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Teng Xiaosan’s idea is not difficult to guess. If you can hold Ye Xiangyuan, it will be good for Li Guhe Teng’s family, and it will be more beneficial for her son to compete for the inheritance of Ye’s family.

I’m a little surprised. Both Ye Li and Ye Sanye are very good at their family.
It seems that the aristocratic circle is also maintained by marriage.
I deliberately asked Ye Xiangyuan, "Your grandfather and his uncle’s wife are very good. Why don’t you go with Li Yuyan?"
These materials must have been arranged for me by Ye Wen at his behest.
He regards me as a real partner now, and I will come out if I have any questions.
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a deep look. "You are smart enough to guess the reason."
I won’t talk.
Now the Li family is in full swing. If Ye Xiangyuan marries Li Yuyan, there will be two fields in the future, or his hand will be handed over to the Li family and become a puppet like Ye Sanye. Or he will be secretly killed like his uncle, father and brother.
I can’t help sighing in my heart.
He came to me because I don’t have a background. What he needs is not a powerful wife, but a partner who can risk his life.
It is very hot in the midsummer in China, but the air conditioning in the car is very loud. I tightened my coat and lost in thought.
When I get back to the magic car, I have entered the Qinyuan park and stopped at the first villa.
It’s several times bigger than Ye Sanye’s house, and the doorway is magnificent and majestic. The outer wall of the stone lion is scarlet, which is more solemn than those yellow villas next to it.
I didn’t expect Ye Li to wait in the courtyard in person.
He supported him with a cane and a cane. Behind him were Ye Sanye and Li Qingqing.
I swept each of their faces through the window.
Besides Ye Li, there is still a glimmer of expectation that others are impatient.
I want to know that neither Teng Jun, Ye Li’s beloved second wife, nor Ye Sanye, his favorite son, can welcome Ye Xiangyuan home.
Ye Xiangyuan looked pale after the car and couldn’t see the anger.
I walked to his side with Xiaojin in my arms.
He took me step by step to Ye Li.
Ye Li’s line of sight swept from my body and finally fell to Xiao Jin’s face with a smile. "Come back and rest in the advanced room. Don’t be tired of Xiao Jin."
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a partial look and "called Grandpa"
I’m busy clever shouted.
He turned to Ye Li. "Grandpa, this is my wife’s time."
Ye Li stared at me for a long time with a cold hum and said nothing. He turned and walked into the house.
Ye Xiangyuan took me behind him.
Fujijun and Ye Sanye couple, he didn’t even give a look, and walked directly over them.
I know very well that I must unite with Ye Xiangyuan and I am too lazy to curry favor with him.
When I passed them, I scanned the three people’s expressions, and they were really poor. Teng Jun glared at me and Ye Xiangyuan with a sullen face.
I took a deep breath.
From the moment I stepped into the villa, I was hostile to them, and I had to be extremely energetic to face it.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
It was about Ye Xiangyuan and his grandfather who laid out their cards at the beginning. He introduced me as his wife, and Ye Li didn’t show anger or disagreement. Although he always regarded me as an attitude, at least he didn’t kick me out.
Section 6
Ye Xiangyuan took me and Xiaojin straight to the third floor, which was full of guest rooms. He heard Yuzryha send my luggage to his room, and Xiaojin lived next door.
I feel a little hot at the thought of sleeping with him in the future.
I quickly forced myself to calm down and told myself that it was because of the situation. After all, he and I are husband and wife, and it is impossible for Ye Li to sleep in separate rooms under his eyelids.
But … I didn’t think about it at first …
Don’t leave the family to Ye Xiangyuan and settle things down.
Then he took me and Ye Li of Xiaojinlou to sit on the living room sofa, and Teng Jun sat next to him. Ye Sanye and Li Qingqing sat on his left.
It was Xiao Jin’s mother Lu Nianye who surprised me.
Yes, she kept her head down and her spirit was a little low.
I know that she is pretending to be sick, of course I can’t expose her, and she immediately turned her eyes away.
Ye Li coldly swept me to Ye Xiang and "follow me to the room".
Say that finish on crutches.
Fujijun is going to help him and he pushes him away.
"Don’t you follow me?" His facial expression tunnel
Teng Jun changed his face.
Ye Xiangyuan is still a quiet look, just like he didn’t see his grandfather’s position on Teng Jun and followed him to the room.
As soon as Ye Li left Fujijun, he glared at Xiao Jin and me.
I held Xiaojin in my arms and looked back at her without fear.
Her face is getting uglier and uglier. She pointed at Lv Nian with a cold hum. "That’s because your eldest sister-in-law is not clear-headed and crazy. Please help her back to her room and rest quickly. Don’t make a fool of yourself here!"
夜网论坛I secretly laugh at her. This is to give me Mawei.
Maybe she was born with no background and it’s the first day to live in. She is an elder, so I dare not conflict with her and will obey her orders respectfully.
Unfortunately, she is wrong.
I’m Ye Xiangyuan, and a sword in my hand is just to deal with her, the forces behind her.
Besides, when she was angry with Grandma Ye Xiangyuan, she did so many bad things for decades. I looked down on her from the bottom of my heart, and I wouldn’t give her respect.
When I didn’t hear what she said, I still sat firmly.
Xiaojin climbed my arm and put it in my ear and asked sadly, "Aunt, does she dislike my mother?"
I’m not surprised that he knows that Lu Nian is his mother.
Ye Xiangyuan took him to visit Lv Nian every week before and did not hide Lv Nian’s identity.
I touched his head. "She’s a bad person. Let’s ignore her."
Xiaojin plausibly nodded "well! Uncle said that women here are bad guys except mom and aunt! "
I "…"
It turned out that Ye Xiangyuan had already died and instilled this idea.
So at least Xiao Jin is wary of Fujijun and Li Qingqing and won’t be close to them.
Xiao Jin’s childlike innocence angered Teng Jun. She grabbed the coffee table cup and slammed it at Xiao Jin’s cheek. "Rabbit cub! Who are you cursing! "
I hurriedly hold xiaojin to avoid.