Ronaldinho’s skill and inspiration are not bad, but his body can’t support him for too long.

Lazio’s tactics are simple: keep in touch with Ronaldinho’s body and fight against it to consume Ronaldinho’s physical strength, so that he will soon be unable to keep up with the pace of the game due to lack of physical strength.
Without physical fitness, no matter how good the technology is, you can’t get out.
Containment of Ronaldinho was naturally handed over to ledesma.
When the game is about to start, Chang Sheng pulls Ledesma to make a final exhortation.
Even if you are swayed by him, don’t give up and turn around and remember to follow him closely no matter what the situation is. Even if you can’t break the football, let him clearly feel that you are long and long, and he can’t follow his inclinations …
Lai Dassman nodded while listening.
If he wants to play with flowers, let him play!
Finally, Chang Sheng patted him on the shoulder. The media always focus on great players as if they were red flowers. Ronaldinho became the focus of attention before the game started. Compared with red flowers, you are an ordinary green leaf, but the flowering period is short. When the flowers wither, the green leaves are still there. Do you know what I mean, Christian?
Ledesma nodded. I know the boss. The audience likes flowers, but victory depends on green leaves!
Changsheng is very satisfied. That’s right, Christian. Every green leaf is the cornerstone of victory. Pick those fastdying flowers!
Constant victory is really merciless to his former brother …
Although Ronaldinho paid tribute to him before the game
In an interview, Ronaldinho once said, I am grateful to be with the coach today to pay my respects and I will try my best!
This sounds a bit contradictory.
But that’s the truth.
Changsheng taught his players that no matter which team, if you want to show your respect or love for others, then you should go all out in the game!
桑拿按摩At the beginning, Deco was once taught a lesson by Changsheng.
Ronaldinho also naturally remembered the situation at that time.
So he just said so.
Ronaldinho was really active in the game.
From the beginning of the game, he not only took advantage of his technical advantages to make trouble for Lazio’s defense.
Although he didn’t score a goal, his wonderful goal helped AC Milan break the deadlock.
Facing ledesma’s defense, he looked at the right and put the football on the left.
Then Pato catches the ball and volleys at a small angle!
The football flew into the goal from Handanovic’s crotch!
beautiful! Wear the big door and the small door together! The commentator roared
A similar cheer was heard at the San Siro Stadium.
AC Milan and Lazio have confronted each other many times in recent years, and this is the first time that they have taken the lead in the competition!
It seems that Ronaldinho can really change the record of the confrontation between the two sides! Ronaldinho and Pato, two Brazilians, are enemies together!
AC Milan fans are beginning to think further.
With this pair of Brazil, we should be able to win the league title again, right?
It’s four years since the big teams won the league championship, which is not normal for whatever reason.
Now Ronaldinho and Pato have rekindled their hope.
AC Milan fans in the stands cheered heartily, AC Milan players ran heartily, and the AC Milan coach’s seat on the sidelines was full of joy.
Lazio is a bit quiet here.
Ledesma looked at the sidelines and won.
He felt that he had just been cheated by Ronaldinho and didn’t behave well.
He is worried that the boss will blame himself.
So he turned to see his boss.
However, Changsheng didn’t kick the water bottle and call names on the sidelines.
After he saw ledesma’s eyes, he made a gesture of appeasement to Ledesma.