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The battle at the top of Junshan Mountain was fierce. Elder Jane and Elder Liang were killed. The general rudder of the Beggars’ Sect was destroyed! However, when you come out to mix, you always have to pay back Qiu Qianren, which is no exception! Ling Feiyang has martial arts if he wants to avenge himself!
Today’s question Ling Feiyang is going to practice a martial arts.
A one-yang finger; B six-pulse Excalibur; Northern ghost magic; D lingbo micro-step
Chapter 152 Black marsh hidden woman
Elder Liang’s body slowly sank to the bottom of the water and Ling Feiyang was so sad that he shouted, Huo Dou, I will kill you! Make a move to don’t hide the dragon and hit the lake with one hand!
Huo Dou will not withdraw the folding fan and swim to the shore rapidly, but Ling Feiyang’s palm force will pass along the lake and still sweep Huo Dou’s back! Huo Dou screamed and vomited one mouthful blood in the lake!
Ling Feiyang wanted to pursue Huo Dou and worried that the ship Huang Rong was in distress. At this moment, the iron palm gang on the shore had already killed the Beggars’ brothers. They drew bows and arrows and shot several arrows at the wooden boat!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly used the ancient tomb school martial arts tight encirclement potential to protect Huang Rong’s body, and even waved his hands to shoot down these arrow clusters, then grabbed the paddle and strove to row the boat across the river!
Qiu Qianren led the iron palm gang to help people jump into it, and the boat chased Ling Feiyang, and Ling Feiyang paddled fiercely. After a quarter of an hour, the boat finally reached the other side!
At this time, the sky has gradually darkened, and Ling Feiyang will rush to the west with Huang Rong’s back, and the night cover will temporarily get rid of the pursuers
As long as Huang Rong doesn’t die, the beggar gang won’t die! Qiu Qianren sent a big order to the Tiezhang gang, The Tiezhang gang will kill two people if they pursue it!
Ling Feiyang ran all the way to the wilderness, but Huang Rong was still in a coma. Ling Feiyang untied Huang Rong’s shoulder soft armor and clothes and saw that her white shoulders each had a black five-finger mark. Ling Feiyang knew that Qiu Qianren’s palm had hurt his heart and immediately took out three nine flowers and high curative value pills for Huang Rong, and then sat cross-legged behind her to make the healing article in Jiuyin Zhenjing slowly input the true qi into Huangrongti.
However, Huang Rong’s resistance ability is far less than that of Ling Feiyang’s. This injury is more serious than that of Ling Feiyang’s prime minister’s house. Even the healing chapter of Jiuyin Zhenjing can’t save her life.
After half an hour, Huang Rong opened his eyes slightly and looked back to see Ling Feiyang healing himself. Two lines of tears fell like pearls.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
I’m afraid I won’t live for a few days … Brother Feiyang, don’t be angry … Huang Rong said with a weak spirit.
There is only one person who can save Rong Er … Ling Feiyang suddenly had a flash of inspiration when he thought of the subsequent plot!
Master Yi Deng!
Master Yi Deng’s one-yang finger will consume his skill for several years, but the healing effect is more magical than the healing article in the Nine-yin Classic!
Master Yi Deng came to Yunnan Dali, Hunan Yuezhou, far away from Qian Shan, but after reading the original Ling Feiyang, he knew that at this time, Master Yi Deng lived in seclusion in Taoyuan County, Xiangxi, less than three days away.
Rong Er, if you can persist for three days, I can find someone to heal you! Ling Feiyang said to Huang Rong lightly.
Really … Huang Rong said with a smile on his face. Flying brother Rong Er will hold on …
Ling Feiyang will walk on Huang Rong’s back and see that the thorny road ahead is getting muddy. At this time, it is already late at night. Ling Feiyang suddenly saw a lantern hanging in the distance, and there seems to be a family.
who would live in such a remote place? Huang Rong thought but found that Ling Feiyang didn’t seem surprised at all and went straight to the light.
Passing through a forest, a pungent smell came into my nose. In front of me, a large piece of sludge formed a swamp. Two huts were being built in this swamp, and the light came from this hut.
Huang Rong saw the two huts and immediately said, Brother Feiyang, this swamp implies Jiugong hexagrams. After you go to this round house, go straight to the lights for three steps, oblique to the right for four steps, and then go straight for three steps …
Ling Feiyang followed Huang Rong’s instructions to walk in twists and turns. Sure enough, after walking more than one hundred steps, he finally came to the front of the house.
True brother Ling Feiyang asks for elder Ying Gu! Ling Feiyang outside lang call way
An old woman with gray hair and a linen shirt immediately opened the door and looked very frightened and shouted, How did you get in?
This is the daughter of Huang Yaoshi, the owner of Peach Blossom Island. Of course, she can break your array in the black swamp! Ling Feiyang said bluntly
Ying Gu looked at the two men, especially Huang Rong, and asked warily, What are you doing here?
I was ordered by my granduncle Zhou Botong to visit my predecessors! Lingfeiyang avenue
When this statement came out, Ying Gu immediately froze for a long time before saying, Come in!
Ling Feiyang walked into the hut and put Huang Rong in a chair. He saw hundreds of narrow bamboo pieces lying on the ground and knew that this was an ancient way to calculate mathematical problems.
