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A man’s eyes are as deep as a pool, and his eyes are unpredictable and opaque. He glanced at me at random, just like watching a stranger crouch down as far as possible. His thin lips are light and sexy, and his low-alcohol voice comes into my ear. "Do you mind if MengMeng has a good introduction?"

No4: Fortunately, I still love you. Chapter 11 The third possibility …
Bamboo pointed at me and said, "What does that uncle think of my mommy?"
The man looked up at me and said to Zhu, "She looks ok, but I don’t know her."
Bamboo glanced at me and counted his fingers and said to the man, "My mommy does a good job of snacks and eats badly. The family hygienist is a nanny. She can’t draw anything, can’t sing, can’t dance and love lazy beds. Every time I get up early to open a shop, I am told to eat more and do less. Sister Xiaoqin does not help me brush my teeth, wash my face and dress. Well, I am sent to kindergarten every day. Can you think of that?"
When she counted me one by one, I looked at the man in front of me. Although he looked almost exactly like him, he looked at me strangely, as if he didn’t know me at all. Is there really someone who looks so similar in the world? Although I don’t believe that people can come back from the dead unless they are not dead, then why don’t you know me?
After thinking about it for a while, I couldn’t help but interrupt their conversation at the end. "Bamboo, that’s enough. Is it really good to speak ill of your mommy in front of others?"
桑拿网Zhu blinked his eyes at me and turned to the man and said, "Uncle, did I speak ill of Mommy?"
Yes, even the alliance has been found!
The man shook his head at bamboo, got up with five senses, looked at me with a smile and said, "Your daughter is very cute! To watch "say that finish to bamboo gave goes to the terminal.
Bamboo chased him out with big eyes and said to the man, "Uncle, you haven’t promised yet …"
The man didn’t look back and replied, "You should talk about your mommy first and are you sure your father won’t beat me up?"
I followed to hold bamboo and shouted at the man’s figure, "So you promised?"
At this time, the airport broadcast announced that the flight to Hawaii could be checked in and boarded. I took the bamboo and said, "It’s time for the bamboo to fly. And can you stop selling mommy all the time?"
Bamboo looked at the man’s back and pursed his mouth and mumbled something to me. "Is it the first time for somebody else? If it weren’t for this uncle, I’m very satisfied and I’m too lazy to sell you. "
This also dislike me? ? ?
At the security checkpoint, a tall man with gold-rimmed glasses said to the man, "The boss ticket has been checked and can be boarded."
The man nodded to the glasses man and passed the security checkpoint coldly. I didn’t expect him to be on the same flight with us! Bamboo obviously noticed that he hurriedly took me to the security checkpoint. "Mommy, check in quickly …"
When we check the tickets and pass the security check, will there be any traces of men there? On the way to boarding the plane, Zhu pouted in frustration and was ignored by me.
Section 27
I can’t say anything. I took care of her mother for three or four years. She met a stranger who just met, and I’m not sure if it was her father’s face!
The baby expresses deep sadness!
"Baby Mommy bought a first-class ticket, too, and maybe you’ll see him again in a moment." I couldn’t bear to feel sorry for Zhu, but I comforted him, but if you want to come like that, you must be flying first class, so it’s not cheating Zhu.
Wen Yanzhu looked up at me uncertainly, so I could explain that "that uncle just looked like a successful person …" In Zhu’s eyes, I quickly changed to "Well, such a person pays attention to comfort, and the first class is the most comfortable. He will definitely be there."
I explained that I finally satisfied the bamboo. Bamboo changed its previous gloomy mood, raised its cheerful smiling face, started walking and led me. I was happy to see her happy. Could it be him?
To tell the truth, I’m in a panic about the answer!
When I got off the plane and found a seat with a ticket, I had to sigh that sometimes fate is really wonderful!
Looking at the two men sitting opposite, a tall and handsome man with Phnom Penh glasses and sven’s notebook in his hand is solemnly reporting something to the man next to him.
The man sitting next to him is strong and handsome, and his eyes are never forced to be confident. He exudes a momentum that people can ignore. The glasses man next to him can foil him!
Seeing that our glasses man stopped talking, the man next to him raised his eyebrows and looked at us with interest.
I was embarrassed to see them for a moment. I didn’t know whether to sit on bamboo or not, but no matter how much I saw myself, I was really tired of sitting in front of my eyes. "Uncle, we are so predestined! I haven’t seen you for so long. Have you missed me? "
I help this girl understand what is reserved? I don’t know if I told her to do this. That’s what the two people across the street mean when they look at each other.
I raised my hand, won the ticket, cast a look and said a coincidence in the past!
The two people on the opposite side are smart people who naturally understand what I want to express. I don’t care what they think. Anyway, the ticket number is here to sit.
Bamboo opened his mouth when he saw that the man didn’t answer for the first time, and seemed to want to say something. When he saw that the man’s sight fell on me, he stopped making faces at me.
Glasses man said "boss…… …" The man’s eyes motioned to put away his notes and put them back in his briefcase.
The man bowed his head leisurely and pulled a beautiful radian to the bamboo and said, "Do you miss me in MengMeng?"
I heard the man call himself MengMeng Bamboo Correction twice today. "Uncle, my name is Mozhu, not MengMeng. This is my mother’s name. What’s your name?"
I also want to know the question when I hear that Bamboo asked me. I just let her not pull her back. I picked up the newspaper on the handrail around me and turned it over. Although I didn’t look at it, my ears pricked up.
A man’s low-alcohol sexy voice with sharp eyes straight at me sounded, "Oh, your name is Mozhu, but I prefer to call you MengMeng. What should I do?"
Bamboo soft MengMeng voice to "that … well, I allow you to continue to call me MengMeng".
"But you haven’t told me your name yet?"
"guard against shame"
At first, I suddenly looked up at these three words and looked at the opposite person. His face was as deep as a pool. His eyes were dark and dumb, and he fell straight on me. He suddenly responded to me and shot out the light of inquiry.
Besides, I can’t see who is coming, even the style is the same, and the name is still the same, but the look in my eyes is nothing but strangeness and disdain!
It is contempt!