Director ray, it seems that you have little guarantee.

I picked my own badge and put it on the table. I said with great momentum, If I can’t do it, I’ll just unload my badge and leave the company.
Xu Mo finally spoke at this time. These days, I think everyone knows very well that if the Down’s group hadn’t come forward to help Nansheng Tuangen all the time, it wouldn’t have lasted for three days. Since Director Lei is willing to take such a big risk to promise the directors, I hope you can give some comments. I am willing to support him in this practice.
This is a very risky move, but now I have no other way. This is the only card I can come up with to face the situation.
I hope everyone can give me a chance. I will do better than my father. It will remind people of Nansheng Tuan. The name is Nanbao, not Nanmu.
All of us were silent, and now Nanbao said it alone next to us, but his words broke the most embarrassing scene, and he clapped his hands when there were people.
He assumed a confident manner and sat in the chair. He really wanted to hold up this big tree. From him, I seemed to see what Nanmu had said to let Nansheng Group go further.
He has his shadow, but he may do better than before. His potential is limited. He is the blood of the new era. Maybe it is more correct to put everything on him. I want to help him solve this generation now so that he can take over the responsibility and bear it properly.
Chapter seventy-seven A?
After Nanmu’s funeral, I came to Jiang Ke with a kind of sadness. She was injured and aborted because of this. Now she can still maintain her sadness and go to the place. Some people say that she is really amazing.
Jiang Ke I shouted at Jiang Ke and Jiang Ke turned to look at me and nodded.
I went over and took a look at Xiao Bao, and then I said to Jiang Ke, Are you feeling better?
Jiang Ke showed a disappointed look. She put her hand on her belly and didn’t answer. I said seriously to her, I will picket the end to give Nanmu justice and won’t let the bad guys get away with it.
Jiang Ke gritted his teeth and finally said to me, Brother Leihao, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I want to take Xiaobao away.
What? I was surprised, but I quickly said, This won’t do.
Brother Lei Haoge Jiang Ke once again shouted to me very seriously, I don’t want anything to happen to him. He is the only thing I have placed on me. I am a woman. I don’t have much thought to care about the right and wrong of the Nansheng group. I want to be healthy if I am a child. I have lost Nanmu and the child. I don’t want anything to happen to Xiaobao.
Jiang Ke finished and picked Xiao Bao up. At this time, Xu Mo and Liu Baiyan just came along. Perhaps they felt the heavy weight directly emitted by the two of us. Xu Mo didn’t say any more words and directly broke the heavy question. What are you discussing? The atmosphere is so tense.
Jiang Ke said she wanted to take Xiaobao away.
After listening to me, Xu Mo’s eyes finally changed. She said to Jiang Ke, Xiaoke wants to take Xiaobao away.
Sister Xu Mojie, this is my mother’s only expectation. I don’t want to risk my child’s life again. If you become a mother and have a child, you will also understand what I mean.
She’s right.
I turned around and saw Yan Jiaxin coming with Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu came to me and called me Dad and then shouted at the people around me.
You’re here. I shouted at Yan Jiaxin.
She nodded and said to us, You will not be a mother for nothing now. If I were you, I would make such a choice.
Then she set her eyes on Jiang Keshen and said, Can I talk to you?
Jiang Ke’s eyes changed in a complicated way and finally nodded. I took Xiao Bao and Xiao Yu to one side and asked Xiao Bao, Xiao Bao, would you like to leave with your mother?
Xiaobao suddenly became hesitant. I asked him again, No, this place is all your relatives. Xiaobao, if you really want to leave with your mother now, we won’t force you, but you have a responsibility. You are the Nan family and the Nansheng Group can be inherited by you.
I suddenly smiled. Maybe it’s a little too far away for a child like you now, but I hope you can talk about whether you can be white now.
Xiao Bao nodded at me, and at this time Xu Mo squatted and looked at him. Xiao Bao, tell me, do you really want to leave with your mother?
I want to be with my mother, but I don’t want to be separated from everyone. Dad has been living in pain since he left his mother. Xiaobao is not as miserable as watching his mother.
Liu Boyan patted Xu Mo on the shoulder and said, Don’t let us think about adding children. Children have children and choose Nanmu to leave us. What his relatives should do more is to protect his flesh and blood and the most important person. Since you will choose to add a small treasure to this position, it should be white. This kind of thing can’t be solved in a day or two. It’s not true that you can train a president of Nansheng Group in a few years. He should have his own childhood and grow up. What we can do is not to limit his development, but to let him develop and expand. It can have its own label and add one more.
At this time, Yan Jiaxin and Jiang Ke also finished talking. Yan Jiaxin came to our side and looked at Xiaobao and said, Xiaobao, go over and your mother will call you.
Xiao Bao turned and walked towards Jiang Ke. I asked Yan Jiaxin, What did you and she say?
I agree that it may be the best help for her to leave with the children at this time, and I will help them go to the safest place.
I frowned and asked, You have a clue.
There are some clues, but I can’t guarantee whether these clues will match what I think, and everything will come out soon.
I nodded and asked, What about Tang Xiao and them?
The two of them are talking about handling his affairs. This time, they helped Tang Xiao of Nansheng Group to come up with all his reserve funds, and I also took out the shares to participate in it. Finally, the valuation shareholders were stabilized, and we both had a common idea.
Yan Jiaxin put her eyes on Xu Moshen and asked, Would you like to support me to finish this idea?
You mean to let him take the responsibility now.
Xu Mo looked at Yan Jiaxin in amazement and nodded and said, This is a temporary storm. Are you willing to take responsibility through this potential? It is justified to take it once. This is also what Jiang Ke and I have asked.
I understand Yan Jiaxin’s idea. I looked at her in a complicated way and said nothing.
Jiang Ke, Xu Mo, Tang Xiao, and Yan Jiaxin should make such a choice. I don’t know whether this position should be taken or not, but now I don’t know if I really want to wait until Xiaobao grows up. Once again, I look at Nanmu in the coffin.
Will you agree with me to do this?
And I asked myself, If I really get such a position, then I will take everyone’s everything to fight this time. Is it a total loss or a big victory?
Brother LeiHaoGe, he believes you.
I put my head out and looked at Jiang Ke, who was talking to me, and finally hmm.
Chapter seventy-nine Whether to believe?
Tell me what you want me to meet.
Can you understand intention or meaning?
Jixuan took another gulp of wine and went into the belly. After that, he pointed to the people in front of the stage and said, You have a good bar.
Many people have said so. I answered him coldly.
He shook his head and continued, I don’t like you as a man.
You have to say this once every time you meet. Don’t you think you are very poor? President Qi has never been president.
Jixuan held out a thumb at me and said, Your mouth is getting worse and worse, but it makes me feel that you have something to like.
But I don’t like men. I rebuffed Jixuan and took a sip and said, You don’t just want to buy me a drink tonight. If so, I’ll leave.
桑拿按摩Then I’ll make a long story short. Jixuan’s tone changed instantly. I want to reunite with you and return to the company.
What will choose me? Don’t you think it will save me a lot of things if I lose a rival?

Sister-in-law added, "In the past few decades, he climbed the leaf family and developed the Teng family into a famous family in the imperial city, but he was unwilling to be suppressed by the leaf family and later climbed the Li family. Now he is the most effective pawn of the Li family."

No wonder Ye Xiangyuan will start work.
He is not only a former feud, but also because the old man Teng has taken refuge in the Li family. He must pull out this pawn.
Teng old man suddenly jumped up.
He was bound and one arm was broken. He had passed out, but somehow he got up from the ground as quickly as if he were on drugs, and the other arm broke free from the rope.
Before everyone could react, he quickly took the knife from Tengjun’s hand and stabbed Tengjun in the chest with a backhand thrust.
Teng jun suddenly screamed.
There is a piece of her tongue left, and the sound is terrible, like a crow in the forest at midnight.
Because it happened so suddenly, everyone was stunned, and the scream of Teng Jun made everyone return to absolute being.
品茶论坛Ye Li was so anxious and angry that he almost fell from the sofa and screamed "Teng Jun!"
Teng jun hands holding a knife palm gradually ooze bleeding.
Her eyes almost popped out of her eyes with disbelief and monstrous resentment, staring at the old man Teng.
Teng old man ha ha smile face grim "don’t blame me for being cruel, you killed me first, and if it weren’t for being dragged down by you, how could I offend Ye Xiangyuan … if you hadn’t seen Ye Li, how could I make so many mistakes … all of you! You ruined me and ruined Teng’s family! "
I frowned at this.
The old man is bloody, but I didn’t expect him to be so unintelligent that he attributed all the blame to Teng Jun.
Tengjun naturally deserved it, but he didn’t deserve it.
Perhaps it was stimulated by the old man Teng’s censure that Teng Jun fell to the ground directly, with his eyes wide open and blood dripping from her chest.
Ye Li struggled to sit up and shouted, "Help her!"
But the medical staff around him did not move. They all looked at Ye Xiangyuan’s face.
Ye Li’s face stared at Ye Xiangyuan in rain or shine. He thought it was clear that everyone in the family was obeying Ye Xiangyuan’s orders now.
His attitude is soft to Ye Xiang. "In those days … those things were all misunderstandings … It’s been so many years. Don’t worry … You can save her if you are willing to save her. You can promise anything you want."
Ye Xiangyuan’s expression is getting a little heavy, and there are bursts of coldness in the eyes, and it is no longer elegant and calm.
He slowly reminded the corners of his mouth, "I really want to save Teng Jun’s life and continue to watch them kill each other … Anyway, this play is also pretty good. I would like to watch it a few times … but Grandpa, you beg me so much, but I don’t want to save her."
"You remind me of grandma … if I saved Tengjun, where would I have the face to see grandma …"
"I’d better watch Tengjun bleed to death."
Ye Li immediately covered her chest with anger and denounced "beast! Do you still have humanity! "
Ye Xiangyuan continued to hook the corners of his mouth. "I am an animal, you are my grandfather and you are an old animal."
Section 162
Ye Li was dizzy again and fell flat on the sofa. This time, he certainly didn’t pretend because he had to vent his anger.
The doctor gave him CPR first aid
I can’t help but admire some leaves.
He is really fierce. He almost choked Ye Li to death in a few words.
Teng Jun lay motionless, and the blood kept flowing from her chest, and the bloody smell of marble floor drifted away.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled calmly and took the cup to taste.
Although I’ve lived and died several times, I’m still a little scared of the sight of three dying old people, and I dare not glance over there again.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my face and asked softly, "Afraid?"
Chapter 171 Grandpa, it’s over.
I nodded honestly, my chest felt a little stuffy, and I felt a little nauseous, so I couldn’t help covering my mouth.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant with a child or because the picture is too bloody, and my head is not comfortable.
He took my hand and said to Ye Li, "Come on, my wife doesn’t like this kind of scene, so be it."
Said tasikmalaya picked me up.
I can’t help worrying.

