With this idea, Lin Yao called her mother Lin Zhao.

Mom, I’m Yaoyao Lin Qiao. What shall we do when that bitch comes back?
Hang up the words after Lin Yao face a rather grim smile Lin Qiao! I see how you can stay in the country this time.
Although Lin Zhao meant to tell Lin Yao not to make a move, she was also white in her heart. Mom meant to wait for an opportunity, and then Lin Qiao must be in trouble.
On the other hand, Lin Qiao didn’t know that Lin Yao had recognized her and had begun to think about how to calculate her.
Because of a dispute just now, Fu Ruliu took Lin Qiao and Lin Hao to a sweet shop with exquisite decoration. After ordering some sweets for Lin Hao, Fu Ruliu accidentally saw Lin Qiao’s expression.
Did you know that girl just now? Fu ruliu handed Lin Qiao a hot drink and said
The body of the Chapter 15 Wolf ambition
Lin Qiao Zheng face look quite bitter nodded just that girl is my halfsister
Looking at Lin Qiao’s ugly face, Fu Ruliu was a little embarrassed and said, I’m sorry aunt didn’t know such a thing. Forget it. Don’t talk about such a topic.
Aunt, I’m sorry, it’s too complicated, and I don’t know what to say. Lin Qiao was also in a mess, so he didn’t know what to say.
Rejected Fu Ruliu’s kind invitation, Lin Qiao returned to the hotel with Lin Hao and looked at the spotless room. Lin Qiao learned something about the hotel.
Lin Qiao opened the backpack to find something, but suddenly found that a necklace on the side of the backpack was missing. When it was Italy, a fan specially made it for her, which was of great significance.
When the manager was called to communicate, Lin Qiao decisively reported to the police for reservation. Didn’t you say that this hotel had a high security? Why would such a thing happen?
The hotel manager looked at Lin Qiao disdainfully and said, Miss Lin, although you are very famous, I still want to say that there is no evidence, so don’t talk nonsense. It will be more trouble after calling the police.
Lin Qiao’s face is red with anger. It was just this manager who made rude remarks and now he threatens her!
The manager who hurried to the hotel just heard the manager’s words and turned very embarrassed. After the manager left, the manager said, Miss Lin is really sorry.
There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I have already called the police. Let’s wait for the police to come!
Lin Qiao, even if he has a good temper, is very uncomfortable after being scolded by the manager just now. Besides, the necklace has commemorative significance. Is the hotel not responsible for the theft of the hotel because of carelessness?
This matter soon arrived at Muchen, and after knowing the cause and effect of the incident, Muchen frowned and said, Didn’t I tell the person in charge of the hotel? What will be difficult to stay in Mujia Hotel? Who is that manager?
The assistant who came to report said that Mu Chen didn’t know his name. He frowned. Who is this person? I have never heard of it, but my surname is very familiar.
Muchen’s understanding of this hotel is also due to knowing that Lin Qiao lived here and went to know it.
Who is this man? When did you have such a person at the manager level? Muchen looked cold and looked at his head in a cold sweat, assistant
The assistant didn’t know what to say. Mu Chen immediately understood what the manager was doing.
Go to the police station and say hello to the person in charge of this matter over there and find a necklace to move faster. Muchen looks pale and said.
The assistant hurriedly went to make a phone call, and Muchen was not idle, so he contacted the head of a hotel.
Soon, the person in charge of the hotel came to apologize to Lin Qiao with the manager who had just spoken rudely. Lin Qiao was not justified. Everyone sighed when they saw the manager apologize or forgave him for just doing it.
The police came soon because Mu Chen ordered the hotel to cooperate very well and sent surveillance videos to the police.
After the police learned about the incident and got the evidence, Lin Qiao could wait in the room. As a result, Lin Hao played for a day and she first put her son to sleep.
With the help of mu Chen, the necklace really found the hotel soon, and the matter was solved by mu Chen’s sign. He went directly to Lin Qiao’s door and knocked on the door.
Is it convenient to go in and talk? Looking at the door Lin Qiao expression in muchen could not help but say
Lin Qiao nodded sideways to let Muchen take the door and poured him a glass of water.
