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Jamlom slowed down carefully and observed the gentleman’s frosted face through the rearview mirror. He said carefully, "Gentleman and housewife are probably too tired to go home and rest for one night."

Later, Ning Tiannuo instantly lifted her eyes, and the color in her eyes turned dark and cool for a moment. Jamlom shivered and shrank her neck and secretly slapped her face to make you talk more and shut up.
But after half a minute, NingTianNuo didn’t lose his temper and drive Jamlom away, and didn’t say a word again.
Jamlom secretly breathed a sigh of relief again, thinking that this bet should be on him. He turned around in a small circle and sailed back to Ningjia Road smoothly.
The atmosphere of the car all the way was stagnant. Wang Yuehuan didn’t talk. He turned his back on Ning Tiannuo and didn’t want to look at him again.
Ning Tiannuo finally got used to it. What’s wrong with this? It’s still unclear why she turned her face when she turned her face.
Ning Tiannuo gas grinding his teeth after turning the car, but Wang Yuehuan was blocked at the door.
"What do you mean?"
It’s strange that he can’t bear to show his face when he recruits her and annoys her.
Wang Yuehuan raised his hand and pushed him away. "What do you mean when a woman loses her temper? Just ignore her and leave her alone."
Ning Tiannuo "
That makes sense. He’s going to be right again.
Catch Ning Tiannuo stunned for a few seconds and Wang Yuehuan crossed his building.
I can’t tell how many emotions are rolling in my heart at the moment, knowing that contradictions and anxiety account for most of them.
Abnormal obesity delayed my period just now, but it was just a little cool breeze. She was nauseous and wished she couldn’t spit out all the dirt, but she really couldn’t spit out anything. It was retching.
And if it weren’t for NingTianNuo eyeing up behind her, I’m afraid she was even more rude just now.
Everything is developing in a direction that I don’t want to face and see.
How can she be calm and calm, how can she get along with Tiannuo, and how can she not move? As usual, he went on living with hypocrisy.
Wang Yuehuan doesn’t know how to accurately grasp the heart and interweave many emotions.
It is reasonable to say that she was sentenced to death by a doctor and could not have children. She speculated that she might be pregnant, and she should be most happy.
But what’s going to happen after what happened to Wu Sen
I feel really bad in the deepest part of my heart, and even before the pregnancy is confirmed, she has already started to worry.
People in this generation really can’t do stealing chickens and dogs, otherwise they will always suppress some mental illness by worrying about the exposure of things every day.
After Ning Tiannuo’s building, Wang Yuehuan has been rolled up. She is definitely not asleep, but she is too obvious to put all the postures away from the outside world.
NingTianNuo frowning into the bathroom quickly took a shower wrapped in a wide bathrobe.
Long hands and feet got into bed and stretched out his hand to hold Wang Yuehuan in his arms.
She refused to be stiff with resistance, and her face wrinkled like a steamed bun.
He gently caressed her back without saying anything, and when she finally relaxed and stopped being rude and tried to resist herself.
He spoke in a low, soft voice like a beautiful tune. Sogeum music said, "I know you are exhausted today. Have a good sleep and don’t think about me."
Wang Yuehuan wanted to cry even more. Why does this bad guy always do something annoying?
"Ning Tiannuo, you really hate it, you know?"
I don’t like this. He seems to be a stone, and she hates him. This change has disrupted all her attempts to retaliate.
Ning Tiannuo Nai said to her in a tone of pain, "Okay, okay, I hate you. I don’t hate your temper. It’s the cutest."
Ning Tiannuo, including Wang Yuehuan, did not expect that one day such gentle and spoiled words would come out of Ning Tiannuo’s mouth.
Wang Yuehuan was even sadder. Little face stuffed Ning Tiannuo’s arms and didn’t want him to see his red and sour eyes.
NingTianNuo hug her one by one, Fushun her back and wait for her to breathe smoothly. He gently pulled the distance between them.
A pair of long, thick eyelashes at the bottom of the eyes are restless, and there are dirty tears on the cheeks. It seems that there is still a big grievance in the dream. She has been breathing for a long time, and she has choked and choked.
Ning Tian’s heart seemed to melt for a moment.
My feelings for her came suddenly, but it seemed like an endless stream. After accepting the reality bit by bit, I found it was so natural, as if he should have been so kind to her.
His dry and crisp fingers brushed her long eyelashes and wiped the tears on her little face.
A deep and gentle sigh came from my heart. Wang Yue Huan, what do you want me to do? I’m changing. Can’t you really see it at all?
The next morning, when Wang Yuehuan woke up, there was no Ning Tiannuo beside the bed.
Stretched out his hand and explored the temperature of the sheets. Ning Tiannuo has been up for quite a long time, probably going out to work.
Wang Yuehuan got up with a yawn, and all his worries and ambivalence were almost forgotten by himself after a night of deep sleep.
And it was not until after taking a shower and brushing your teeth that the smell of toothpaste flushed her nose and made her hold the washbasin for a long time. After retching, all the memories came back in an instant, and it was a gloomy mood in the morning, which was really disturbing.
She was so depressed that she dropped her toothbrush, but she still couldn’t breathe, and the child rolled around like a cruel child and dropped the toothbrush cup.
But even so, what can it change? What should happen should be certain and always unavoidable.
Wang Yuehuan wiped her mouth with a towel and casually applied some toner to her face. She was going out to buy a pregnancy test paper.
This is somewhat similar between Wang Yuehuan and Gao Shenran. If you can’t hide it, you will face it anyway. It is better to cut the gordian knot and do it quickly.
品茶论坛  title=It was Louningtiannuo who didn’t go to class. He leafed through the living room and saw her in the morning paper today. She patted the sofa next to the building and asked her to come and sit down.
Wang Yue huan this time there is no objection to walk over and sit down with a calm face, pick an eyebrow and laugh at Ning Tiannuo. "You are used to reading newspapers when you get up early in the morning like an old man who has retired and nobody cares."
Ning Tiannuo shrugged his shoulders and said that he was laughed at.
He changed hands and put the newspaper on. He looked at her and saw that she looked better. Many big hands fell on her belly.
Wen asked, "Are you feeling better today? What’s wrong with you? I called Dr. Zhang and she will be here soon."
Wang Yuehuan’s big hand in the lower abdomen was like a red-hot soldering iron, which made her have a high fever from the outside.
She raised her long legs and put them on his thighs to avoid his palms and pressed the lock eyebrows and said, "It’s all right. Don’t always make a fuss. It’s annoying."
Ning Tian Nuo Wen’s palm turned to fall, and her straight long legs danced flexibly through her pants and fingers. Butterfly seemed to brush her legs gently.
"Regular physical examination is necessary", he concluded.
Wang Yuehuan pursed her mouth and jumped up. His palm pressed. He touched his thigh and jumped to play tricks on me. "Anyway, I’m not in the mood."
Say that finish no longer wait for Ning Tiannuo to persuade and turn into the kitchen. She must find a way to get rid of Ning Tiannuo’s pregnancy test paper first, or take it home quietly in person. In case the certificate is just a big oolong or a sad breath, it will be directly pressed.
Ning Tian Nuo nai tut tut fu forehead I don’t know what Wang Yuehuan rejects. Why do you hate doctor’s examination so much?
He followed her into the restaurant, tall and straight, leaning against the door frame and trying to persuade again and again.
"It’s not so terrible to have a routine examination."