Rong Er calculated all these questions for her! Although Ling Feiyang is a college student, he has learned mathematics in a mess and turned to Huang Rong for help.
Two hundred and thirty-five, three hundred and twenty-four, five thousand seven hundred and sixty, forty-three days, six places, fifteen people … Huang Rong’s brain really worked out these math problems like a calculator for a moment.
Ying Gu was surprised in her heart and immediately asked Huang Rong about Nine palace map’s cracking method. Huang Rong drew a bamboo stick from her waist and easily drew the answer on the ground. By the way, she even drew a diagram of seventy-two Jiugong.
Ying Gu stood up and stared at Huang Rong, stunned, and asked, Are you human?
You are not human! Huang Rong was thinking about a Hongliangyin suddenly coming in from outside the black marsh along the night wind.
The Iron Palm helps the four dharma protectors to see the psychic aunt Ying!
Ying Gu hurried to the window and asked, What do you want to do for four late-night visits?
The man and the woman who just walked into Kuruma are the criminals that our iron palm gang is after. Please give them to us for disposal! Outside the Kuruma, people said loudly
Have you offended the Iron Palm Gang? Although Ying Gu was very curious about their identities, she didn’t want to provoke the Iron Palm Gang, so she turned to Ling Feiyang and said, Wang Qiu of the Iron Palm Gang is my neighbor. I don’t want to offend him. No matter what your identities are, please go out!
Qiu Qianren killed your son and you still treat him as a neighbor? Ling Feiyang said with a smile
What did you say? Ying Gu was more shocked than before when she heard this!
How do you know this matter? What evidence do you have? Ying Gu asked Ling Feiyang HSS.
Evidence? We have brought it to our predecessors! Ling Feiyang gently unveiled the black handprint of Huang Rong’s skirt revealing her shoulders and said, This handprint is that Qiu Qianren stays! Do you think your children are very similar?
As soon as Ying Gu saw this scar, she was heartbroken. Tears brushed her face, reached out and pulled out a child’s red Chinese-style chest covering her face and whispered, I’m sorry that you didn’t avenge you for so many years, but you killed your thieves and neighbors!
Ying Gu cried and cried and suddenly looked up and stared at the red eyes and rushed out of the house. Several vertical leaps have helped the four dharma protectors!
Chapter 153 psychic YingGu
God is quick to hand over those two people! An iron palm to help the custodian of the YingGu shouted.
good! Ying Gu’s mouth slowly walked to the front of this person and suddenly rushed out!
The iron palm helped protect the root, but I didn’t think that Ying Gu would suddenly be caught off guard and was stabbed in the throat by bamboo chips, and the body immediately fell to the ground!
Are you crazy? The other three dharma protectors immediately raised their weapons and attacked Ying Gu when they saw their companions being killed suddenly!
The iron palm will help you all die! Ying Gu’s mouth squeezed out this sentence to meet three people! These three weapons just got close to her body, like touching a thick layer of grease, and immediately slipped to one side, which didn’t hurt her skin!
This slippery body collar is Ying Gu’s own loach skill!
The three protectors of the Iron Palm Sect are not idle, and they will kill Ying Gu by surrounding the central government! Although Ying Gu has strong martial arts, after all, it is difficult to defeat one enemy after 3340 strokes.
At the same time, Ling Feiyang has finally succeeded in walking out of the black swamp according to the original road when he entered. Seeing that a dharma protector was about to sneak attack Ying Gu from behind, he immediately used a trick Kang Long has regrets to blow this person out!
Ling Feiyang joined the fighting situation to detain and reverse the genial smile that the other two dharma protectors turned and ran away. Ying Gu jumped forward and slapped a dharma protector’s lower back. This person immediately fell to his body and twisted a few times, so he stopped moving!
It turned out that Ying Gu wore a small gold ring at the tip of her right index finger and a gold ring was fixed with a poisonous gold needle. Ying Gu will say that if the enemy is hit by her palm, he will be stabbed to death by the seven-line needle in an instant!
Ling Feiyang, the last iron palm protector, has rushed out of five feet away, knowing that if he leaves alive at this time, he will bring trouble to Ying Gu, so he cast his true Jin Yangong to catch up with him, leaping high and using a trick Fei Long Tian to slap the man’s head!
Soon, the four guardians of the Iron Palm Sect were killed, and one of them was not left. Ling Feiyang helped Ying Gu to sink these four bodies into the mud before returning to the hut.
Ying Guling fought side by side and had a good impression on him, so she heated a bowl of rice porridge and fed it to Huang Rong and said, The little girl looks badly hurt, but it’s a pity that an old woman is not a doctor who can’t save her life …
I have one more thing to tell my predecessors! Ling Feiyang said, Zhou Botong, the old urchin, has left the Peach Blossom Island now. It is unnecessary for you to do your best to study these five elements!
Where is the old urchin Zhou Botong and what is the old woman? Ying gu put on a pretense and said
桑拿论坛You are Liu Guifei, a Dali kingdom. More than 20 years ago, Zhou Botong went to Dali with his brother and exchanged martial arts with Emperor Duan of Nandi … Ling Feiyang said these past events.
Zhou Botong told you all these things … Ying Gu said with a sigh.