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Ye Wen said, "The cameraman has caught me, and I have ordered that this matter will not be reported."

I, uh, whispered, "Why did you say Li Qingqing wanted someone to film her suicide scene?"
Ye Wen paused. "Maybe it’s because you can’t get away with leaving evidence."
I was silent for a moment.
It’s a pity that she’s dead and she never knew what she meant.
Okay, I’ve caught people, and neither the video nor the photos will flow out again.
Zhou Luan and the medical staff walked first. I was quiet by the French window for a long time. When my mood recovered almost, I told Ye Wen, "Now I can call Chu Feipeng to come in."
Ye Wen looked at me hesitantly. "Ding Jie, you’d better go home and rest …"
桑拿网I waved, "You didn’t deal with this first, did you?"
Ye Wen didn’t object after all.
Soon Chu Feipeng was brought in, and at this time there was a row of bodyguards behind me and several special forces hands in Yang Fei.
Chu Fei Peng was frightened by this way and stopped smiling for a few seconds before saying, "Second Lady, you are here."
Actually, such a big event just happened at the door. I don’t believe he doesn’t know our company.
I’m not in the mood to dispute with him, and I nodded and said, "Please sit down."
Chu Feipeng sat on the sofa opposite me with a casual attitude.
I glanced at him and found that he was really nervous.
Maybe I decided with grandpa that there was
Not long ago, his cousin Chu Feifei was forcibly sent back to Vancouver. It is said that all his family were driven out of the Chu family, and his parents were no exception.
And he still bears the responsibility of the general manager of Chu’s ship because grandpa didn’t let him go before the lawsuit was over.
I quite agree with grandpa’s decision.
Since the accident happened to his hand, he must be responsible.
I don’t want to go around with him and say, "I want to know what deal you made with me this time."
Chu Fei Peng’s eyes flashed with a bit of shock and alert, and he soon recovered as usual and said with a smile, "How can I have anything to do with my second wife?"
He got cold feet when I cheated him like this.
I smiled. "Of course you have contact with them, otherwise how could the fuel incident happen?"
Chu Feipeng immediately said, "This incident was really my negligence. If I hadn’t investigated it in the early stage and acted rashly, I wouldn’t have caused a lawsuit … I am willing to take responsibility!"
Between the lines, he admitted his dereliction of duty.
I said lightly, "I won’t believe you no matter how well you hide it. You’d better be honest."
He looked at me with a serious face and said, "Madam, you can’t slander people like this …"
It seems that he still wants to shut up. I really don’t want to talk nonsense with him, so I took a look at Yang Fei.
A second bodyguard gun directly against the ChuFeiPeng head.
I said, "I don’t have time to travel with you. If you don’t say today, you can’t go out."
Chu Feipeng’s face was full of indignation and emotion. "You lynched me and forced me to confess, but I didn’t … I will truthfully report this to Grandpa Three."
He knows that grandpa is pressing me.
I said, "Since you don’t want to cooperate, forget it. You said it was lynching. I told you that you were right. Now I’m going to play torture. I’ll ask them to knock off your arm first and then break your leg …"
Section 21
Every time you say Chu Feipeng’s face is white.
Looks like it’s working well
Actually, I don’t understand these techniques, but I’ve been with Ye Xiangyuan for a long time and I know that it takes some means to pry people open their mouths.
Chu Feipeng may have been frightened out of his wits. He immediately slipped his legs from the sofa and kneeled his knees.
Gary Qingqing has already had two people kneeling on me today.
I can’t afford such a gift. I winked at Yang Fei.