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Maybe you can find out something when you meet.

Thought of here, I was thinking about whether to discuss with Gu Changning.
But before I could speak, I saw someone who surprised me.
At this time, we just walked out of the high steps of the court
And the step parking lot Han Qingshan is wearing a black coat with a burning cigarette in his hand. He is leaning back against a sports car like someone else.
He raised his eyebrows when he saw us.
Even though he is lower than us, he is not weak.
I hesitated to say hello.
Gu Changning has said, "Go and meet him."
I, oh, have no objection to joining him in the promotion.
Han Qingshan twisted out cigarette butts to meet him.
夜网论坛  title=He looked at me for a few seconds and said softly, "Look at your expression, you should have lost the lawsuit. I guess you are also very dissatisfied with the result."
The face is cut and gentle, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable.
I deliberately said in a cold voice, "We have decided to appeal to this judgment, which does not mean that it is the final result, so we can say that we are dissatisfied."
Han Qingshan didn’t seem to recognize the cold face and smile in my tone, and the tone became softer and softer. "Even if you sue, you may not win unless there is enough evidence to overturn the first-instance judgment."
I am silent.
That’s why I’m worried. I don’t know how it’s going in Lu Xun
Han Qingshan said, "I can help you."
I can’t help looking at him.
"I know what you need" is on his lips.
I frowned and looked at Gu Changning.
Gu Changning eyebrows also frowning gently and didn’t look at me.
I look back and think secretly.
If Han Qingshan can really help, it’s best, but it’s more like a matter of courtship or approaching us with another purpose. Can I believe it?
I had some doubts about him before adding it. At this moment, I really can’t believe his kindness.
I thought about it and tried, "I really don’t know what kind of help we need."
Han Qingshan smiled slightly. "I won’t go around with you, and you don’t have to guard against me." He paused, glanced at Gu Changning and turned to me. "I want to tell you that I know the arms dealer who bought fuel."
My eyelids jumped and my eyes widened involuntarily.
Everyone knows that the fuel is missing, but it took Ye Wen a long time to find out when it was bought by an arms dealer.
But he is so clear …
This man is really not simple!
What surprised me even more was that he knew the arms dealer!
I was shocked to see Gu Changning again.
Gu Changning frowned more tightly, but he didn’t open his mouth and didn’t know what to think.
Perhaps it was noticed that I and Gu Changning’s expression Han Qingshan smiled and laughed. "Actually, I made a special trip to look for Gu Shao today."
Gu Changning raises eyebrows.
Han Qingshan said, "I want to talk to Gu about a business deal. As I just said, helping is a gift."
I narrowed my eyes.
His eye turned out to be Gu Changning.
My heart can’t help but give birth to an idea to deal with Chu Han Qingshan. Do you want to deal with Gu?
The same method is to dig a hole under the banner of closing and then wait for the net to be closed.
If so, Gu Chang would rather never promise …
I want to wake up Gu Changning, but he is much smarter than I thought and feels more alarmed.
Just listen to him and say, "I appreciate your kindness because Guggenheim has been dragged by several cases and can’t spare the manpower."
I secretly relieved.
What the hell is a family gentleman? I can think of something, and he did.
Han Qingshan, who was rejected by him, was not angry, but smiled more. "That arms dealer can’t talk easily. Gu Shaozhen doesn’t need me as a referee? You don’t want to help Ye Ershao win this lawsuit?"
Gu Changning’s long and narrow eyebrows gently provoked, "The last thing I like about Gu Changning is that he was calculated by Mr. Han’s arms dealer to blackmail me, but he didn’t really want to agree with me."
Han Qingshan looked embarrassed. "Gu Shao doesn’t believe me?"
Gu Changning unceremoniously cold hum.
Han Qingshan turned to me with a wry smile. "Don’t you believe me either?"
Of course I don’t believe him.
It’s even worse. Gu Changning decided
So I shook my head and didn’t do it.
Han Qingshan looked at me for a long time and suddenly sighed, "At least I have run away with you twice, but you seem to reject me … I just like that you have no bad feelings for you. You must be so wary of me … I am really sad."
Chapter 245 Grandpa reaction
I heard a burst of numbness.
Compared with Chen Shu, Han Qingshan dialect is more straightforward