, the speaker took a glance at the chaotic people and hurried to dodge in the corner.
Prince Zhao sent a message to ask the young master to visit him. Pang Gan pointed to the messenger next to him. Do you want to go with Master Qin?
Meet Prince Zhao? Qin Zhen yi tooth young master, is he here to support me?
Well, although we are in Zhao territory, but … I can continue to support you. I smiled.
Then I won’t visit him. He immediately came to the conclusion.
Master report villain also don’t want to go Pang Gan looked at me with envy.
No way! I raised my hand and boasted, What do you want as a brigade commander?
… Xiao is actually a janitor … Pang Gan hit the nail on the head. Gen hasn’t been escorted for more than a year!
You won’t go until you find Zhao Yun and Dian Wei! I gave him a glimmer of hope.