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I like four of them very much 2.

The first chapter sensation (3)
The first chapter sensation (3)
One is a witch broom. According to the introduction, this broom is rare, but it is used to clean the flag. I know it is a good thing at first glance because hooligans have a skill called [doodling]. If someone scribbles on the flag of another place or guild, it will never be altered. This is a matter of honor. I believe there should be many people who like this thing in this guild. I will slowly consider how much RO coins I want to buy this thing.
The second thing is a barbed rattan fist blade with an attack power of 35 and a hole. In addition, this weapon has a special skill [kudzu vine], which enables this skill to grow four kudzu vines and entangle the opponent for three seconds to restrict him from moving. This skill is unknown.
约茶  title=The third thing is a card, a furious queen card, equipment position, cloak, a raging queen, and a shadow monster. It’s generally very rare to drop the card, and it’s even more difficult. It’s very instantaneous to convert the magic power into health. This is a life-saving skill, and the sage’s magic power like the disease method will have more health. There is no time. If you have this skill, it’s equal to regeneration.
The fourth is a small horn hanging cone to see him because he looks good. This is something I want to give Chris. Well, I haven’t given anything to Chris so far. Now I can treat Chris like a human being, because Chris is no different from people now, but it’s just in the game, and now I can’t tell the difference between the game and reality.
I try my best to quote a large number of everything. I quote 50 thousand RO coins, while the blood repellent and the ice fox are purely here to see things. Because they can’t afford to buy diseases, fires and students, they all have a copy. I am the only one in the VIP room who chooses things.
Half an hour later, the results of the second stage of the project came out, and I voted for all four things. Don’t others know the benefits of these things? However, I was glad to give the furious queen card to the disease, the blade of the rattan fist to the dark fire, and the sharp-angled hanging cone to Chris, and of course I wanted the last small broom myself.
Blood repellent and ice fox received my equipment from the beginning and won’t feel anything, but jathyapple put aside his unhappy face directly to the other side, but his hand still pulled my clothes. I can’t help but know, "jathyapple, isn’t it enough for you to buy so many things? Wait and see how you take it away. "
"But my things are not as expensive as one of them," jathyapple said with grievance.
"ah? I don’t know what your occupation is or what equipment you need. How do you know what you like? "
When I asked jathyapple, she suddenly froze. Yeah, what’s her occupation? No profession wears her fur. Yi Yi Oh, she has started to buy things herself. After the purchase, the things are sent directly to the players. At least one fifth of the hall is full of jathyapple’s shopping, and I have to let her play. The third stage is the most important thing.
"Is Chris ready?"
"Really? I will be embarrassed. "
"What are you afraid of? Anyway, not many people know that you are right. Let’s come and see Chris’s original appearance. At least it won’t be too surprising then."
Dark fire first said, "how surprised can it be? I don’t believe it. "
However, when Chris returned to her original appearance, everyone except jathyapple and I stared and said nothing. After a long time, she was the first to say "Fairy!"
The second disease method is "better than that female NPC guide!"
"…" Blood-repellent and ice fox can hardly speak, even if the ice fox is a woman, it is equally amazing to Chris’s beauty.
Jathyapple "Hum!" I went on fiddling with her toys.
I was very satisfied with the performance of everyone, thinking that I was not as amazed at Chris’ appearance at the beginning, but it was so fun to see others surprised, which also made me do this amazing thing when I had nothing to do later, and appreciated their speechless expressions with their big mouths.
However, they were surprised for so long that Chris was embarrassed to get up and immediately turned back into a water sample, which made the four of them close their mouths and swallow two mouthfuls.
"Now you know why I plan? Think about it if this … that … and then OO it will definitely be a sensation. "
The four people unanimously affirmed that "that’s for sure!"
Then I discussed the details with Chris, and when we discussed it, the third phase of the auction had already started. We all left the VIP room and called the iron man to say that we had come, and the iron man had already told them.
When I came backstage, I asked everyone to prepare props and wait until the third stage auction was over. It’s not that I don’t want to buy some good things in the third stage, but when I think about it, I know that these things are sky-high and I don’t have that much money.
In the third stage, the auction was extremely fierce. Many guilds seemed to be trying their best to shoot, especially the pro-soldier "All the fighters are in front of the fierce battle" and the heavenly dance "Wonderland Girls’ League". It was just like playing against Taiwan. Although both of their presidents didn’t come, their vice presidents came. The vice president was also a crusader. I heard that his name was "Eating Flowers" and I knew it must be a good thing when I saw his gray and black armor. At this time, I also remembered the only reincarnated player of the game, Shen Guan Qin.
