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After a while Ye Li was quiet.

He kept staring at Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes burning with hatred.
Ye Xiangyuan’s face slowly hooked into a radian from staring at his mouth. "I have your blood in my body, and Xiao Jin has your blood in my body, but we won’t recognize you again. We will cut you off. From then on, after you leave home, we won’t serve you. If your uncle and uncle die, there will be no grandchildren and no one will inherit the incense for you. You are really cutting off your grandchildren."
This just export Ye Li eyes once again completely fainted.
Ye Xiangyuan quietly looked at him for a moment.
He said to the bodyguard behind him, "Call the doctor."
The bodyguard was brought away at once.
My heart is slightly shaken.
spa会所  title=At this time, Ye Xiangyuan still wants Ye Li alive because he wants Ye Li to watch Ye Sanye be killed or because Ye Li is his grandfather, he can’t do it?
Chapter 192 Blood relationship
I have never guessed Ye Xiangyuan’s thoughts, but I am really worried that he will be soft-hearted to Ye Li.
After all, he is very kind to his relatives.
But what he just said was really cruel. Ye Li was fainted by anger.
Severing Sun is definitely the best punishment for Ye Li …
But then I can’t see what he’s doing.
Maybe it’s because my sister-in-law patted me on the shoulder and said, "Stop looking and let’s go."
I realized that I went to see Ye Xiangyuan again.
Ye Xiang came over and took me in his arms.
Sister-in-law let me go automatically
I rubbed my leaves and asked him gently, "Are you coming with us?"
He gave me a low, uh, kiss and said, "Let’s go"
We walked out with our eldest sister-in-law.
At this time, doctors and nurses rushed over and greeted Ye Xiangyuan and then went to treat Ye Li.
I couldn’t help looking back.
Ye Li lay in a cold incandescent lamp and hit his pale face, which looked terrible.
It’s also sad
But there must be something hateful about the poor man. What has happened to him today is all he did when he was young.
I looked back and stopped looking.
As soon as we walked out of the ancestral temple, Ye Li didn’t know what happened. The doctor shouted, "Get ready to strike!"
And leaves to the far point footsteps paused and walked on.
This time he walked so fast that I couldn’t keep up with him, and he gradually dragged me along.
I sprained my ankle too fast and broke free from his arms.
Good eldest sister-in-law ran to hold me.
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan’s back and didn’t know what it was like at the moment.
It seems that he really doesn’t want Ye Li to die.
The night wind in the courtyard is very strong. At this time, it has entered the late autumn night, and the cold wind is a little painful to shave.
Ye Xiangyuan is still immersed in his own emotions and walks with his head down.
Sister-in-law called him "Ayuan!"