Director ray, it seems that you have little guarantee.

I picked my own badge and put it on the table. I said with great momentum, If I can’t do it, I’ll just unload my badge and leave the company.
Xu Mo finally spoke at this time. These days, I think everyone knows very well that if the Down’s group hadn’t come forward to help Nansheng Tuangen all the time, it wouldn’t have lasted for three days. Since Director Lei is willing to take such a big risk to promise the directors, I hope you can give some comments. I am willing to support him in this practice.
This is a very risky move, but now I have no other way. This is the only card I can come up with to face the situation.
I hope everyone can give me a chance. I will do better than my father. It will remind people of Nansheng Tuan. The name is Nanbao, not Nanmu.
All of us were silent, and now Nanbao said it alone next to us, but his words broke the most embarrassing scene, and he clapped his hands when there were people.
He assumed a confident manner and sat in the chair. He really wanted to hold up this big tree. From him, I seemed to see what Nanmu had said to let Nansheng Group go further.
He has his shadow, but he may do better than before. His potential is limited. He is the blood of the new era. Maybe it is more correct to put everything on him. I want to help him solve this generation now so that he can take over the responsibility and bear it properly.
Chapter seventy-seven A?
After Nanmu’s funeral, I came to Jiang Ke with a kind of sadness. She was injured and aborted because of this. Now she can still maintain her sadness and go to the place. Some people say that she is really amazing.
Jiang Ke I shouted at Jiang Ke and Jiang Ke turned to look at me and nodded.
I went over and took a look at Xiao Bao, and then I said to Jiang Ke, Are you feeling better?
Jiang Ke showed a disappointed look. She put her hand on her belly and didn’t answer. I said seriously to her, I will picket the end to give Nanmu justice and won’t let the bad guys get away with it.
Jiang Ke gritted his teeth and finally said to me, Brother Leihao, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I want to take Xiaobao away.
What? I was surprised, but I quickly said, This won’t do.
Brother Lei Haoge Jiang Ke once again shouted to me very seriously, I don’t want anything to happen to him. He is the only thing I have placed on me. I am a woman. I don’t have much thought to care about the right and wrong of the Nansheng group. I want to be healthy if I am a child. I have lost Nanmu and the child. I don’t want anything to happen to Xiaobao.
Jiang Ke finished and picked Xiao Bao up. At this time, Xu Mo and Liu Baiyan just came along. Perhaps they felt the heavy weight directly emitted by the two of us. Xu Mo didn’t say any more words and directly broke the heavy question. What are you discussing? The atmosphere is so tense.
Jiang Ke said she wanted to take Xiaobao away.
After listening to me, Xu Mo’s eyes finally changed. She said to Jiang Ke, Xiaoke wants to take Xiaobao away.
Sister Xu Mojie, this is my mother’s only expectation. I don’t want to risk my child’s life again. If you become a mother and have a child, you will also understand what I mean.
She’s right.
I turned around and saw Yan Jiaxin coming with Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu came to me and called me Dad and then shouted at the people around me.
You’re here. I shouted at Yan Jiaxin.
She nodded and said to us, You will not be a mother for nothing now. If I were you, I would make such a choice.
Then she set her eyes on Jiang Keshen and said, Can I talk to you?
Jiang Ke’s eyes changed in a complicated way and finally nodded. I took Xiao Bao and Xiao Yu to one side and asked Xiao Bao, Xiao Bao, would you like to leave with your mother?
Xiaobao suddenly became hesitant. I asked him again, No, this place is all your relatives. Xiaobao, if you really want to leave with your mother now, we won’t force you, but you have a responsibility. You are the Nan family and the Nansheng Group can be inherited by you.
I suddenly smiled. Maybe it’s a little too far away for a child like you now, but I hope you can talk about whether you can be white now.
Xiao Bao nodded at me, and at this time Xu Mo squatted and looked at him. Xiao Bao, tell me, do you really want to leave with your mother?
I want to be with my mother, but I don’t want to be separated from everyone. Dad has been living in pain since he left his mother. Xiaobao is not as miserable as watching his mother.
Liu Boyan patted Xu Mo on the shoulder and said, Don’t let us think about adding children. Children have children and choose Nanmu to leave us. What his relatives should do more is to protect his flesh and blood and the most important person. Since you will choose to add a small treasure to this position, it should be white. This kind of thing can’t be solved in a day or two. It’s not true that you can train a president of Nansheng Group in a few years. He should have his own childhood and grow up. What we can do is not to limit his development, but to let him develop and expand. It can have its own label and add one more.
At this time, Yan Jiaxin and Jiang Ke also finished talking. Yan Jiaxin came to our side and looked at Xiaobao and said, Xiaobao, go over and your mother will call you.
Xiao Bao turned and walked towards Jiang Ke. I asked Yan Jiaxin, What did you and she say?
I agree that it may be the best help for her to leave with the children at this time, and I will help them go to the safest place.
I frowned and asked, You have a clue.
There are some clues, but I can’t guarantee whether these clues will match what I think, and everything will come out soon.
I nodded and asked, What about Tang Xiao and them?
The two of them are talking about handling his affairs. This time, they helped Tang Xiao of Nansheng Group to come up with all his reserve funds, and I also took out the shares to participate in it. Finally, the valuation shareholders were stabilized, and we both had a common idea.
Yan Jiaxin put her eyes on Xu Moshen and asked, Would you like to support me to finish this idea?
You mean to let him take the responsibility now.
Xu Mo looked at Yan Jiaxin in amazement and nodded and said, This is a temporary storm. Are you willing to take responsibility through this potential? It is justified to take it once. This is also what Jiang Ke and I have asked.
I understand Yan Jiaxin’s idea. I looked at her in a complicated way and said nothing.
Jiang Ke, Xu Mo, Tang Xiao, and Yan Jiaxin should make such a choice. I don’t know whether this position should be taken or not, but now I don’t know if I really want to wait until Xiaobao grows up. Once again, I look at Nanmu in the coffin.
Will you agree with me to do this?
And I asked myself, If I really get such a position, then I will take everyone’s everything to fight this time. Is it a total loss or a big victory?
Brother LeiHaoGe, he believes you.
I put my head out and looked at Jiang Ke, who was talking to me, and finally hmm.
Chapter seventy-nine Whether to believe?
Tell me what you want me to meet.
Can you understand intention or meaning?
Jixuan took another gulp of wine and went into the belly. After that, he pointed to the people in front of the stage and said, You have a good bar.
Many people have said so. I answered him coldly.
He shook his head and continued, I don’t like you as a man.
You have to say this once every time you meet. Don’t you think you are very poor? President Qi has never been president.
Jixuan held out a thumb at me and said, Your mouth is getting worse and worse, but it makes me feel that you have something to like.
But I don’t like men. I rebuffed Jixuan and took a sip and said, You don’t just want to buy me a drink tonight. If so, I’ll leave.
桑拿按摩Then I’ll make a long story short. Jixuan’s tone changed instantly. I want to reunite with you and return to the company.
What will choose me? Don’t you think it will save me a lot of things if I lose a rival?