The vice president of the Wonderland Girls’ League is a hunter. She is more exposed than ordinary hunters, almost wearing three-point clothes, but with a few pieces of cloth in her pants and a snow-red shawl and long hair that looks fiercer than dancing in heaven. What officers and soldiers are there?
In the third stage, there are five things in the auction, three are weapons, one is a ring, and the other is something I don’t know. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know where these players got the information. This thing turned out to be the most intense.
All five items are sold out. The lowest one has 50,000 RO coins, and the highest one is the grass and mud. The 170,000 RO coins are enough to make many players stunned. I don’t know what’s so good about that thing.
The ninth chapter sensation (4)
The ninth chapter sensation (4)
When the third stage was over, the iron man ran over and asked me if I was ready. I definitely ordered an iron man and immediately signaled the host to start talking.
"Dear owners and players, there will be an auction in front of them. The elegant players will take out four rare things. The auction house doesn’t know what they are, but there will be a demonstration later. I hope you can watch them quietly."
As soon as the broadcast was over, it was quiet because everyone was curious about what would be so grand, especially Xixi and Huachi, who were used to watching what strange things would appear on the stage.
I whispered to Chris, "Are you ready?"
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
Chris said nervously, "Really? I … I … "
"Not now, and I’m sure I, Chris, can perform a beautiful painting perfectly!"
On hearing me say’ I’m Chris’, Chris’s face was flushed, and the tension actually disappeared.
Chris summoned the angel Polly and immediately [feathered]. At this time, the stage and the whole auction house lights went out. I, the ice fox and Chris formed a team and threw a [water element field] on the stage. The original dark auction house suddenly lingered in the blue, and the light was as soft and comfortable as a stream. At this time, Chris appeared. When Chris came to the stage and flapped his wings, there was a neat sound "Oh, my God!"
Then there was no sound, because the audience, including Xixi and Huadu, were stunned by the beautiful things in front of them, Chris, the whole stage scenery.
Chris held high the spirit stick of disease and a ball of fire flowed from her, which was a skill [fire hunting], and then the ice fox Chris threw a ball of fire and a ball of white light around Chris. At this time, I used my service skill [angel barrier]. A huge bell struck Chris’s head and the ice fox made a [lucky carol] (short-term high lucky value) appear before the bell struck. A hazy-looking female angel waved her hand and her white feathers fluttered around Chris. When the bell struck the third time, she turned into pieces. With the disease method, Chris’s hand soul stick immediately gushed out little drops of water, while I put 30 reddish [dark barriers] on Chris’s face in succession, and then Chris’s wings beat behind her to match her white clothes and flew around in the auction house. Many players were caught in the drops of water from the soul stick, but they still looked at Chris with a stunned face.
When Chris flew back to the stage, everything disappeared into darkness again …
For a long time, no one spoke, because it was too shocking to give them visual stimulation. Everyone remembered what they had just seen. Reagan couldn’t have seen these people, including dark fire and blood repellent. jathyapple also had an envious expression. The most outrageous thing was that he was an iron man. When he saw Chris flying back to the stage, his legs went limp and his heart thumped. Even his hands could hear him, but his hands and his reactions were not much different. He didn’t listen to the iron man’s heartbeat.
When Chris ran back backstage and put away the angel Polly, she was greeted with a kiss from me, but this time she won’t be spared. Chris’s lips froze on the spot. She wanted to hug me with both hands, and I forgot to hug my neck. I realized that Chris’s soft lips were so enjoyable in the game. When kissing Zhang Xian, it felt different. When kissing Zhang Xian, it was a faint feeling worth remembering, but when kissing Zhang Xian, it was a sweet and warm feeling. I kissed Chris’s head, but I knew that I was kissing her, but I couldn’t think about how to do it in one step.
When the players started screaming and clapping, they broke our kiss, and Chris was flushed and buried in my arms, but she was happy. What was it like? Is this what human beings call a rapid heartbeat? ************! In a short time, Chris fell asleep in my arms, which made me not motionless or not.
I called back the Iron Man and brought him the four angels Polly. He said a few words in his ear. The Iron Man is really a great man. He immediately went to the stage and said to the players with a megaphone, "Everybody be quiet!"
The players who screamed and applauded slowly put away their excitement, but everyone was still extremely excited because of the ups and downs in their chest. Although they didn’t see the female player who just flew, the scenery with golden hair, white clothes, white wings and water streamers was absolutely unforgettable.