Stop bickering. Xiao Dai put away his whip and wrapped it in his hand. He raised his arm and pointed at the front boundary pillar. It finally entered our jurisdiction.

Qin Zhen, can you read? I motioned Qin Zhen to read the inscription.
He is still on horseback with a sad face.
Can’t you get up? I lifted my arm. Wood, will you teach him?
It’s okay, I’ll go and have a look … Qin array muttered, slightly climbing up and holding the horse’s neck, and ran past white Zhao …
Is there a black man, asshole? I saw a huge wood on the left side of the word white. It’s really hard for the pheasant to recognize half of it … But what is more difficult for him to read the word Zhao without any obstacles?
You can have a good rest today. Jia Mu rubbed his ass.
I’m afraid I have to hurry. Ma Dai held up a simple map. There are still two hundred and twenty miles from Bairen County in Handan, and now it’s time.
Cut so far! Jia Mu scratched his head. Zhao is a slap in the face. Is it 200 miles from here to the cure?
Er … according to the map, it’s normal that the Berber people are in the northernmost part of Zhao’s winter and Handan is in the southernmost part. Ma Dai looked at the map carefully.
Isn’t Handan in the center? Jia Mu continued to mutter Good egg pain setting
Let’s go quickly. Do we have any trench? Don’t delay. I made a whistle to chase after my life and accelerated sharply.
Want to race horses? An excited voice sounded from the side, I can’t lose! Just now, I almost fell off my horse, and Qin array was chasing me with a red face and a twinkle in her eyes.
The gap between me and him is narrowing rapidly.
Sure enough, a good cavalry is born!

By the time we got to Handan, the moon had already appeared from the top of the mountain.
I can finally see Qin array’s back and round horse’s ass.
This bastard runs very fast. I have never surpassed him for so many years … Jia Mu touched his mount mane and gasped.
Want to chase me? Wait ten years! Qin Zhen reined in his horse and laughed back.
I know who it is when I hear this kind of crazy talk. Chengtou leaned out a head.
Pang Gan, don’t you dare to come and eat my knife? Qin array suddenly jilted to jilt elegant long hair.
Dare you eat me a stone there? Pang Ganli pushed a stone against Chengtou.
Qin Zhen took a look and jumped into the city with his head in his arms. Although the height of Handan wall is not more than three feet, dozens of pounds of heavy stones hit his forehead with great acceleration. Even Transformers have to get a big pit, which is an essential weapon to defend the city against them.
Everyone can see the answer at a glance to the question of who has no guts and who is brave. Pang Gan shook his head and took the stone back.
品茶论坛The dog day pang Gan ate a knife from the uncle! Although I was still in the city, I clearly heard Qin array roaring in Chengtou.
Pang Gan immediately disappeared from Chengtou.

Adults mean Yi Yang Ling? Cheng Yu just thought, Well, Wen and Lao Di are called Gongsun Zan.
Jia Xu nodded and said that he didn’t remember wrong.
Gongsun Zan?’ I was stupid. It turned out to be this fellow!
How do adults know him? Cheng yudao
When I was a Wei Wei, I heard the news of this man. I found a very appropriate reason. At that time, he was a satrap in Youzhou and Liu Yu, a state shepherd, impeached each other, so both of them were relegated to Liu Yu at that time … I tried to recall that I was relegated from Youzhou to Hongnong to be a satrap.
Hongnong Taishou? Jia Xu looked at me with a smile. It doesn’t look like relegation.
Uh, yeah … I’m not sure. You Zhou’s geography is remote, but it seems not as bad as Liangzhou’s toecrossing, right? I remember Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Lu Zhi. Aren’t their hometown in Zhuojun, Youzhou? Youyan is not a backward area.
Adults don’t know, Cheng Yu showed his erudition again. Youzhou is a vast country. Zhuojun and Daijun in the south are not bad, but Liaodong and Liaoxi in the east are vast and sparsely populated. The winter is cold and there are quite a lot of foreign people. The roads are not smooth and there is very little food production. Therefore, in previous years, it is often necessary to transport food from Qingzhou, Jizhou to help the soldiers and civilians in Youzhou. Speaking of Liu Yu, this person has also done some practical things. When he was doing secretariat and state grazing, he strongly persuaded Nong Sang to do it again. Yuyang County,
Isn’t this already very good? How do I feel that he seems to have overturned his own point of view at the end of his explanation?
Ah Cheng Yu was as cool as a cucumber. You Zhou’s secretariat office is located in Luoyang for several months, but Hongnong lives in two Beijing. Although it is the satrap with two thousand stones, one side is cold and far away, and there are millions of Xianbei Wuhuan aliens eyeing it in the north, and the other side is warm and comfortable Hongnong … If it is you, how do you choose?
I won’t go to Youzhou if I’m killed … I blurted out goodbye in Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan!
Freeze and Jia Xu nodded with satisfaction.
hey? I just came to my senses. It seems to be off topic again?
Well, Jia Xu calmly took a sip of tea. It won’t delay the business because of this effort.
Speaking of which, Zhu Xi also told me that I couldn’t make a magistrate … I scratched my head.
It’s natural, he stroked his beard. Now all four counties in Zhao except Handan County have county orders, and according to last year’s performance appraisal, they all make sense.
Handan order? I touched the bar. This is a big gap. Come on as soon as possible. I looked at Jia Xu and Cheng Yu.
Both of them are laughing. Didn’t you collect a lot of people? Pick one.
hey? I thought a little, Let’s do it … Let’s do it. I’m Zhao Xiang, so there’s no need to be too military commander to become a prodemocracy medical sage.
The two uncles said it was acceptable.
So … I hesitated for a second. What about the long history?
Cheng Yu raised an eyebrow. Your fatherinlaw, of course.
Jia Xu, thank you.
14 Zhao Wang Liu She
You said … what? I fiddled with my hair hanging from behind my ears and breathed a sigh of relief.
Pang Gan held out his chest in a very cooperative way. In front of his fairly tall figure and majestic chest, he retreated a little. The prince of Zhao Fu Shuo … If it is convenient for Ma’s adult, please come to Wangfu to visit the prince of Zhao at any time …
hey! The hall door was kicked. What fun do you have for me, young master?
At first glance, the speaker took a glance at the chaotic people and hurried to dodge in the corner.
Prince Zhao sent a message to ask the young master to visit him. Pang Gan pointed to the messenger next to him. Do you want to go with Master Qin?
Meet Prince Zhao? Qin Zhen yi tooth young master, is he here to support me?
Well, although we are in Zhao territory, but … I can continue to support you. I smiled.
Then I won’t visit him. He immediately came to the conclusion.
Master report villain also don’t want to go Pang Gan looked at me with envy.
No way! I raised my hand and boasted, What do you want as a brigade commander?
… Xiao is actually a janitor … Pang Gan hit the nail on the head. Gen hasn’t been escorted for more than a year!
You won’t go until you find Zhao Yun and Dian Wei! I gave him a glimmer of hope.

Gao Xiaoxiao made a big decision from the bottom of my heart before Han Shu came out.

When the door opened, Han Shu came out alone. He picked up Xiaobai, took her hand and said, "Wife, let’s go home first."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at the door behind him but no one came out.
Didn’t you talk it over? Her heart began to pound.
Han Minzhi was busy. "Why are you leaving now?"
Han Shao ordered a head, picked up a bag and coat, and left with his wife and children.
So when Mrs. Han came out on crutches, there were two people in the living room, Leng Shijun and Han Minzhi.
After thinking about it, the old lady Han immediately said, "Yu Hong, please call Xiaoxiao ‘er quickly. I want to say a few words to her."
"good mother"
Bentley Mu Shang quickly left Han Zhai and headed for Ruiyuan to regenerate the Second Reich.
Because there is still Gao Xiaobai sitting in the back row, Gao Xiaoxiao is thinking about things in his heart, and the carriage is extremely quiet.
The phone bell suddenly rang, and she took it out and took a look at it. She answered it and put it in her ear. "Mom?"
"Xiaoxiao’s mother wants to say a few words with you." Zhong Yuhong turned to the old lady’s hand. "Xiaoxiao’s my grandmother."
"Grandma" Gao Xiaoxiao shouted a little nervous.
"Don’t be sad, Xiaoxiao. It’s all grandma’s fault for having children. I don’t know your physical condition. Just now, Ah Shu has told us that it’s very clear. Don’t worry, all of us won’t blame you for having children. Anyway, it’s already white. The most important thing for you now is to get well adjusted and live a good life with Ah Shu, you know?" Korea’s old lady said in the words
Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but take a look at Han Yan and sip his lips and say, "Grandma, I know, thank you."
"This child is a family. What are you thanking?" Korean old lady smiled at ease. "Well, I’m not going to say much because you just left in such a hurry. As soon as I came out, I was afraid that you would misunderstand me, so I quickly called you. Don’t worry about this and don’t affect my mood …"
"Yeah, I know grandma."
After the words, Gao Xiaoxiao slowly breathed a sigh of relief. Although the old lady Han said so, her heart decided to be more determined …
When I returned to Xiangxi Garden and entered the living room, Gao Xiaoxiao said, "Xiaobai will play by himself for a while. I want to say a few words to your father before I help you with your handicraft industry."
"Good" Gao Xiaobai nodded obediently
桑拿会所After pulling Han Shu into the room, someone looked at her thoughtfully with his head down. "What’s so serious? Have to come to the room to talk? "
Gao Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and got up the courage to say, "I’ve thought about it. Why don’t I try to get pregnant?"
Han Yu’s original soft face suddenly sank. "What are you talking about? The doctor said that you can’t be pregnant. "
"But I want to give birth to a daughter for you." Gao Xiaoxiao took his hands to please and shook them softly, saying that he decided, "Now medicine is so developed, why don’t we try IVF?"
"Don’t even think about it." Han Yan refused her. "Do you know how complicated the IVF process is, how low the chances are and how many times you have to try it? And every time it hurts, the point is that it may not be successful. "
Section 225
"I’m not afraid of pain." Gao Xiaoxiao looked at him firmly. "You want a daughter and grandmother so much that they also want a great-grandchild. No matter how long it takes, I can stand it …"
Han Shu directly put his hand over her mouth. "Come on, I’m just saying. You’re really relieved. Besides, I really want my daughter to have a ready-made speech."
Gao Xiaoxiao’s big eyes are not white.
Finally, I reached out and pulled his hand. I couldn’t wait to ask, "Who is it?"
"jiujiu," Han Yan smiled and said, "Is she so beautiful or is her little white girlfriend going to marry us as a daughter-in-law sooner or later in the future? From now on, we can treat her as half a daughter."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
☆, 162 Xiao Bai said to do things step by step.
"jiujiu," Han Yan smiled and said, "Is she so beautiful or is her little white girlfriend going to marry us as a daughter-in-law sooner or later in the future? From now on, we can treat her as half a daughter."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Who once laughed at her for treating jiujiu as a child’s wife so early? And now …
She wanted to laugh, but she pulled her lips and couldn’t laugh a little.
Being unable to have children is the most fatal flaw for a woman.
Although she already has Xiao Bai, everyone understands her, but this regret is bound to leave a crack in someone’s heart.
"All right, all right" Han Shu put her arms around her big hand with open arms. She stroked her delicate spine gently, and her voice was low and gentle. "Don’t think about this matter of wife and children. Grandma and parents know that your physical condition will not blame you or give you pressure. We will just be the same as before. There will be no change, huh?"
Gao Xiaoxiao leaned on his chest and listened to the steady and powerful heartbeat in his ear. He felt that his nose was sore for a long time before holding back the excitement and said softly, "Is it okay for me to recuperate my body first and then get pregnant when I am well?"
Han Shu frowned a little. "No, your health is too poor. The doctor told me that it is dangerous even if you get pregnant."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao blinked and looked up at him. "When are you going to the hospital?"
If she remembers correctly, he seems to have said that he would take her with him for another detailed examination.
"I went there one day when I had nothing to do," Han Shu said lightly.
Gao Xiaoxiao frowned and put his face on his chest and said slowly, "But I want to give you a daughter."

