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"It’s my company!" Zhuang Yan’s tone was cautious, and it seemed that he was afraid of flying a bird close to him. "Yutong, do you want to see me?"

"That’s it!" Nie Yutong paused. "I … want to go to the company to see Junhui, but I don’t want him to know …"
"Well," Zhuang Yanyin seemed disappointed, but he still said, "Come on! I will arrange it for you! "
That’s why Nie Yutong called Zhuang Yan. Without the acquiescence of the company boss, it’s very difficult for her to get into the company’s door, so it’s very difficult to find Zhuang Junhui’s job.
"Well, thank you, big brother!" Nie Yutong is happy again. She is an easy-to-satisfy and happy girl. It will make her grateful and happy to ask her to pay a little. "I’ll contact you when I get to the company!"
Zhuang Yan arranged for Nie Yutong to arrive at the floor of the head office building of the company smoothly. The office here is full of senior executives, including the chief CEO, executive directors and major shareholders … Nie Yutong got lost. Zhuang Yan specially arranged for a little sister to lead her to Zhuang Junhui’s office.
Zhuang Junhui, the major shareholder of the company, has an independent luxury office (although it is decorative). At this time, he sits in a wide and comfortable leather chair and talks about porridge.
Recently, he kept his job safe. He came to work in the company during the day and went home late to accompany Nie Yutong. It can be said that Nie Yutong was completely transformed. Nie Yutong was very surprised and moved by his change. In addition, today, when she was frustrated in finding Xia Xue, she wanted to come to her husband for comfort.
In front of ZhuangJunhui’s office, Xia Xuechong’s little sister gave a signal that she could leave, but she gently pushed open the door and crept in.
"… I miss you too! Baby, be patient for a few more days. I will go back to accompany you when my yellow-faced woman is pregnant! "
Nie Yutong stopped and looked at the man in the leather chair with his back to him in amazement. Although he was a figure, she was sure that he was Zhuang Junhui or her husband! The yellow-faced woman at home? Do you mean her? She felt chills in her heart
"Can’t master urged me to either go back to the company class or give birth to a son to Zhuang Jiazong! I think it’s easier to do the second thing! ….. Ha ha, don’t be jealous. I’ll go back to accompany you in a few days! "
"…" Nie Yutong just stood there as if being doutou poured a gourd ladle of cold water from head to toe in the cold winter of December.
"She’s just a tool for succession in my eyes. She has no status at all! Baby, don’t compare you with her. How can she match you? " Zhuang Junhui coaxed the words that the woman was not stingy with sweet words. "I vowed to move back to you when she was pregnant!" ….. Well, when did I break my word? Baby, I have a letter in my heart. When you wait for the bed, you can touch my chest with your own hands … "
Nie Yutong looked around and wanted to find a more convenient tool to smash Zhuang Junhui’s head. But think about it again. When you get a scene of chicken flying and dogs jumping, you just feel like chatting and waves. Just pretend you haven’t come in!
Section 223
Sadness is more than anger in my heart. Although I have already guessed the result, she is still so sad when she sees it with her own eyes and hears it with her own ears. She is just a tool for him to inherit! He has no place in his eyes and heart. Her only value to him is to have children for him! And he has been so quiet recently that he has been ordered by Zhuang Jianguo to make a villain with her full-time!
This man … Nie Yutong was afraid that if he stayed one more minute, he could not help but want to pick up the vase on the table and hit him in the head, so he bit his silver teeth and turned around forcefully.
She turned quietly and left quietly, and when she went out, she kindly covered his office door without disturbing Zhuang Junhui, who was talking with her lover.
Nie Yutong was about to leave the office when he saw Zhuang Yan looking at her. He seemed to be waiting for her there.
It seems that I want to say hello to her before, but I’m afraid of something. He is full of warmth and looks at her.
Look at Zhuang Yan, Nie Yutong’s lips moved, and nothing was said. She blinked, and tears dripped, and then she fled in Zhuang Yan’s stunned eyes.
After the plane entered Myanmar, it completely disappeared. It is very difficult to continue to track down Luo Binluo! In spite of this, Li Zhenyu went all out to continue the search. He would find Robin and Xia Xue in any way!
Damn it, when he catches Robin, he will definitely cut that little corpse into ten thousand pieces!
The plane Li Zhenyu was as gloomy as the weather at this time, but Tao Zheng’s appearance still made him shine at the moment.
That sunny handsome boy seems to light up people’s eyes wherever he goes. Looking at him, I’m afraid no one will believe that such a sunny handsome boy will be a killer!
This is the top killer sent by the cinema to Li Zhenyu-Tao Zheng!
Looking at the boy in front of him, Li Zhenyu seems a little surprised
"Mr. Li, I’m Tao Zheng!" Tao Zheng smiled before he approached, and the corners of his mouth burst into moving dimples. "I am young but I have rich experience in killing people. Over the years, I have broken the big shots in my hands! Please give me a performance opportunity from Mr. Li, and I promise you won’t be disappointed! "
After a long time, Li Zhenyu finally recovered his composure. He still stared at the boy in front of him and said faintly, "We seem to have met!"
An understatement made Tao Zheng slightly stunned, which was slightly unexpected. "Mr. Li … still knows me!"
Obviously, not only Li Zhenyu felt that he had met Tao Zheng, but Tao Zheng was more familiar with him.
"You are …" Li Zhenyu frowned slightly and tried to remember this warm and handsome face in the long river. Finally, there was a slightly childish boy’s face overlapping with the handsome face in front of him. "You are Xiao Zheng!"
