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I saw Ning Qi’s deep red bloodshot eyes looking at me with hatred and pleading.

Ye Xiangyuan leaned slightly to my ear to do judo. "I said tit for tat is the best revenge."
Chapter 34 I won’t give you too long
按摩I couldn’t help shivering.
How gentle his tone is, how cruel his words are.
It happened that Ye Xiangyuan was still that casual look.
It’s not that I haven’t heard that the second and third generations are so arrogant.
But this is the first time I have seen what is really expensive.
He is not as threatening as Xiao Yan, and he is not as calculating as Wen Lu. He is direct.
Listening to Ning Qi’s breathing and whining, he didn’t change his face and didn’t even move his brow.
I want to close my eyes.
He was holding me and "watching"
Finally, Ning Qi fell to the ground covered in blood.
His parents desperately moved the chair to save him, but they were firmly held down by bodyguards.
They can stare at me with red eyes and scream at me like crazy.
Ye Xiangyuan finally let me go.
I turned my eyes and stopped looking at that family of three.
I didn’t find it snowing until I got out of the warehouse.
Fine snow is flying in the distance, and the hills are getting more and more hazy. The old vines with dead branches nearby are also groggy and desolate.
I took a deep breath and got into my chest from cold and humid air.
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me at my side and then motioned Ye Wen to take the bodyguard first.
He said slowly, "You can make them disappear completely if you want."
I kept silent.
He didn’t do it at the moment.
It’s quiet around. I feel snowflakes falling on my cheeks, my ears and my shoulders.
In this silence, I heard myself whispering, "No …"
It’s quiet all around again
I don’t know how long it took Ye Xiangyuan to suddenly say, "What’s wrong with being my fiancee?"
I was stuck.
His tone is still smooth. "No one dares to bully you again, just like your ex-boyfriend can handle it with one finger."
I couldn’t help looking up to refute him.
But it crashed into his dark eyes.
I forgot to react in an instant.
He said, "I used you as a shield at the beginning, but I thought you were suitable."
I forced out a stiff smile. "Then you should know how timid I am now."
He stared at me.
I droop my eyelids. "You must also know that I was so angry that I was admitted to the hospital not long ago … I’m afraid you’re not looking for someone …"
If he can not get stage fright around him, the girls can deal with those women around him.
But I can’t even deal with Ning Qi …
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly reached out and lifted me, forcing me to look him in the eye.
I silently looked back at him.
He looked at me for a while and let me go. "You made your words quite clear in that hospital. I was not going to look for you again-it didn’t appear that I was too low-spirited … but I changed my mind again."
I stare big eyes.
He said slowly, "Because Xiaojin likes you."
I frown.
"Xiaojin was once very autistic, and no one wanted family except me. No one could get close to him. It took a whole year for Awen to get Thaksin." Ye Xiangyuan looked at me transfixed, "but he was willing to get close to you."
I was stunned for a moment, and then I came for nothing.
Xiaojin called my aunt when he saw me the first time, and every time he met me, he asked me to hug him. It could be seen that he really liked me with a little attachment.
No wonder there are so many candidates for Ye Xiangyuan, but they still come to visit my parents in person.
He really loves Xiao Ye Jin, and even choosing a wife is good for Xiao Jin.