It’s already noon in summer.

The burning sun is hanging overhead.
And this side of the world is still dark clouds.
The whole widemeter driveway is half hot and sunny and half heavy and dark.
As the saying goes, it’s a thousand miles away.
Nearly a thousand elite special police officers who have to fight in close quarters have been strongly shocked and incredible from the beginning to indifferent acceptance and face.
Everyone stood quietly waiting for the command to be deployed.
The battlefield is always changing rapidly. Guteng is an excellent commander and commanderinchief of the three armed forces. He has always believed in this.
Therefore, every battle and every plan Guten has a backup plan.
Sure enough, photos were poked out of Kong Shi’s building. According to Che Xiaoxiao’s halfman, halfcorpse, Guten redeployed the upcoming battle plan.
Compared with Guteng’s whole brainburning car, it is not easy to smile at hand.
At the moment, her eyes are almost staring at the two fourmeterlong and threemeterhigh glass doors at a flower.
Halfman, halfcorpse, that simple statement she made before Guten was hiding something.
Because the simple halfman, halfcorpse and complex theory is not simple, especially for the master of magic day, she really wants to see the true face of halfman, halfcorpse and understand the real situation with her own eyes.
After all, there is a gap between photos and real people.
For example, the same moves are played by experts and ordinary people, and the result is the distance between heaven and earth.
In its heyday, a man who can make the ten halls of the underworld fall asleep and laugh, but never dare to look down upon them.
My aunt, I am so cute, can’t I send someone out to have a look?
Car smiling face almost squeezed into the glass door.
It’s too thick. The yin in the building is as thick as ink, and it keeps growing and rolling!
The car smiled and the eye of the eye penetrated the clouds of black gas and saw half man and half corpse inside.
What can a man take a clear picture of a face hidden in a thick yin? It must be due to close contact and hightech tools of special forces.
But I le you to somehow also come out a look at my aunt beauty, aren’t you curious? !”
喝茶约茶  title=The car laughed and wandered back and forth, and still couldn’t see the situation inside the building outside the glass door, let alone see a face.
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3, painting array from prison black and white ghost
Section 55
3, painting array from prison black and white ghost
The car in the building is smiling and trying to find photos through the glass door and see half a man and half a corpse.
And she is separated from the building by dark clouds, and the two figures on the roof of Kong Shi lie quietly one by one.
There is a deep suspense about that figure, and it is Kong Anxiao, the body of the magic heaven.
At the moment, the yin qi is pouring in from all directions and permeating the surrounding area, and it is constantly rushing into Kong Anxiao.
Then it is divided into a little bit of carefully repairing the seriously injured soul root, and it is not allowed to be distracted by magic days.
The building is full of dead air and yin qi, and there is a slight wind and grass in every corner. He can know it clearly in his magical days.
But the situation outside the building has been completely blind since it was blocked by Che Xiaoxiao just now.
At this time, the magic day facial features are ferocious.
He never imagined that a girl with a short life of more than ten years knew not only the powerful ancient array but also the mysterious serial spell of array!
To the front and rear gates, I dare not move easily in the magic day.
The car smiled and stepped into his building, and it seemed that he had made a mistake in the magical day.
He stepped on the outside world, two dead doors passed by the car, and his smiling hand turned into a dead end for him to go out from the inside.
Because it can accelerate the attraction of Yin qi in the underworld, the speed of uniting the consequences has been increased several times, except for the magic days at the front and back gates, which sealed off the whole building of Kong Shi Building, even the top of the building.
To put it simply, there are two places in the front and back gates, and there are a lot of doors inside, and he has become a dead door.
Nowadays, there is no exit for the magic day to give a smile to the car and intervene in the whole building. It is like an aspect of closing the dungeon and being able to concentrate on staying inside and absorbing yin.
Unless he’s selfdestructing, he’s singlehandedly destroying himself.
But destroying the array is not an easy task for magic days.
I think how much effort he made to consolidate the array when he was in charge, and now he will double his effort and energy when he destroys the array, and maybe even damage his own soul and cause serious injuries.
Because since the magic day cloth this souleating large array is not going to leave the socalled posterior approach for yourself.
He thought of four wordsretire after success.
It can also be understood that there is no way to retreat without success.
However, the magic days are not calculated, and there is such a person in this ordinary human world who knows the mysterious ancient law as well as tens of thousands of years.
Does this prove that there is a saying in the long river of history that the magic height is one foot and the road height is ten feet?
Therefore, this reason is also why Che Xiaoxiao can be safe and undisturbed, and concentrate on his work outside the building.
It’s not that the magic day doesn’t want to do it, but that he can’t reach out from it.
Wandering around looking for a car and laughing is really no way to find a chance to see half a man and half a corpse inside.
When she was ready to give up and start to concentrate on finding the exact position to deploy, two people came to her with a few surprised eyes.

Huangfuda bowed his head and seemed to be thinking about something. When Shuiyunjin stared at him bitterly, he saw him move, gently swing his clothes embroidered with moire, and walk leisurely and gracefully towards himself. He stopped against the wall not far away.