Seven years ago, Li Zhenyu went to Myanmar with the army to cooperate with Interpol to carry out drug suppression. In that extremely tragic battle, many comrades were killed. Of course, there were countless drug lords. As a result, human life became extremely humble in the chaotic environment, and it also happened from time to time to shoot Gu in melee, for example, drug lords delivered customers.
In the fierce battle, it’s hard to tell whether those people are really drug lords or brokers forced by their livelihood. The most direct way to save trouble is to kill them all.
In a large-scale drug suppression operation, Li Zhenyu saw a boy of about 14 or 15 years old fall to the ground injured in a scuffle. At that time, a comrade-in-arms beside him raised his gun to shoot the boy on the spot. He stopped him and saved the boy.
桑拿After the successful operation, Li Zhenyu asked the accompanying military doctor to take out the leg bullet for the teenager, sew up the wound and inject him with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. What he did was to give the teenager a chance to live, otherwise the boy might die of post-injury infection even if he didn’t die.
Li Zhenyu felt that the boy had a very sunny and beautiful face and a deep dimple on his lips. He was so childish that he couldn’t bear to watch him die and helped him.
Teenagers like to cling to Li Zhenyu after his recovery. He follows him wherever he goes. He knows his name is Xiao Zheng!
In his spare time, he taught him to shoot a gun, taught him to practice boxing and told him about the harsh training of the army. In most cases, he said that Xiaozheng listened to Xiaozheng and had a near-adoration and infatuation with him. He would do whatever he said without hesitation. They kept this kind of friendship until Li Zhenyu returned home with the army after the drug suppression department ended, and they completely lost contact from then on.
Seven years have passed! What surprised Li Zhenyu even more was that Xiao Zheng turned out to be a cinema killer and a top killer.
"Brother still knows me!" Tao Zheng grinned at the corners of his mouth, and the charming dimples became deeper and deeper. The sunshine could almost shake the eyes of people.
Li Zhenyu took a deep breath and couldn’t help but squint. "Xiao Zheng, you practice charm!"
Tao Zheng’s stunning appearance is a trump card for a killer. If it is more beneficial to have a daughter who is suspicious, his stunning skin will be more invincible, but his marksmanship and kung fu will be more invincible, but he can also disguise himself as a woman. When he disguises his masculinity, he will specialize in charm, which will make his appearance more attractive and easily confuse his goal.
Men who practice charm must be born handsome, and if they look feminine, they will get twice the result with half the effort. Although Tao Zheng is handsome, he looks a little masculine, so Li Zhenyu didn’t find anything wrong when he first met him, until Tao Zheng smiled.
"Brother’s eyes are still so poisonous!" Tao Zheng watched with admiration Li Zhenyu’s efforts for so many years. He slowly climbed from the bottom of the cinema to the top of the pyramid. One day, he can let his gods see his outstanding achievements and make his male gods sit up and take notice of him. "I have studied charm, but I still rely on live ammunition when killing people!"
"Well brother believe you! Brother Xiao Zheng is always the best in his heart! " Li Zhenyu smiled slightly. At the beginning, they met and knew each other in Myanmar. Seven years later, the childish and handsome boy turned into a top killer in the cinema. He still affectionately called his brother as if he had been isolated for seven years. The world was really wonderful. "With you, I will definitely save your sister-in-law!"
Let’s go home!
Yu Lizhenyu came to Myanmar to pursue his beloved wife. Tao Zheng had already made a detailed understanding. At this time, when he came out face to face, he nodded and said, "I want Tao Zheng to be able to command my brother to kill a knife and a sea of fire. There will never be the slightest ambiguity."
"Good fun!" Li Zhenyu patted Tao Zheng appreciatively on the shoulder and said, "Come and tell my brother what you have experienced in these years!"
Tao Zheng took a look at Li Zhenyu, and his eyes welled up with joy and excitement. However, after years of killer career, he has been tempered with emotion. If he had put it aside, he would have jumped to his back happily. Now he is excited but still calm. His beautiful eyes have exposed his true feelings. After all, he is only 22 years old. Even though his psychological age has long been weathered, his physical age is a big boy!
"The things I have experienced over the years include how many people I have killed and how many women I have slept with. I will tell my brother never to hide anything!" Tao Zheng looked at Li Zhenyu admiringly and asked, "Brother, can you also tell me what you have experienced since you left Myanmar and returned to China … and what kind of woman is your sister-in-law who makes you love her so much!"
Tao Zheng has seen Xia Xue’s photos. From the photos, she is a beautiful and temperament China woman, but her beauty is not enough to charm the country. I believe that what really fascinates Li Zhenyu is not her appearance but some special qualities of her body.
"I made a reservation for the hotel box and we two brothers had a good drink and talk!" From Xia Xue Li Zhenyu’s handsome face, it’s hard to smile and return to silence again. A heart is like frying in oil.
Is she okay now? What will Robin do to her? She will miss him and they will miss Xiaoyuxuan! She will cry and be afraid! Her help door is filled with despair at this time …
Dare not think about it again, he is afraid that if he thinks too much, he will collapse! At this point he must not collapse! If he breaks down, he should calmly think about the next steps and come up with a strategy to rescue her. He must harden his heart and try his best to think and act calmly as usual.
But when it comes to Xia Xue, he can’t help but be upset. He knows that his emotions have been affected. He urgently needs someone to help him analyze, help him plan and help him make an action plan. This person should not only have extraordinary IQ, calm mind, but also be absolutely loyal to him.
Tao Zheng suspected that he was a very suitable candidate! However, after all, has the contract of life and death, which was difficult at the beginning of separation, passed away at any time and gradually faded away? Li Zhenyu delves into this problem because he has no choice!
Chong Tao Zheng believes that Tao Zheng is the only thing he can do at present! He needs the help of Tao Zheng’s mind and contacts to quickly search for Xia Xue.