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"I’ll walk you in" Wei Xi tone don’t refute.

桑拿按摩"No, but do you know where to find the Queen Mother?"
"Of course, it’s the terminal. Is it Cining Palace?" Gu Xiaomi rolled her eyes and treated her like an idiot.
Wei Xi shook his head, dragging his luggage with one hand and pulling Gu Xiaomi into the airport with the other.
"Aye, the lounge is over there," Gu Xiaomi said, pointing to the crowded hall.
"Come with me" Wei Xi took Gu Xiaomi to the other side.
Pushing open the glass door, a gust of wind blew to Gu Xiaomi. In front of him, there was a huge tarmac. A small passenger plane suddenly stopped in the fuselage and wrote "Heaven Mission".
"Wow, your family even has a private jet." Gu Xiaomi couldn’t believe his eyes.
"Then will the" Queen Mother "of your family board the plane with a group of people?"
"too" just think about the queen mother’s head held high and flying like a normal person is also a little difficult for her.
"Hello, Mr. Wei." An elder sister on each side of the hatch bent down to say hello to Wei Xi.
Wei Xi gently nodded and pulled Gu Xiaomi to board the plane.
"Wow, this elder sister is really beautiful."
"Really? Why didn’t I see it?" Wei Xi said calmly.
"There is something wrong with your eyes."
"I don’t like you, iad."
"I what is iad"
"Shh" Wei Xi gently pulled from millet said
Gu Xiaomi saw that he had reached the "queen mother"
"Mom" Wei Xi’s expression says hello.
"It’s really love. You came to see the plane off in person after leaving for such a few days."
Wei Xi and Gu Xiaomi didn’t answer. Three people were so embarrassed and deadlocked.
"Well, it’s almost time for you to go first, and we should take off." Ji Yun broke the deadlock.
"Good but mom millet her"
"Why are you worried that I will eat her and rest assured that I will bring her back to you unscathed?"
"Thank you, Mom"
"And we will be very busy these days. You two should not text to WeChat every day. You should also pay close attention to the acquisition of Jianda these days. Yi’s side will also send people over to discuss it together." Jiyun began to set up.
Wei Xi quietly glanced at Gu Xiaomi Gu Xiaomi nodded his head.
"Well, then I’ll go first."
Wei Xi put Gu Xiaomi’s luggage away and told Gu Xiaomi "I’m leaving"
Gu Xiaomi smiled at him Wei Xi turned and left the plane.
After Wei Xi left, Jiyun didn’t talk to Gu Xiaomi, but picked up the file at hand and looked at it.
Gu Xiaomi looked around and found a window seat to sit down.
This is my sister coming over to wake them up. The plane is about to take off. Pay attention to your seat belt.
Looking at my sister’s concave-convex figure, Gu Xiaomi couldn’t help but tut, "This figure is really beautiful. Wei Xi has a big myopia and didn’t see it. He didn’t tell him that I am iad. He hasn’t come to ask me what IAD is a tablet brain and so on."
Gu Xiaomi looked at his immature chest and shouted "; Wei Xi, you are a big bad wolf. "
Nervous article gu Xiaomi shouted before he remembered to cover his mouth and look back at Jiyunzheng frowning at his next sister, who also twisted her face because of holding back her smile. Gu Xiaomi now wants to jump out of the plane and get rid of it.
It’s embarrassing for Xiaomi to be with Jiyun. Just now, Xiaomi wrote, directed and performed a farce. It’s a good thing to add frost to this failed journey. It’s a short journey and we have reached our destination in the blink of an eye.
The staff of Guangzhou Branch received Ji Yun and his party to stay in the largest local hotel. Ji Yun decided to take a rest day today and formally signed the contract. Gu Xiaomi was arranged in the next room of Ji Yun. This is the first time for Gu Xiaomi to stay in a six-star hotel and see everything fresh. "Wow, washing hands is bigger than our home. It’s so unreasonable that this bathtub can be massaged." Gu Xiaomi looked at this presidential suite like Grandma Liu visiting the Grand View Garden. She picked up her mobile phone and kept taking selfies. Scold me for being naive and thinking of Wei Xi, but Gu Xiaomi has already started to miss him, especially in a strange city. Looking out the window, the street lights are gradually lit up, and looking at the warm lamps in the distance, Gu Xiaomi really wants to give Wei Xi a message, but Ji Yun’s words during the day made her give up the idea, but forget it. It’s better to go back in two days. What if I let the queen mother know that it’s difficult or Xi Alas, I don’t know what Xi is doing now? Did you have dinner? Did you play with Ghosn again? Did you miss me?
The mobile phone in his hand suddenly shook up and scared her. Take a closer look at the screen and it’s Xi calling Gu Xiaomi and press the answer key quickly.
"Hello Xi"
"What are you doing? Are you missing me?"
"Don’t boast. Who has time to miss you?" Gu Xiaomi answered with some guilt.
"Forget it if I don’t think about it, then I’ll hang up."