They bathed in moonlight together, and his eyes were as dim as a clear spring, and a faint voice seemed to come from a distant valley. "Maybe he just wanted to see if I slept in the same bed with you."
Shui Yun-jin zheng’s big eyes turned round and round and then took a deep sniff at the corners of his mouth, saying, "This person won’t be so chatty, but he’s also specially here to peep."
Shui Yun-jin doesn’t think that person is insane at all, but when she inadvertently sees Huang Fu-da’s clear and faint face, it seems to be white. "It’s Huang Fu-heng."
品茶论坛"No one will talk like this except him, and even more people dare to break into Lanwang Palace in the dead of night." Huangfuda’s eyebrows are slightly picky
"Why did he do this? Was his brain crowded by the door?" Shuiyun Park was surprised and with some anger, she thought about Huangfuheng, the son of a bitch, and what he wanted to play.
Any suspection.i da silent is faint eyes light light looked at ShuiYunJin.
"What do you mean by looking at me like this? You shouldn’t be me conspiring with him to deal with you, should you?" Shuiyunjin was regarded by him as a low-eyed man with hair all over his body.
Huangfuda stretched himself out, and suddenly he took two steps forward and bowed his head slightly to lock the water clouds and hibiscus in his figure. The tone in his figure didn’t recognize the slightest emotion. "I think he seems to have not given up on you. What would I think if you said that my woman was so missed?"
Shuiyunjin blinked her eyes, so she waited for him to open her mouth seriously. At first glance, she heard him whisper, and her little face suddenly exploded like a spring thunder. "Bah, can you stop disgusting me? I’d rather believe that he sent someone to kill someone. Maybe I can feel better after listening."
"If you really don’t have the slightest inclination, he may regret it." Huangfuda slightly raised his eyebrows and his deep eyes seemed to want to see through Shuiyunjin.
"What do you mean, if he regrets it, I’ll have to pick him up? What is he? Am I that naive?"
ShuiYunJin is very disgusted to stare at HuangFuDa is very don’t like his attitude Yang added, "and what do you guess at random? Do you really want me to forgive him and accept him? Are you not my justified husband now?"
Huangfuda suddenly smiled like a spring breeze and drizzle, nourishing people’s hearts, and like breaking clouds and seeing the moon, her face was absolutely gorgeous with a pleasant smile. "It’s rare for you to know that I am your husband. Since you know that, you can’t change your mind no matter what he says or does."
"It’s really a lot of words. I don’t admit it. The fact is the same. Is there anything before you? If you wake up and see him, I’ll hide as far as I can?" Shuiyun raised her eyebrows and her face was still angry.
"Ha ha good really obedient" Huangfuda seems to be very happy slender jade fingers gently scraped a water cloud, and her nose was full of brilliance and lightness.
Shui Yun-jin was suddenly happy with him, and her heart panicked slightly. She suddenly remembered that this person was naturally familiar and turned over a supercilious look. No one had done such a childish thing to her since childhood, but it also hurt her, rubbed her nose and somehow felt a little warm in her heart.
Seeing that he had lifted his feet and walked inside to chase him, he asked, "What did the thief do if he caught you?"
Huangfuda didn’t return to the tunnel. "If you enter without permission, you will die or crawl out."
"Then you let him go. If he goes back to Huangfuheng alive, he must have guessed that you are not as able as you showed over the years, so he will not let you go." Shuiyunjin asked.
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The story of a black-bellied prince eating dry and wiping clean white is hard to escape from a wife who has a debt.
Splendid Fairy Way Destiny, Your Woman, Ink, Illness, Favorite Writing, Cool Writing, Abuse of Men, Strong Women, Double Cleanliness, Update and Stability, Please Collect and Collect:
Chapter 34 This bed is also half mine (please accept it)
Staring at the big water in front of me, my eyes reveal an eagerness to smile.
"You know what? You can’t even catch a little thief?" Huangfuda was clear and didn’t question the sound, but suddenly heard him say with smile. "This is my heart."
"You think too much" gave him a white look in the water cloud and hibiscus language, and his heart was already white. He meant that Huangfuheng would face each other one day.
That Huangfuheng is so inhuman that even she wants to spy. It’s really a dog meddling. Don’t leave her hand or you’ll kill him. But it must be something to rely on to hear this man’s tone of dismissing Huangfuheng’s people so much.
Seeing his thin and elegant appearance, I think that he doesn’t match all those fighting and killing. I’ve seen Lin Han’s coming and going, but she’s very interested and wants to practice martial arts
"What are you thinking?" Huangfuda’s gentle voice suddenly sounded.
Shuiyunjin blinked and looked at him. It doesn’t matter. She suddenly became angry and grabbed his arm. "Get up, who told you to sit in my bed?"
Huangfuda backhand suddenly held a big hand and hooked her mouth around the front with a smile. "This bed seems to have half of me."
"You’re half as good as you are." Shuiyun Park roared grumpily. The little hand struggled to break free, but the more it struggled, the more firmly it held.
"Okay, I’m going to cut it in half." Huangfuda smiled very gently.
His small hand was clenched tightly, and she couldn’t get free no matter how she moved. Instead, it made Shuiyunjin burst into anger. "You are a dirty cheapskate. You don’t keep your word. You want to fish in troubled waters and take the opportunity to tell you that there is no way."
"Fish in troubled waters" Huangfuda laughed in a low voice, and looked at Shuiyunjin with clear spring-like eyes. The eyebrows were dyed with a thick smile, which made it more magnificent. "I have never touched fish in the water and where do you look like a fish?"
"Metaphor is a metaphor for me, okay?" Shuiyun Park gave him a hard dig in anger and boredom.
"What’s worse than comparing yourself to a fish? Don’t worry, I’m not interested in fishing. I’m not interested in you."
"How" ShuiYunJin stupefied at him slightly raise eyebrow eye.
Huangfuda suddenly loosened her grip on the back of her hand, gently leaned against the bedpost and closed her eyes lightly. "I’m not interested. You can rest assured that I won’t fish in troubled waters or touch you like a fish."
Shuiyunjin suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He said that he was not interested in himself, but he felt a little harsh. With some precautions, he said, "This is the best way for us to stay out of the river. If you really like this house, you can live in it for you, but you have to give me the waterside pavilion."

Boss Liang laughed when he heard Xiao Tian’s parents say this, and said, Haha, I probably understand. In this case, since the words have been said here, I really have to advise you to say a few words. I really want to speak for Sun Jiashi.

Oh Xin Dad didn’t know what to answer.
Xin’s mother said, just listen to boss Liang. Maybe we really think in the wrong place. Maybe we really don’t know Xiao Sun.
Ok, just listen to Boss Liang, Xin’s father said.
Xiao Tian’s parents are no longer exclusive and want to hear what boss Liang has to say.
So boss Liang praised Sun Jiashi from head to toe, without deliberately exaggerating that it was good for Sun Jiashi to come, and boss Liang also told the truth objectively.
Xiao Tian’s parents didn’t talk for half a ring after listening.
Maybe Qian really misunderstood his own daughter and Xiao Sun because of his own prejudice.
桑拿会所It is estimated that the goal was reached when Boss Liang looked at it, and then he made a few polite remarks and said a few closing words before saying, I have something to do. Don’t say goodbye. By the way, see if there are any other guests who need to be greeted, so I won’t continue to stay here. Sweetheart, please treat your parents well. Make yourself at home if you want to eat anything.
With these words, boss Liang got up and left politely. Well, he stayed here for more than an hour and talked for more than an hour, which was really enough.
Stealing pleasure from a sweetheart.
The original first plan is very simple. Xin Xiaotian takes her parents to a hot pot restaurant, and then when the clerk orders, she directly recognizes her and calls Boss Liang to come over, and then Boss Liang helps to put in a good word for her parents.
However, after careful consideration, they felt that it was too false, for fear that her parents might suspect that she was deliberately soliciting lobbyists, they made a detour in advance, ambushed the pen, and told their parents that they must keep a low profile and not be recognized, and then the clerk tried to pull hatred and quarrel, and finally Boss Liang came out.
This arrangement will be more natural, not too deliberate, parents will not be defensive, and they will be more able to listen to Boss Liang’s words.
Xin Xiaotian and Sun Jiashi have gradually solved Xiaotian’s parents’ psychological rejection, which really took a lot of thought and effort.
Xiaotian and her parents continue to eat hot pot and talk a few words while eating. During the period, my parents also took the initiative to ask a few words about Sun Jiashi. Although there are still things that are still undecided, although there is no definite agreement, they are no longer strongly opposed.
On the third day, Xin Xiaotian took her parents to the Q Mountain scenic spot outside the city for hiking and sightseeing. Before leaving, she specially brought some washed cucumbers and some fruits. At noon, they ate something casually at the scenic spot. Because the meal at the scenic spot was unsanitary and unpalatable, Xin’s mother picked up the cucumbers in her backpack.
All day long, Xiao Tian was still deliberately silent. On the contrary, Sun Jiashi was happy with her mother twice.
In the evening, they returned to Xin Xiaotian from Q Mountain and took them to a hot spring for a buffet.
You can still see the Zijia Vegetable Field labeled desktop in the restaurant with the same logo, including the paper pad on the plate, which is the introduction page of Zijia Vegetable Field.
On the fourth day, Xin Xiaotian took her parents to visit the mountains outside the city. In the evening, they didn’t return to the city, but dropped by and came to Sun Jiashi’s icing manor:
Chapter two hundred and ninetyone Brainwashing brigade ()
On the fourth day, Xin Xiaotian took her parents to visit the mountains outside the city. In the evening, they didn’t go back to the city but came to Sun Jiashi’s icing manor by the way.
The name icing manor was chosen by Sister Qin.
Fortunately, at that time, after listening to her advice, there was no word for Sun Jiashi’s name to name this manor. The idea of Qin Jie was farsighted
The manor is not in a hurry to officially open. This holiday season is still a trial operation. The occupancy rate of guests in the smallscale advertising office is about 35.
After entering the manor, Xin’s father is still relatively calm, but Xin’s mother is not reserved at all. The whole girl’s heart is awakened. A woman in her fifties is so dreamy that she is happy like a child.
Xiaotian chuckled silently behind her mother.
The frosting manor dinner was very delicious, and Xiaotian’s parents even praised it as the best and most exquisite food they had ever eaten in their lives.
After eating, Xiao Tian and her parents live in two rooms. After half an hour’s rest, Xiao Tian invites her parents to go for a walk in the garden to see the night.
Beautiful food makes Xiaotian’s parents feel particularly relaxed.
Qin Quanjiang arrived here at noon, sipping coffee at the window and basking in the sun all afternoon. At this time, he pretended to be a passerby and ran into Xin Xiaotian and his parents while walking after dinner.
In the quiet and romantic garden, Sister Qin brainwashed Xiaotian’s parents, saying that people should live actively, make money, have money, what are the benefits, and so on until Xiaotian’s parents were completely stunned.
When it was completely dark, they went back to the building together and went back to their rooms.
Xin Xiaotian chose a catcute theme room this time. When she opened the guest room door, she found that the light was on. She quickly turned around and locked the door. When she turned around, Sun Jiashi appeared out of nowhere and smiled sadly in front of her.
You are more and more daring to break into girls’ rooms, said Xin Xiaotian.
I haven’t seen you say this in the first sentence for several days. Sun Jiashi’s face was faintly visible in the soft light of the porch dome light.
Probably because of the light, he looks particularly attractive at this time, and his gentle smile is full of masculinity
What did you say? Xin Xiaotian suddenly felt a little tight in breathing. This sentence sounded very low.
Sun Jiashi seems to have a malicious smile and said, It should be that you miss me very much.
Xin Xiaotian said, I don’t think so, that is, I have thought about it several times a day and I feel bored every time I see your company ogo.
Ha ha Sun Jiashi didn’t speak again and took the first two steps to hold Xin Xiaotian in his arms.
My parents are next door. Xin Xiaotian mumbled.
Sun Jiashi said badly, Don’t worry, the rooms here are specially soundproofed, and the sound insulation effect is very good. No one can hear you even if you shout your throat.
Why should I shout to break my throat? Xin Xiaotian deliberately asked.
Because, um, I can’t get out for the time being, Sun Jiashi said, and gently rubbed her face and put it on her lips.
Slowly, like temptation, purely focusing on this moment, warmth is like melting honey.
The room was suddenly quiet, leaving a slight breathing heartbeat.
After a long time, Xin Xiaotian lay on the bed with a meowshaped pillow, and Sun Jiashi sat on the small sofa opposite. The sofas were also meowshaped pillows. The two talked about their experiences these days.
I’m really exhausted. Please ask the restaurant staff to temporarily arrange the scene before the fight. The bosses are all very nice. The staff heard that we are also actively cooperating with what we saw. There was no mistake all the way, Sun Jiashi said.
Xin Xiaotian said, There is nothing wrong with the foundation, and the acting skills of these people are excellent, and the boss Liang is really eloquent. We know that there are so many things and we cooperate well.
Sun Jia stone laughed. Haha, that’s good. How do you think uncle and aunt reacted? Is our whole plan effective?

Then her eyes stopped at my face. "I have something to discuss with you at the right time."

