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"…" He said he would propose? Nie Yutong dazed some don’t believe in qu to his handsome face.

ZhuangJunHui is a full face of serious he clutched her hands gently ground white "rain tong I like you! Be my girlfriend! I hope we can get married after half a year! "
"…" NieYuTong bite bite lips timidly looked at him for a long time she still has some don’t believe "you … do you really want to marry me? Be your wife, not your mistress! "
"Of course!" ZhuangJunHui see Nie Yutong was moved immediately attitude firmly ground white "I seriously courted you! And then propose to you! "
Nie Yutong’s heart fluttered wildly, and his little face was so happy that he climbed the corner of her eyebrows with great talent.
"You promised!" Zhuang Junhui is very happy to strike while the iron is hot. "Let’s go and buy you a ring!"
"ah!" Nie Yutong’s little heart is a little overwhelmed. "Buy … buy a ring …"
"Yes!" ZhuangJunHui picked a handsome eyebrow a face of serious "marriage proposal, of course, want to come up with some sincerity! Buy you a ring to trap you and don’t run away from me again! "
"…" A little dizzy! He just said courtship. Now how can he propose directly? Nie Yutong looked at him stupidly and blinked his eyes.
"Oh, look at your pretty face. It’s really adorable!" ZhuangJunHui couldn’t help but bow her lips slightly kissed laughing way "good sweet taste! I really want to kiss your other little mouth. It must be delicious! "
"…" Another small mouth? Nie Yutong blinked and continued to petrify.
"Baby, let’s buy a ring!" Before Nie Yutong wanted to know where another small mouth looked, Zhuang Junhui took her slim waist and warmly invited her to go with him. "I want to propose to you tonight!"
Zhang Peng just returned home after paying the winter heating, opened the door and came in to see Tang Manni pop up like a bomb.
Pengpeng!’ Tang Manni picked up her toes and hugged Zhang Peng’s neck with a happy smile. "Guess what good news I have to tell you!"
Thinking about how to spend this winter, Zhang Peng immediately asked in surprise, "Your mother’s family has figured it out and promised to marry you and prepare a generous dowry!"
"go! I have these in my head! " Tang Manni was slightly disappointed and hummed, "No, guess again!"
Zhang Peng scratched his head and asked, "Did you win the lottery?"
"go! How do you want to have money! " Tang Manni is really unhappy and pouts.
"Nini, don’t be angry!" See Zhang Peng Tang Manni angry hurriedly calm her "let me think again …"
You can’t blame him for everything tied to money, but he urgently needs money now! I promised to take Tang Manni into a bigger room before the Chinese New Year, but apart from the daily expenses, they can continue to muddle along like this after paying the winter heating.
Looking at Zhang Peng scratching his head, Tang Manni curled her mouth and gave Zhang Peng the laboratory report after hiding. "Look for yourself!"
Zhang Peng took the single horizontal look and looked at it vertically for a long time, and finally a surprise broke out in his eyes. "Nini, you are pregnant!"
Looking at Zhang Peng’s ecstasy, Tang Manni’s heart suddenly dissipated and laughed. "Well, I am pregnant for two months!"
"Nini!" Zhang Peng immediately picked up Tang Manni and spun around excitedly when he lost the bill.
Pengpeng!’ Tang Manni coquetry tunnel "let me come quickly! Dizziness! Don’t fall! "
After this new arrival, the two of them laughed, sang and made trouble for a long time. They finally came to Zhang Peng quietly and immediately said, "We are going to the best hotel for a big meal at noon today to celebrate!"
"Uh-huh, let’s go to eat a big meal!" Tang Manni was very happy and said that she was going to change into a beautiful dress.
"Go quickly! I am waiting for you! " Zhang Peng happily sat in the living room sofa and waited when she heard a dog barking.
Just as it was strange, the door was opened and a Shih Tzu dog ran in and came straight for Zhang Peng.
"Woof woof …" The Shih Tzu grinned at Zhang Peng.
"Go to! Whose dog came to my house to bite people! " Zhang Peng was very angry and afraid that Tang Manni would come out later and be bitten by a dog and kicked her leg.