Sitting on the sofa, Lin Qiao looked at Muchen and handed it to the necklace. How did you get it back so soon? What the hell is going on?
It’s too complicated. The police will contact you one day. It’s getting late now. It will take some time to talk in detail.
Mu Chen in front of Lin Qiao thinks that he always has limited patience and gentleness.
I don’t know how to repay you for giving me such help! Lin Qiao didn’t want to owe anyone, but Mu Chen really helped her a lot.
Looking at Lin Qiao with a slightly shy expression, Mu Chen pondered and said, There will be a charity dinner in a couple of days, or you and my girlfriend will just help me.
Lin Qiao is not a woman with shallow eyelids. When she heard this, she felt strange. I remember that there was a secret before you, wasn’t it a woman? This used to be her job!
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Lin Qiao didn’t remember this correctly. Mu Chen’s female companion has always been his secret. The reason is that the woman has a look and a sense of proportion. Even if she attended many dinners with Mu Chen, she never made any scandal.
She had something else to do that day. Our company recently signed a contract that night, so I sent her to all the places where there were no girlfriends because I was going to dinner.
Muchen said this perfectly justified face without hearts jumping. Lin Qiao looked at Muchen’s look and didn’t see his wolf ambition so he could resist and agreed.
Muchen was very satisfied with her face, but she was still upright. Well, I’ll take you to choose a gift the day before. Remember to bring your time.
What about Zaizai? Lin Qiao remembered the child’s face and it was hard to say, Otherwise, let’s take him with us!
Muchen finally found the opportunity to meet Lin Qiao alone. Naturally, there is a child as a light bulb, even if it is Lin Hao.
Well, it’s not convenient for us to go to the store with the children. I’ll tell my mother that I’ll leave the children with my parents first. They haven’t seen Zaizai for a long time, and they miss him very much.
With this arrangement, Lin Qiao naturally has no room for rejection. Looking at Mu Chen leaving her back, she always feels some problems, but she can’t remember when she thinks about it.
Nerinjo can give up anyway, Muchen won’t hurt herself, and it’s unnecessary to worry so much.
Muchen rode in the car thinking about what had just happened, and his face was determined to laugh. If Xue Han had spoken, he would have said that this person was up to no good again.
The body of the Chapter 16 Muchen small mind
Although what happened in the hotel made Lin Qiao angry, she didn’t change places to live when she saw Muchen.
The next day, the police came to Lin Qiao to explain the situation. Lin Qiao realized that the manager had received benefits from others, which made people secretly enter her room with a spare room card.
After knowing this, Lin Qiao was very angry, and it took a long time to solve the problem before Lin Qiao got so angry.
It was very late when Lin Hao went to bed in the middle of the night yesterday. When he got up early, he was still sleepy and didn’t know who he was.
桑拿会所Today, Lin Qiao has nothing to do, and Lin Hao can have a good sleep.
When the mother and the mother woke up again, it was already two o’clock at noon. Listening to the rumbling of the belly, Lin Qiao had no heart.
Mom, what shall we eat later? I want to eat your cooking. After returning to China, Lin Qiao has been busy. Lin Hao misses her craft very much.
There is no place to cook in the hotel these two days. When mom is sure to find a place to stay after work, mom can cook for her, okay?
Lin Qiao doesn’t know how long he will stay here, so he has no plans to rent or buy a house for the time being.
Lin Hao Lin Qiao has always been a clever boy. Seeing that she seems to be a little difficult, she said thoughtfully, Let’s talk about it when mom is convenient!
Kiss his tender face, Lin Qiao quickly packed his things and took him to dinner.
Back to the room after dinner, Lin Qiao remembered that Muchen said things last night and took Lin Hao’s hand and sat on the sofa.
What’s the matter? Mom? Lin Hao asked with a puzzled face.
Mom and Uncle Mu are going to choose Lizai to play with grandma tomorrow, okay? Lin Qiao didn’t mean to perfunctory children, because even children can’t lie in front of him, or they will learn badly.