I was a little suspicious, but I didn’t refuse
She said, "Can we go to the room?"
That should be very important. I looked at my sister-in-law
桑拿按摩Sister-in-law laughed. "Go ahead. You both have good personalities and you won’t quarrel."
I couldn’t help laughing
Gu Changyu is really gentle as water, but my temper is not very clear, just a little stubborn.
But is Gu Changyu Ye Xiangyuan’s childhood or Gu Changning’s sister Lu Xun’s wife? I can’t possibly have a conflict with her.
It’s like being accused by her once, and I didn’t say a word of rebuttal.
When I got to the room, Gu Changyu stared at me with the door transfixed. "If it’s Li Yuyan, I’m sure I’ll be spoiled with her dad at home and let her dad let Ah Yuan go … if not, at least I can let Ah Yuan suffer less …"
The first sentence was Li Yuyan, and her implication was so obvious that I certainly understood it.
I blinked and didn’t speak.
She looked at me indifferently for a long time and sighed, "Maybe I’m talkative. Now everyone is at a loss. Can you find a way to try him? I just thought of Li Yuyan."
I, uh, "What do you want me to do?"
She immediately said, "Go and ask Li Yuyan for whatever she wants."
Chapter 144 Decision
I came in silence.
I also agree with Gu Changyu that no matter what method, we should try it.
But it’s not a matter of saving my face …
Even if I ask Li Yuyan, will Li Yuyan promise to save Ye Xiangyuan?
She hates me so much for Ye Xiangyuan, but also for love … Now I’m afraid she wishes Ye Xiangyuan had an accident …
Section 137
I whispered, "Let me think about it, okay?"
This Gu Changyu seems to be a little embarrassed instead. She looked at me apologetically. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take it personally … I was too anxious to be afraid that Ah Yuan would suffer."
I shook my head with a wry smile.
She is a little ugly, but Ye Xiangyuan’s worries are the same.
Gu Changyu paused for a few seconds. "My brother really agrees with this idea …"
Is it true that Gu Changning also finds Li Yuyan more?
Did he and Lu Xun find out what they could say to let Gu Changyu come to me?
I was lost in thought.
I haven’t been out of the house for half a day since Gu Changyu left, and I can’t think of a reason.
Do you really want to beg Li Yuyan?
Li Yuyan and I are rivals in love.
After all, the night falls outside the landing window, which is a wide courtyard. At this moment, it is quiet and hazy, and the light shines through the night.
I sighed softly and finally decided to discuss it with my sister-in-law first.
Sister-in-law didn’t listen for a long time
She finally said, "If it means Changning, then call them all and ask about the situation."
After thinking about it, I think my sister-in-law is right. At least I have to ask what they are going to do after I go to find Li Yuyan.

Smell speech JiShan little face slightly red to Li Fu there.

But Li Fu didn’t listen to the footsteps and walked directly to the door. The handsome face looked ugly.
Seeing this, JiShanshan had to trot before she chased out. As soon as she went out, she saw Li Fu directly parked at the door. She frowned and grabbed Li Fu’s arm and said, Li Fu, you …
Li Fu’s eyebrows looked at her slightly.
Qi Shanshan was suddenly surprised to know that this person has cleanliness, but when La Du pulled it, she crustily skin of head and said, Would Li Fu like to come out and sit down another day?
No time, he said, throwing off his hand and getting out of the car.
Li Fu is like this. He can be a gentleman to women when he is in a good mood.
If he is in a bad mood, he is stingy to give it to others even once.
JiShanshan still wanted to say something, but Li Fu’s car had already left, and it didn’t take long before it disappeared.
JiShanshan one leng and then face a stiff look a bit resentful.
She stamped her foot and turned to see Li Jiao also came out. Her little face suddenly became a little face and became miserable. Aunt Li …
Li Jiao sighed. Is he gone?
Well …
夜网论坛She nodded and asked, Li Fu seems to be in a bad mood …
Smell speech Li jiao didn’t speak.
JiShanshan hesitated and asked, Aunt Li likes Li Fu very much, but Li Fuguan doesn’t look at me … I feel that I can’t get close to him …
She bowed her head as if she were somewhat depressed.
Li Jiao comforted her with a few words, which finally seemed to be unbearable. It’s really bad that their father didn’t pick you to meet at this time, and he may be in a bad mood recently when he heard that Li Fu’s exwife came back …
Li Jiao knows what Li Fu has become in the past two days because of Lu Jin, but she doesn’t know that these two people have made up, and they have been together all day …
Exwife …
JiShanshan leng asked, Is it called Lu Jin girl?
You know? Li jiao was a little surprised.
JiShanshan eyes light flashing shook his head. I don’t know if I’ve seen that girl before. It’s time and Li Fu’s shopping mall. Lu Jin’s younger brother also played Li Fu. It seems to be quite stiff …
Smell speech Li jiao sighed and said nothing.
After Li Jiao went in, JiShanshan’s face got cold. She directly dialed a word, Where are you? I want to see you.
See me?
Well, now, she said and hung up directly, looking at Li Fu’s departure direction, and some obsession in her eyes.
No one knows how long she has liked Li Fu.
As a teenager, she fell in love at first sight.
Even though there is always a Jiang Shier around him, she has never given up. Now that Jiang Shier has an engagement, Xia Zhinian can’t rekindle her old love with Li Fu. How could she lose to a little girl who jumped out?
Section 421
Ms. Lu on the street pushed Mr. Li to estimate that it was almost time to leave.
Just then her cell phone rang.
It was Li Fu. She looked at Huo Fengli not far away and went to the side to get through. The corners of her mouth ticked and asked, Are you finished?
Well, the man said in a low voice, I’ll pick you up later. Where are you?
Well, come later. I have a big trouble around me now. I’ll come to you when I get rid of him. She said, glancing at Huo Fengli not far away, she saw that he was still looking at her side.
Big trouble? Li fu raised his eyebrows
Well, it’s nothing. I’ll call you later.
She hastily hung up.
The man driving at the other end of the phone squinted when he saw the phone hang up.
When did Ms. Lu open her mouth to say something? Suddenly she looked at her and asked, Who are you talking to? Li Fu?
You … Don’t talk nonsense. She frowned slightly.
After spending an afternoon here, she felt that her patience was limited.
Smell speech Mr Seal glass corners of the mouth evoked don’t pretend I know you and Li Fu talk you are not divorced? Liang Qi told the Li family that she hated you from the heart … What would Liang Qi think if she knew that you and Li Feng were still in contact?
Smell speech her body a stiff face instantly cold way I don’t know what you said
You know, Mr Seal glass hook the corners of the mouth.
She was annoyed but suppressed her anger and sneered, So what if I talk to Li Fu? What are you doing? Huo Ershao, I don’t know about you, but I’m here today purely to see Aunt Liang, but I’m not interested in your affairs at all.
When she looked at her eyes, she said, It’s almost time. If you want to stroll around in your wheelchair, I won’t be with you.

Jun Qian’s understanding of mummy is not a ghost repair. Although his strength gives him an unfathomable feeling, this humble filament is condensed from corpse gas at best, and his quality is lower than that of ghost repair. Even if he has more than one achievement, he can easily cope with it.