"Ow, ow, ow, ow …" The Shih Tzu was kicked back to the door. At this moment, the door was knocked down by "Ya" and Tang Dahai and Ding Zhaofeng came straight to the living room with a group of bodyguards and killers.
See the Tang couple brought people to Zhang Peng immediately notice bad turn round and then slip away.
"Grab that little one!" Tang Dahai pointed to Zhang Peng to bring thugs ordered.
So SiWuTiao bruiser immediately flew over to press Zhang Peng who wanted to escape.
At this time, Tang Manni changed her clothes and came out with her bag. She was surprised to see the scene before her.
"You let go of pengpeng and don’t hit him!" Small living room full of Tang Manni want to go to Zhang Peng have some strength "dad! Mom! You are not allowed to let people hit Zhang Peng! "
"my god!" Ding Zhaofeng spoke first. She looked at the small room like a pigeon coop and exclaimed, "Can this kennel live in people?"
"Hum can live people ask your baby daughter! I think she’s too happy to live here! " Tang Dahai didn’t good the spirit tunnel
"Mannia!" Ding Zhaofeng rebuked "you unwillingly dead girl! Get back to me! "
"No, I want to be with pengpeng! Don’t go home! " Tang Manni finally squeezed into the encirclement and saw that Zhang Peng was violently pressed by four or five big men. "The bad guy let him go!"
Section 2
She pushed those big men hard, but they were as strong as cows, and she couldn’t shake them! So she flashed her sharp nails-whoever doesn’t let go will scratch his face!
There was a tragic cry, and everyone spread their hands to cover their faces. They each had five red fingerprints on their faces, but they dared to be angry and dare not speak, because this is Tang Dahai’s baby daughter, and no one can move a finger to eat Huang Lian dumb.
Zhang Peng finally got up and held Tang Manni in her arms. They comforted each other.
Tang Dahai was almost angry, and his nose was full of evil spirit. "You abducted my daughter and hid it in this kennel. Are you going to die?"
"woof woof!" Shih Tzu immediately barked at Zhang Peng.
"Diu Diu shut up!" Tang Manni rebuked a.
Shih Tzu was reprimanded by his master and immediately shut his mouth obediently.
Tang Dahai’s face is even uglier. "Smelly girl, you mean to scold others to keep you shut up!"
"Dad, your idiom is quite slippery!" Tang Manni smiled and looked in a good mood. "If anyone says you are an outbreak, you can recite a string of idioms to him!"
"Smelly girl dares to tease you old!" Tang Dahai almost fainted, and he was most afraid of being scolded by others for his outbreak. It happened that this precious daughter embarrassed him in front of so many people.
"Don’t say anything, Old Tang!" Ding Zhaofeng tugged at her husband’s sleeve and whispered, "Hurry up and take Mannia home!"
They both agreed to beat Zhang Peng up and take Tang Manni home after finding them.
But before Tang Dahai could speak again, Zhang Peng quickly beat him to it. "Uncle, Mannia and I really love each other. Please be both of us! Although I have no money, I really love Mannia. I will do anything for her! "
桑拿论坛"Ha smelly mouth is sweet! Mannia was deceived by your mouth! " Glared at Tang Dahai’s anger, her daughter turned to ask Zhang Peng, "What did you say you would marry Mannia? What dowry can you come up with! "
"Bride?" Zhang Peng swallowed and said softly, "I’ll prepare my family not to wronged Mannia!"
"Hum, I want Li Zhenyu to help you prepare!" Tang Dahai immediately realized that maybe the bride price could not be stumped. Zhang Peng hurriedly changed her mind, "Mannia is darling daughter, and she will be worthy of the rich and powerful in the future! You don’t look at yourself in the mirror. You deserve her! Get out of here early and pester her to break your leg! "
"Mannia, get up!" Ding Zhaofeng tried to drag Tang Manni away from Zhang Peng.
"I don’t want to leave pengpeng! I want to marry him! " Tang Manni sobbed and looked at Zhang Peng for help. "pengpeng, talk to me!"