Muling genius just took out his second child and even the third one didn’t come yet, so the children woke up in a daze.

Fortunately, the lights didn’t turn on, but they stopped in a place without light. In the dark, the two children couldn’t see what they were doing in front of them and heard some incongruities.
I vaguely saw two figures in the driver’s seat, like father and mother.
Rubbed his sleepy eyes and made a detour. Mom and Dad, what are you doing?
Suddenly, the sound made them stop the car with a whoosh.
I realized that there were two children behind the car and I was awake. Mu Lingtian quickly loosened her lips. She straightened up and hurriedly blocked the children’s sight and blocked her little woman.
Night Xihan blushed and his heart broke out in a cold sweat, and his brain was so depressed that he didn’t even dare to breathe out of the atmosphere.
I have been awake for a long time, and I have a lot of small mouths to ask, Why do Mom and Dad want to sit on your legs?
Oh, my god
Night Xihan was almost ashamed and went into shock.
Because now she’s not only wearing a dress that doesn’t cover her face, but she’s still stuffed with his stuff, and she can just feel that this man is startled, too.
It’s strange that two children found out that they could calm down when doing such a thing. It seems that he is no better than himself.
Okay, it’s dark. Two kids in the car can’t see what they’re doing at the moment, or they’ll have to …
Breathing heavily, they heard the children ask, What was the sound of mom and dad just now?
Yeah, I just heard it, too.
This ask night Xihan a flushed.
桑拿按摩God, what a shame!
Just now they were heard by the children?
Sin sin
Night Xihan’s heart is twisted to death.
Her face is thin, and now the children have heard their voice just now. Can she calm down?
Shame, she didn’t even dare to lift her head. She fell deeply into the chest of Muling Day.
That remorse in my heart, how could she forget all the children and do such a thing directly with this bad guy’s car, and still make such a passionate voice to make the children quarrel? How did she get to this state?
Oh, my God, my God, my God … She despises herself.
What should we do now? What should we do?
It’s all the fault of this smelly man. It’s all his fault
If it weren’t for him, it wouldn’t be like this now.
She also blames herself for being too disappointing! It’s so easy to fall!
Night Xihan is confused at the moment, all kinds of entanglements and fears. At this time, she really doesn’t know how to face the child.
MuLingTian is relatively calm slow for two seconds kids how to wake up? Don’t sleep more?
The two children were very unhappy when they tooted their mouths. I was awakened!
Go around and say, It’s so strange, Dad. Didn’t you and Mom hear the sound just now?
Kids dad didn’t hear any sound. You must have dreamt it accidentally. Mu Lingtian told a lie, and his face was not red and his heart didn’t jump, which made Ye Xihan very admire.
Two children are not generally easy to fool and deeply doubt what he said. Really? But Dad, Niannian and I both dreamed of the amount?
Er, you are twins with telepathy! It is normal to have the same dream!
What do you mean, a foot high and a foot high? See? Sure enough, ginger is still spicy.
Oh oh …
Section 317
Where are mom and dad?
It’s strange that we just saw your mother’s leg!
Night Xihan’s whole face turns red and he hates not finding a place to bury himself.
Kids, you’re dazzled. I’m afraid the two children will continue to ask him how to hold them off. So that they can sometimes put on their clothes. Don’t you sleep now?
This question made a haha and was a little sleepy. I looked out of the window and knew that I was home. I shook my head and said that I didn’t sleep.
Don’t the kids knock on the door when they get home?
“oh!” Without much thought, the two little guys twisted the door and took the car.
The child over there will quickly operate the car controller as soon as he gets a car Muling day.
The two children listened to the crash before they could stand on the ground. Looking back, they found that the car door was closed and they stared at each other. What was the situation?
Wool can’t see mom and dad’s car? Isn’t it a little weird today? Don’t mom and dad usually get in the car first and then hold their car? How come today … The two children started whispering to each other.
The car didn’t have a child’s voice at night. Han was ashamed. This was because he was disheveled and came out of Mu Lingtian’s arms. He was as busy as a tomato, so he came from him and sat back in the passenger seat and bowed his head to tidy his clothes.
Mu Lingtian looked soft-eyed, and Xiao Lingtian’s depressed face turned black.
These two little bastards didn’t wake up early and didn’t wake up late, but when they chose this button, they interrupted them and harmed him … Alas, they sighed, and now they have no passion at all. This is really terrible. Naihao took his little brother back to the library.
Night Xihan is embarrassed, trying to breathe smoothly and dare not look at Mu Lingtian beside him. I still feel concerned just now.
Mu Lingtian couldn’t help complaining that the warm moment was so messed up by two kids. How are you going to endure tonight?
It’s all your fault! She blushed and was annoyed to see him all seen by the children …
He looked at her with a smile. Hehe, excuse me?
This is still said!
Small demon jing they don’t know what we do …
Besides, I didn’t see it. I just heard some sounds. Besides, even if I saw the kids, how could I know what they were doing?
How do you know?
Forget it, I’m too lazy to ignore you, you color embryo. I twisted my door angrily and wanted Chemuling to stop. Wife … I’ll take you in.