Unfortunately, it turned out that he was dumbfounded.
After the sword light was cut into thin lines, it was slightly "scoffed", which made the gray filaments slightly flash and stagnate for a moment, and then the sword light suddenly disappeared, and it seemed to be absorbed by the gray filaments, and the gray filaments were again lasered.
Jun Qian’s heart shook his wrist and dozens of sword lights formed a fine sword net to meet the gray filaments. He especially felt that Xuanli was not running fast enough, and a huge sword light followed the sword net.
When the gray filaments meet with the sword net, they make a sneer again. The sword net failed to stop the filaments for a long time, but in a moment, the sword net was already dim and was absorbed by the filaments. Most of the filaments crossed the sword net and struck again, but then the sword light was cut out.
This time, the filament can no longer absorb the sword light, but it is not cut off by the sword light as Jun Qian expected, but it stops.
Jun Qian was a little relieved in his heart and was about to apply gray filaments again, but suddenly there was a blur, followed by a hundred gray filaments.
These filaments are extremely flexible and instantaneous, which is to bind the dagger in Jun Qian’s hand.
Jun Qian felt that his hand sank and he could hardly hold a strong force to take the sword away from his hand. He poured Xuanli into the dagger and Guanghua flourished for a moment before he forced back the filaments and barely got rid of it.
However, the gray filaments seem to have some hard-to-detect attraction. With his repeated efforts, the sword did not move.
Jun Qian frowned bitterly, and his heart loathed to give up this dagger. The dagger is a pair. If it is lost, it is not easy to make a pair again. I am hesitant to see a dazzling sword light flashing next to me, followed by a sword tearing and falling those gray filaments quickly.
品茶论坛The sword was cut, the sharp front sounded, and the gray filaments broke in the light of the sword. Although it was not broken, most of the filaments were cut into several pieces. Jun Qian felt that when his hand was loosened, the pressure suddenly dropped, and his wrist was taken back. At the same time, he took advantage of the opportunity to draw the sword light, and Huada Sheng was still wrapped around the filaments of the sword to regain his freedom.
The sword was naturally made by Jun Kuang, who had previously obtained the sword. He didn’t look at Jun Qian, but stared at the middle school with a frown and a dignified face.
See the mummy opposite a growl that was scattered by his gray filaments and condensed together for a moment and then returned to the same shape.
"What the hell is this?" Jun Qian also noticed this abnormality and was shocked.
"I don’t know, but it’s very troublesome to look at the sample." Jun sank wildly.
"It seems that the boss didn’t lie to us. The land of Fei Moon City is indeed dangerous step by step." Jun Qian turned his hand to offer another dagger.
"This kind of filament seems to be extremely difficult to destroy and seems to be able to absorb the physical attack of Xuanli, but it is effective and the effect is not obvious." Jun said crazily.
Jun Qian’s eyebrows are wrinkly. I’m afraid there is really no good way to deal with him.
Mummy didn’t leave enough time for you crazy people to think about it. Its hands stretched out, its fingers flexed and its gray filaments came from the fingertips.
Jun Kuang Jun Qian stood side by side with a dignified look, and almost the mummy attacked. At the same time, the two of them moved the Jun Kuang sword at the same time, and the sword rushed to meet the mummy filament.
Two people a left a right to protect themselves, filaments fall in the whole body, although a part of the sword light is absorbed, but when the two people work together to slay the sword light, there is no real threat.
Mummy saw its own gray filaments didn’t work for a while, but it didn’t stop. Instead, it meant that the fingers trembled and suddenly counted the gray filaments around them, and they rushed towards the crazy two men, and wrapped them layer by layer, which meant that they were completely trapped.
In your crazy eyes, there is a flash of cold light, a flick of a sword, a flash of light, and a sword, like thunder, slashing at the surrounding filaments.
At the same time, Jun Qian’s double swords violently twisted the surrounding filaments.
There are gray filaments, and two people join forces to attack and be chopped into several pieces. They want to be trapped, and their intentions are realized at one time.
Mummies don’t seem to know how to give up things, and they don’t seem to know how to choose the means of attack. They still keep spouting gray filaments to supplement the encirclement, and those filaments that have been cut off also have some re-condensation to restore the two sides to a stalemate at the moment.
"It’s not a way to go." Jun Qian once again cut off the filaments that extend towards himself and grind his teeth.
"We are really too passive, and the opposite root is a fool." He raised his eyebrows and saw his one eye.
How can Jun Qian miss the provocation in each other’s eyes? "Well, look, I’m really grateful that my opponent wants me to work hard."
"Otherwise, attract the attention of this monster, and I will seize the opportunity to get away and kill this monster near." Jun gave him a crazy and funny look.
"Why should I be a living target?" Jun Qian gave him a rather disgusted look.
Naijun’s madness is to throw all the dirty work to him. You can say that you took a shallow breath and turned your hand. The sword light came out of the filament encirclement and spared no effort to cut a gap.
You crazy word shape flash is flicker out from the gap in the hands of a sword toward the mummy pledge to cut.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-one Cutting corpse 2
Seeing your crazy mummy out of trouble seems to be a little anxious. It seems to be hesitant to deal with your crazy. At the same time, his eyes are also turning to your crazy. His attention to your modesty has weakened a lot. He is obviously not good at distraction, and he is slow to move.
Jun Qian is aiming at this. When the body achievement method is driven to the extreme, the later stage of the sacred land will exert more explosive force than the initial stage of the sacred land, and the sword light will shine and expand the gap in the encirclement.
Mummy seems to notice that Jun Qian’s side is lax and can’t shrink his fingers. It seems that he intends to shrink the encirclement filaments and wrap Jun Qian into a cocoon, which completely makes him unable to move.
However, an instant madman has swept to the mummy and turned his hand to sell his rapier and went straight to the mummy. The speed is that Jun Qian’s eyesight can also be captured.
Without thinking, the mummy made a spin and wrapped a rapier in dozens of filaments with her fingers.
"Ah" you crazy slightly evoked corners of the mouth.
The rapier is just a feint.
Pay attention to your modesty while mummified, but also try to deal with the rapier root. There is no margin to pay attention to your crazy action.
As early as several previous temptations, Jun found out the details of the mummy. The mummy’s manipulation of filaments is very similar to his body feeling, which can be regarded as a metabolic product, but in other words, it is also a part of his body.
Only by throwing a thin sword at close range did he determine that the surface color of the mummy was due to the winding of thick filaments, which must have accumulated on weekdays. This led to the fact that the physical strength of the mummy was far too strong, which could be comparable to that of ordinary monks at the peak of their status, regardless of those who reached the peak.
The meaning is very hard
It may be a headache for an ordinary warrior to touch it, but it seems that Jun Kuang does not pose a threat. Jun Kuang is comparable to the top artifact, and the physical strength is not a problem to deal with the mummified roots.
What’s more, he has an innate advantage.

I know what he means. At this moment, it should be determined that Ye Li is moving.

I was just about to ask him if he was going to see Ye Li when Ye Wen knocked on the bedroom door.
There should be a new discovery. Ye Wen whispered a few words in Ye Xiangyuan’s ear. Ye Xiangyuan asked him to leave first and then turned back to me. "I have to go to my room to deal with things. Do you want to go to the yard?"
Today is cloudy, the temperature is not too cold, but I don’t have any mental service road. "You go to work, I’ll lie down for a while and I’ll call my sister-in-law if something happens."
He, uh, leaned over and kissed my forehead before going out.
I touched the place where he kissed me, and it seemed that there was still heat, and my heart was ironed unconsciously.
After that, I slept in until night arrival. The dinner was delivered by my eldest sister-in-law. She said that Ye Xiangyuan was still in the room. I was not worried and I didn’t know whether it was serious or not.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t go back to her room until midnight.
I turned on the bedside lamp and saw that his face was dignified. I couldn’t help but be greeted by the bed and asked, "What happened? Did you find anything?"
He suddenly took me into his arms and held my arms tightly around my waist, and my bones were almost broken by him.
But instead of retreating, I gently stroked his back. I sensed his emotional instability and tried to calm him down.
For a long time, he said dumb, "Grandpa did the evidence and found the rape and exposed it."
It was Ye Li who intervened. No wonder he was so depressed.
I stood on tiptoe from his arms and kissed him with a soft voice. "We have speculated about this for a long time. Don’t worry … We have to find out what he wants to save Xiaoyan … Is there a bigger conspiracy? Are you going to deal with that traitor directly?"
Chapter 19 Late at night ancestral temple
Ye Xiangyuan looked down at me for a few seconds and said, "I don’t want to startle you so soon. Besides, there may be big fish behind you … I want to meet grandpa first."
I immediately said, "I’ll go with you."
He gave me a deep look, but he didn’t object to "put on more clothes in the cool night breeze"
I suddenly became happy.
What I insisted on being with him was that I wanted to be with him for fear that he would feel uncomfortable, but he knew my mind, but he didn’t exclude me from approaching him. Naturally, I was happy and clever.
I didn’t go out with him until my pajamas were wrapped in a coat and a big scarf.
At this time, it was already late at night. Although the lights in the villa were still on, they were not as lively as yesterday’s. The mottled walls reflected silence.
Ye Xiangyuan put his arm around me firmly. When we went to the courtyard, we saw eldest sister-in-law pacing in the cloister in her thin pajamas.
About hearing our sister-in-law turn her head and wonder, "Why haven’t you slept out so late?"
That’s what I want to ask her. She will wander around a people’s yard in the dead of night.
When I was puzzled, Ye Xiangyuan whispered, "Sister-in-law, in a few days, it’s the big brother’s memorial day. What do you think of taking Xiaojin abroad for fun?"
It turns out that the big brother’s memorial day is coming soon. No wonder the eldest sister-in-law will wander alone in the middle of the night.
She must miss big brother …
I really don’t know much about Ye Dage and he has heard about it, and I rarely listen to Ye Xiangyuan and his children occasionally. They all talk in a tone of worship and respect.
I can hear that everyone respects him very much. I think Brother Ye must be something.
Unfortunately, at a young age, I was calculated to throw my sister-in-law and Xiao Jin.
At this time, looking at the lonely figure of eldest sister-in-law, I said in my heart that it was not a taste, and I felt a little distressed and uncomfortable.
Sister-in-law didn’t speak, and the shadows blocked the light, so I couldn’t see her face clearly.
夜生活Ye Xiangyuan didn’t urge her to say slowly, "You don’t worry about Xiaojin’s schoolwork. I’ll arrange it before the meeting."
Eldest sister-in-law hesitated, "but now the situation is tense …"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and interrupted her. "I don’t worry about everything. Besides, at this time, eldest sister-in-law and Xiaojin will be more at ease when they avoid me … There are still a few days when eldest sister-in-law can think about it."
Sister-in-law nodded. "Let me think."
Ye Xiangyuan changed the subject and said, "We are going to see grandpa and sister-in-law. Do you want to listen?"
Sister-in-law seems to be leng, and then immediately came to help me. "How can I let her go to the ancestral temple when she is pregnant … I’ll send her back to her room?"
I could see her face because I was close, and I was deeply worried.
I was so moved that I grabbed her hand in judo. "Sister-in-law is fine. I want to stay with Ayuan."
Sister-in-law looked at me for a moment before releasing her hand. "Then I’ll follow you. At least I have a care."
I saw that she didn’t look as lonely as she did just now, and her attention shifted from her eldest brother. I’m glad to come again, but I’m not sure I accepted it gladly
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t mind, so we went to the ancestral temple together.
The ancestral temple is a separate room in the backyard, where Ye Li is guarded by bodyguards 24 hours a day.
It’s scary to walk in there with dark light.
I can’t help shivering.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead "not afraid of me"
I clung to his body and answered vaguely.
Soon a bodyguard helped turn on the light.
As soon as the ancestral temple lit up, I saw Ye Li sitting on the sofa and staring at the ground motionless.
Even if the light suddenly turned on, he didn’t respond at all and didn’t know what to look at.
Besides, it’s already midnight, and he’s an old man who hasn’t slept yet.
I looked at him carefully.
He’s so thin, his cheeks are sunken, the meridians on the back of his hand are like bursts, and he looks like a dying man, and he’s not as dignified as before
This great man who has been in charge of the leaf family for decades is now left with a dry body.
He should have heard our footsteps, but he still stared at his toes without even raising his eyelids.
And opposite him, there are three incense sticks burning in front of Grandma Ye’s memorial tablet.
Ye Xiangyuan approached Ye Li in silence.
Ye Li still didn’t respond
My eldest sister-in-law helped her walk to Ye Xiangyuan and looked down at Ye Li.
Nobody’s out.
It’s so quiet in the ancestral temple that you can hear the burning sound of incense.
For a long time, Ye Xiangyuan whispered, "Grandpa is really good at calculating."
Ye Li just looked up and the three of us swept our heads and said, "I don’t want to ask for anything. I hope that the two children alive can be safe."
He has a rough voice and is still depressed. He doesn’t listen carefully and can’t hear what he says.
Ye Xiangyuan said, "You killed your grandson and your great-grandson with two children alive?"

There was a buzz around.

