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Mrs. Bai nodded at Ling’s mother’s words. "Well, the old lady said yes."

She turned to her daughter, "Fangfang can eat if she wants. Mom has no problem."
Bai Fangfang said happily, "Thank you, Grandma Ling. Thank you, Grandma Mommy Ling. Then Fangfang had the cheek to get ice cream."
Ling mother nodded. "Uh-huh, you go and pick whatever flavor you like."
Ling mother motioned for the servant to take Bai Fangfang to pick ice cream. Yan Yan heard that Bai Fangfang could eat ice cream, and she consciously swallowed water.
Ice cream is her favorite. She just wanted to eat it, but no one gave it to her. But when Bai Fangfang came to Ling’s grandmother, she let her eat ice cream. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became.
Lele felt that Yan Yan was different. He faced Bai Fangfang’s back avenue. "Bai Fangfang’s ice cream is too cold. Eating too much is bad for your health. Let’s eat some fruit."
Bai Fangfang’s eyes lit up at Lele’s words. Ling Xuyang actually cared for her. He actually cared for her. She was so happy. She was so happy that when she turned around, her face was smiling. "Xu Yang, you’re right. I still don’t want to eat ice cream."
Ling mother didn’t understand Lele’s mind. She walked over and said, "Fangfang really knows how to eat one in such a hot day. Go ahead."
Bai Fangfang shook her head. "I still don’t want it, and eating too much sweets is easy to get fat. Fangfang still needs to stop being greedy."
Ling mother couldn’t help laughing at Bai Fangfang’s words. "Fangfang, you don’t worry about getting fat when you are still growing up."
Ling mother said that she couldn’t help looking at Mrs. Bai and saying, "Mrs. Bai, it’s so good for you to educate your daughter. Fangfang, this child is so young that he knows how to restrain himself."
Mrs. Bai looked modest. "The old lady is flattering me."
Lele listened with disgust. Every time Bai Fangfang came to Lingmu, she couldn’t help praising Bai Fangfang. She always compared Bai Fangfang with him and said that he was disobedient in school. Then he was bored with how Bai Fangfang was.
When Lele didn’t want to wave with them here, he pulled up Yan Yan and wanted to go upstairs to play. When Bai Fangfang saw Lele leaving, he quickly followed and asked, "Xu Yang, have you finished your studies?"
Lele didn’t reply "Leave it alone". He hates this girl the most. He always wants to take care of his affairs because he is the monitor.
Bai Fangfang was choked by Lele with a face of embarrassment. When Ling mother saw it, she quickly scolded, "Xu Yang is not allowed to be rude. Fangfang is also worried that you have not finished writing your career."
Lele curled his lips. "I will naturally hand it in when I start school. You are not in such a hurry."
品茶论坛  title=Lele’s summer vacation didn’t take long for Yan Yan’s family to come back to the city. In fact, he was too busy playing with Yan Yan to write a career. If Bai Fangfang hadn’t asked him about it, he couldn’t remember it at all.
Anyway, it’s just a piece of cake for him to write those professions. His IQ can now be in junior high school. It’s Xia Yuyao who doesn’t want him to skip a grade and lose his innocence prematurely, so let him honestly read it level by level.
Therefore, for that summer vacation, Lele was really dismissive, but this Bai Fangfang always likes to run to his house by checking the name of the industry.
Ling’s mother was suddenly unhappy when she heard Lele’s words. "Xu Yang, how can you talk to Fangfang like this?" Who let you go upstairs? Fangfang is still here. "
Lele pursed her lips when she saw her grandmother angry and went to Bai Fangfang. "We’re going upstairs to play. Do you want to come?"
Bai Fangfang hurriedly replied "Good" at Lele’s words.
Ling mother was satisfied. "That’s right. Fangfang is here. Our home is our guest. You should be polite to the guests."
Lele or pulling Yan Yan went upstairs to Bai Fangfang with a skirt and hurriedly followed.
When he came to the toy room, Lele hung Bai Fangfang aside, and he himself played puzzles with Yan Yan.
Yan Yan is only three years old now. Lele specially found a puzzle suitable for three-year-old children to play with Yan Yan, but Yan Yan doesn’t play puzzles very much at ordinary times because the little guy is too active. She can’t do it well. She sits and wants to do something else, dance and sing, or dress Barbie dolls, and so on
Yun Qianxue knows her daughter’s sex and rarely buys puzzles for her to play with, so Yan Yan is not very good at puzzles. She can’t find a place to hold a puzzle for a long time, and Lele sees that she can’t find it, and she doesn’t tell her directly, but slowly guides and tries to teach the little girl how to play puzzles.
Bai Fangfang, after all, is a big child. It is a piece of cake for this three-year-old child to play puzzles. She can’t help but cry, "Why are you so stupid?" Wouldn’t it be nice to put this puzzle in your hand here? Your puzzle is only sixteen pieces in total. It’s stupid that you can’t spell it. "
Yan Yan is only three years old, but she doesn’t like being called stupid. She glared at Bai Fangfang and snorted, "We don’t care if you go away."
Bai Fangfang listened to Yan Yan’s words, and a pretty face suddenly turned black. She stared at Yan Yan. "This is not your home. What makes you treat me like this? What an ill-bred child. "
Lele’s handsome face turned black at this. "Who are you talking about? Try it again? "
Lele’s voice poured coldly into Bai Fangfang’s ear. The first time she saw Lele so angry, she shrank her neck in fear. The tunnel "I … I want to educate this kid. She is so rude."
"From now on, don’t let me hear you call her a kid, Yan Yan. She doesn’t like people calling her that, and I don’t need you to judge whether Yan Yan is educated or not." Lele glared at her and warned seriously.
Bai Fangfang is not angry. "But she is very ill-bred. What can’t I say?"
"You get out of my house immediately and never set foot in our house again." Lele pointed to the door and motioned Bai Fangfang to go out.
Bai Fangfang cried when she heard Lele’s words. She covered her mouth and ran quickly to the floor.
Louling’s mother was chatting with Mrs. Bai over tea when she saw Bai Fangfang running crying. "Fangfang, what’s wrong with you?"
☆, Chapter two hundred and seventy-two husband outline?