Yu Jiahao’s lungs are about to explode, but he still tries to smile. "My nephew always likes to joke with me. He is humorous and funny. Don’t take it amiss."
Yu Enze ignored Yu Jiahao’s reaction. He looked at long summer affectionately. "long summer, forgive me for coming uninvited. I don’t want you to separate from me with some unnecessary regrets. There are some things I have to make clear to you.
Ouyang has told me all the truth. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have misunderstood you blindly and doubted that it was my fault.
I don’t deserve you. I have to pay such a high price to sacrifice your happiness for me to live. What’s the point of living without you? "
Long summer suddenly alpha males.
Ouyang didn’t keep a secret for her, but he always told Yu Enze what she confided to him in the hospital that day, and Yu Enze would show up at her wedding scene with Yu Jiahao without hesitation.
She Bai Ouyang has a good heart for doing so.
He couldn’t bear Yu Enze’s resentment because he misunderstood her. She lived all day and was unhappy in the shadow.
He couldn’t bear her to suffer alone and silently, swallowing tears and blood together into his stomach to melt the pain all over his body.
Even if Ouyang told Yu Enze the truth, how can he make Yu Enze understand all her difficulties and Yu Enze feel more guilty and sorry for her?
The ending is the same. She can’t be with Yu Enze.
spa会所"Yu Enze, I don’t understand what you’re saying." long summer was cruel and cold, and he showed no doubt of disgust. "What Jiahao and I need is your blessing to us. If you come to our wedding, just let me listen to your nonsense here, so please shut up consciously."
Yu Enze didn’t seem to hear what long summer said. He locked her tightly and swallowed tears. His eyes were unusually calm. "You don’t love Yu Jiahao at all. Marrying him will bring you more pain."
Long, warm hands slowly caress long summer’s cold cheeks, and the eyes of the phoenix are shining with acid and heat. "I can die, but you can’t be unhappy. Only someone who really deserves you can protect your life’s peace and joy. long summer Yu Jiahao is not worthy of you and will never be worthy of you."
Is he crazy?
Does he know what he is talking about?
He has made a big mistake. He has touched Yu Jiahao’s bottom line.
He humiliated Yu Jiahao in public.
Yu Jiahao will never let him go. He will really kill him.
Yu Enze’s situation is already quite dangerous. He has completely offended Yu Jiahao. long summer’s heart is clenched, anxious and worried, and she is afraid that she will be helpless. She should help him.
The noise is getting louder and louder, and some people leave angrily.
Yu Jiahao can bear to break into a furious rage. "Yu Enze, get your horse out of here or I’ll have you kicked out."
"Whether I marry Yu Enze or not is my own business." long summer looked at Yu Enze coldly, and his tone was so dull that he didn’t have the slightest emotion. "You should go quickly and don’t hinder me from holding a wedding with Jiahao. Do you still think that our wedding is not funny enough?"
How she wishes that she could deliberately pretend to be rude and stimulate him to retreat away from this wrong place and leave Yu Jiahao’s sight. He is Ann.
"long summer, I know you have me in your heart." Yu Enze suddenly lost his heart. This time, he won’t foolishly believe her pretending to be cold. He smiled calmly. "I will wait for you to keep me alive. I will wait for you to come back to me. You are my life. God has given me grace."
In an instant, the world seems to be in silence and sorrow.
Say that finish Yu Enze turned from leaving in the quiet eyes.
Leaving the footsteps and drifting away, long summer’s heart tears fell hard every step of the way, and many worries were caused by feelings, thoughts and love, which were too deep to forget or deceive her life.
Yu Enze, he is her. Yu Enze is the same grace that God gave her for the rest of her life.
Others thought it was just an unexpected episode, and the wedding of Yu Jiahao and long summer went on as usual.
Just as long summer was preparing to exchange rings face to face with Yu Jiahao, suddenly a red light spot appeared in Yu Jiahao’s forehead and kept shaking.
Consciously, long summer shouted in horror that "Jiahao is in danger"
Also in the future, I have to push away Yu Jiahao and listen to the "bang". A bullet has already shot through Yu Jiahao’s head. long summer just watched him die suddenly and slowly.
The crowd was scared to flee in all directions, and the scene was chaotic.
"Jiahao Jiahao, wake up, wake up, Jiahao." It’s unbelievable that long summer and his father have been shaking their breath on their knees and have stopped Yu Jiahao.
"Enze had an accident. Something big happened." Qin Chen hurried to Yu Enze’s home early the next morning and was out of breath in front of her.
"Qin Chen don’t panic until you breathe smoothly." Yu Enze, who was shrouded in sadness, had no idea what was wrong with him or Qin Chengong.

They estimated that I was weak years ago because Ye Xiangyuan lost power and influence.

I’m too lazy to talk to them and just go out and leave by car.
Pan Dong is still in charge of my safety.
The car drove all the way to the city center.
Gu Changyu waited for me in Yuncheng. When I arrived, she was sitting in an open-air cafe drinking coffee while turning over a magazine gracefully.
Passers-by, men and women alike, stopped to look at her when they saw her.
Some people are very blindsided.
At this time, it is the early autumn when the sun shines on the earth.
She is wearing a red sweater, and her nails are also red. Her skin is fair and the sun is almost bright.
If the skin is so beautiful, it will naturally attract many people to stop involuntarily
Not far from me, I enjoyed it and called her "Little Fish" with a smile.
She frowned. "There you are."
When I approached her, I handed me my coffee. "Sugar latte, I don’t know if you like it."
I thanked her when I took over
She took my arm. "Let’s go in and buy some seasonal clothes before school starts."
This is my first time to go shopping with her. I have long thought that no matter what she does, I will stay with her anyway.
Section 14
Sure enough, she knows her way into the mall and chooses the most expensive store.
But she has a good eye. Everything she wears is incredibly beautiful.
In less than half an hour, the bodyguard had more than a dozen bags in his hand.
I can’t help but feel funny when I see Pan Dong walking behind me.
Gu Changyu held my arm all the way and was very intimate.
But she seldom talks, which seems a little embarrassing.
I thought about it. Is she sorry for accusing me twice before?
So I decided to take the initiative to break the silence. "What happened before … I was white … you don’t trust … just let those things go, okay?"
Gu Changyu was relieved to reveal a sweet smile. "I’m sorry. I was too worried and worried about Ayuan …"
I felt that she was relieved and sincere, so she smiled and shook her head and changed the subject. "Let’s go shopping again. You have a good figure. I feel that anything suits me."
She smiled shyly. "You have a good figure, too …"
Speaking, we walked into the store sign on the left. Of course, I don’t know it. It’s sweet and European to sweep it roughly.
Gu Changyu picked up a dress and gestured back to ask me, "Do you think it will look good on me?"
Before I came to speak, I heard a woman say, "You are still so hypocritically aware of your beautiful figure, but you deliberately ask people if they are good-looking."
There was a hint of sarcasm and hostility in the tone.
I followed the past.
The other person is a tall and beautiful woman, whose facial features are particularly delicate and beautiful. She looks a little thin, but her figure is bumpy, so she should have it everywhere.
Gu Changyu frowned. "Xu Xin?"
It turns out that she knows this person.
But it’s not hard to guess that someone familiar will say what he just said.
I guess this girl named Xu Xin should also be a young lady of which family and she is also very familiar with Gu Changyu.
Xu Xin stared at Gu Changyu’s eyebrows and screwed them together. "Why don’t you know me?"
She came in and stopped in front of us.
Sure enough, she is taller than Gu Changyu and me, and she has a commanding and oppressive feeling when staring at her.
Gu Changyu hung his clothes again and lowered his eyelids. "I think … maybe this style is not suitable for me …"
Xu Xin said lightly, "You know, Gu Changyu, I just don’t like your pretense of simplicity. If others say one more word, you will pout as if you were wronged."
Gu Changyu’s eyes are already shining with tears. "We used to be best friends … Do you have to slander me like this?"
Chapter 156 Rob your man
Xu heart ah like irony and disdain.
Her eyes suddenly fell on me and looked at me, which reminded me of my mouth. "I just returned to China, but I heard that Ye Xiangyuan got married … You are his wife?"
Gu Changyu took my hand. "Her name is Ding Shishi" and introduced Xu Xin to me. "She was a young lady of the Xu family and had been abroad before."
Xu Xin looked at me and said, "Don’t blame me for not waking up. Be careful. She robbed your man. Your family is ordinary. Even if she robbed you, you couldn’t find a place to complain."
I feel puzzled.
Is this a dissension?
桑拿会所  title=But the technique is too inferior …
Xu Xin no longer said anything, picked up the dress that Gu Changyu had just picked out, looked at it, and then smiled inexplicably, hung it back and turned away.
Gu Changyu stared at her back and said, "She still blames me …"
I can’t help wondering.
But that’s their past, and I don’t ask much.
Gu Changyu took the initiative to say, "She and I grew up together and had a good time … She was with my brother in college … but we broke up when we graduated … She went abroad and never came back … She has always been my middle child …"

Thousands of soldiers behind Hernandez were about to rush over. A red-robed and burly general led thousands of cavalry to the Flower Square. These cavalry troops were all printed with a white cross on a black background. It was the Archbishop of Taurus, the Knights of Quirino St. John!

"Hernandez, do you dare to fight with me?" Quirino’s resounding flower square almost shocked the Vatican Sineitai soldiers!
Quirino can be called the God of War in the Holy Roman Empire. Hernandez has always been afraid of him. How dare he go to war with him? "General Quirino, everyone is a Roman and will kill each other. I don’t care about your feud with the Pope!"
Hernandez found himself a step, so it was no longer difficult for Quirino. Hernandez immediately left the Flower Square with the Sineitai soldiers of the Holy See and stopped intervening in the Jade Emperor struggle
Antonio, Sabatino, Alexsandro, Augusto and tommaso, five cardinal archbishops, have all been knocked out. Camilo purified the five people in the square one by one, and cleaned the energy field defiled by dark magic. Twelve cardinal archbishops finally gathered here!
"I didn’t expect so many archbishops in red to be controlled by black magic!" Cancer Sabatino said that he regretted his previous behavior
"When did the Pope learn black magic and I never knew anything?" Libra tommaso said.
"I think there seems to be a great secret hidden in it!" Scorpio Augusto said
"Just like this, we, the arbiters of the Holy See, should find out the truth of this matter at once!" Capricorn Alexsandro said.
"Dear bishops, Antonio was so offended just now. Fortunately, this wizard from the East was so powerful that he didn’t make me make a big mistake," Antonio said. "In that case, the twelve of us will go to the Vatican Palace together to expel Satan from the body of the Father!"
"good! Ok! Good! " He eleven cardinal archbishop chimed in.
After the rest of the Flower Square, Ling Feiyang, Frederick II, Princess Natalia and twelve cardinal archbishops, thousands of soldiers of the Order of St. John marched to the Vatican Palace, the base of Pope Gregory IX! to be continued
Chapter 43 Twelve Bishops vs Pope
Ling Feiyang and others Qi Xin cooperated to rescue the holy Roman King Frederick II Camilo from the stake, purified the five archbishops polluted by dark magic, and the twelve cardinal archbishops of the Vatican finally United and headed for the Vatican Palace, the papal base!
The Vatican Palace in Rome, the Louvre in France and the Forbidden City in China are equally famous. It is said that the palace complex of the world’s three largest luxury palaces is located in a domed square building center in the highland in the northwest corner of Rome. This building is the Catholic Temple, the residence of the Pope.
Quirino left the Order of St. John’s troops outside the Vatican Palace, Natalia, Frederick II and twelve cardinal archbishops filed into the door of the Catholic Temple through a sculpture group. Although there were many kerosene lamps in this temple, the light was still very dark. Twelve large murals were painted on the walls of the temple. Behind the statue stood a statue of Jesus Christ more than three meters high, and a spiral staircase led to the top floor of the temple.
Fifteen people climbed around the spiral staircase for three times, and finally reached the top floor of the Catholic Temple. On the opposite side of the staircase was a very spacious hemispherical hall. The whole dome was installed with rose windows to block the sun’s rays. A 70-year-old man was sitting in the middle of the hall, wearing a blood-red robe and a golden cross on his chest. It was Pope Gregory IX of the Holy Roman Empire!
Ling Feiyang and others never thought that all this way was not only intercepted by the army, but also the Pope’s side didn’t even have a Vatican escort!
Ling Feiyang, Princess Natalia, Frederick II, Grignon Aries, Quirino Taurus, Antonio Gemini, Beduneau Cancer, Gonzalez Lionel, Camilo Virgo, tommaso Libra, Augusto Scorpio, edmundo Sagittarius, Alexsandro Capricorn, Alberto Aquarius and giuliano Pisces lined up in front of Pope Gregory IX!
"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!" Gregory IX saw the fifteen people but didn’t get up and said slowly
"Respect the Father and expel Satan from your body. Please accept the purification of the holy light!" Frederick II stepped forward, and the white ball of light appeared on Camilo’s head!
Holy light purification!
Gregory IX’s right hand gently stroked the cross on his chest, and the cross gradually turned black. A black light suddenly shot from the cross and hit the ball of light. The white ball of light turned black immediately!
Death ray!
"The disciples of Jesus Christ are baptized with the light of death!" A gloomy and piercing sound came out of Gregory IX’s mouth, and suddenly a black light shot out of the black ball. Camilo immediately fell unconscious!
"Satan, the devil, stop encroaching on the holy body of the Father and let me send you back to your own country!" Antonio read a spell in his mouth and a long and narrow air crack appeared in front of everyone!
Time crack!
With this powerful suction, a black shadow suddenly emerged from Gregory IX’s head, but Gregory IX’s cross on his chest once again emitted a black light and directly shot into this slit! This air crack suddenly turned black and sucked Antonio’s body in instead!
"die in the rift leading to hell!" That creepy sound came out of Gregory IX’s mouth again, and Antonio’s body gradually disappeared into this crack and disappeared immediately!
In an instant, Antonio and Camilo, the most powerful of the twelve cardinal archbishops, were defeated by Gregory IX, and their lives were uncertain! However, his thirteen people were not afraid to use all kinds of magic and martial arts to attack Gregory IX!
Gregory IX’s black shadow suddenly condensed into a demon with six wings!
"It was Satan!" Ten cardinal archbishop saw this scene is almost exclaimed.
According to the Christian Bible, Satan was in front of the Emperor’s throne. Seraphim was driven out of the kingdom of heaven by the Lord because of delusion. After Satan degenerated into a devil, he formed an army to rebel against the Lord and lured Adam and Eve to eat good and evil trees in the Garden of Eden, which brought evil to people.
Wind, fire, thunder, gold, earth, water, ice, poison, darkness, and mind control are ten kinds of magic. At the same time, they are coming at Satan, who is also mixed with Ling Feiyang’s six-pulse Excalibur. Satan suddenly burst into laughter. A dark cloud appeared around Gregory IX’s body and absorbed all the attack departments!
Black magic shield!
桑拿网"Foolish people, don’t you all want heaven? Why don’t I send you to hell?" As soon as Satan’s mouth opened and closed, this dark cloud suddenly expanded sharply. In the hall of the temple, several black monsters with a tiger head and a lion body swooped down on the thirteen people!
Dark Guardian!
Ten cardinal archbishops used magic one after another. Some monsters were hit by magic, but more monsters still came. Gonzá lez, tommaso, Augusto and giuliano were first attacked by monsters and fell unconscious!
Ling Feiyang saw a monster rushing towards Frederick II, and immediately stepped forward to use a palm "Kang Long has regrets" to shoot at this hideous monster!
However, the monster paused for a moment and then continued to rush forward. Ling Fei whisked up Frederick II’s arm and pulled him aside.
"Earth that gave birth to life, spread your loving arms to protect your devout believers!" Grignon chanted a spell, and Shi Zhuan rose from the ground to form a huge stone wall in front of these monsters!
Sigh wall!

"Why didn’t you inform me to meet you at the airport?"

"I know you’re busy and don’t want to delay your time."
"Oh, let’s eat." Yu Enze didn’t seem very happy. He walked to the table calmly and sat down.
Yu Enze and long summer didn’t say a word when they cleaned up dinner. It was suffocating to be angry and quiet.
"Enze, it’s time for us to talk about it." long summer finally put down his chopsticks.
Chapter 33 Why don’t you believe me
Was about to pick up the glass to drink water Yu Enze suddenly shocked to hold the glass still in place. His fingers couldn’t help but tighten. He looked up at long summer and his expression was unusually stable. "What do you want to talk to me about?"
"What’s wrong with us?" long summer looked Yu Enze straight in the face and asked him.
Yu Enze suddenly had some heart. "long summer, what’s our problem? Don’t you know that you came to ask me?"
Seeing that Yu Enze seems to know everything and questioning her attitude, long summer looked at Yu Enze incredulously. "Enze, how did you become like this? Shouldn’t we be honest with each other? If there is any problem, you can tell me to my face what you mean by being so lukewarm to me."
"Honesty" Yu Enze sneered at a chicken’s eyes and left a reproachful color. "long summer, you know we have to be honest, so where did you go to be honest with me?"
Long summer didn’t know what Yu Enze said. She suddenly realized that they had a serious communication barrier. This is not a problem that two people who really love each other should have.
She and he would be in such an awkward and indifferent situation today.
品茶"Enze, I always believe that the two of us are conditional letters. You ask me where I have been honest with you." long summer stared at Yu Enze like a stranger with resentment and anger in her eyes. Her heart felt a kind of pain. "Are you doubting me?"
Yu Enze didn’t answer. He snorted lightly, skimming long summer’s sight with slight disdain, and then picked up the glass and drank it slowly.
A strong sour and injustice flooded my mind, and my eyes were filled with wet mist. long summer was white. He was the default, which chilled long summer. It was he who responded so coldly to her.
"Yu Enze, I’m doing the right thing." long summer struck the table angrily and chopsticks were bounced out. "Why do you doubt me?"
"Su Lixia, you still don’t admit your mistake. What on earth are you pretending to be confused with me?" Angry Yu Enze suddenly got up. He punched the cup around the desktop and was suddenly shattered by the sudden shock of the floor.
A white flash flashed across the window, followed by a deafening thunder.
Long summer has known Yu Enze for so long. This is the first time he has been so angry with her.
"Yu Enze, is this you?" long summer looked at Yu Enze disappointedly. "What happened to you? How did you become like this?"
"Su Lixia, you have to hide me now." Yu Enze’s emotions are out of control. He rushed to long summer and held long summer’s shoulder tightly and shook her. "Are you really me? Yu Enze is stupid?"
"Yu Enze, you let go, you hurt me." long summer roared that she struggled desperately and finally broke free from the shackles of Yu Enze. Then she slapped Yu Enze in the face with a loud slap. "Yu Enze, what are you crazy about?"
Anger is still burning in phoenix eyes Yu Enze locked long summer’s eyes. "What do you want to hold with Yu Jiahao? You are my woman. He is my uncle. You actually hold together." He always vented his anger in his heart.
Long summer suddenly alpha males.
The world seems to be dead.
At this moment, the thunder and lightning outside the window continue to storm violently.
It turned out that he was misunderstood when Yu Jiahao consciously hugged her because she almost fell to help her that day.
But shouldn’t he know everything about her heart? How can he not believe her?
"I didn’t hug him, but he didn’t step on the steps and almost fell down. I went to help him," long summer explained righteously.
Yu Enze obviously didn’t believe long summer’s explanation, "long summer, don’t you think your reason is too funny? You and I can’t tell the difference between helping and hugging?"
"Yu Enze, you don’t believe me." long summer’s heart is so cool that she doesn’t know what this person she loves deeply has no letter for her, so what is her mind?
"What kind of person is Yu Jiahao? You are not unclear." Anger persists. Yu Enze rebuked long summer blindly. "Why don’t you listen to me and advise you to know that the closer you get to him, the worse it will be for you. Why do you have to go your own way? How can I miss you?"
Looking at the irrational Yu Enze, long summer suddenly felt that even if she explained more, it would be a waste of effort because he didn’t believe her.
Is this still her sincere Yu Enze?
What, he’s going to look like this?
Who is he?
Why doesn’t she know him?
"Yu Enze since you never believe me, I have nothing to say." For a long time, long summer’s pale voice played "I am still that sentence, I have nothing wrong with my conscience." Then she swung her backpack and pushed the door open and rushed out.
She was submerged in the raging storm, and she ran hard, and the cold swept through her body, and she was so hurt that her heart was suffocating.
Long summer left and let Yu Enze chase him out as quickly as he woke up from a big dream. He regretted it.
What did he just do to him, long summer? What’s wrong with him? How stupid is he to doubt him, long summer? He actually hurt long summer’s heart. He hates him as an asshole.
"long summer, I’m sorry I was wrong. I was really wrong." I blamed myself. Yu Enze chased behind and shouted at long summer, "I beg you to come back. long summer, don’t go. Please come back."