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Even though he knew Xiao Ran wouldn’t tell him about it casually, he couldn’t help but be afraid that Su Xuetong would know about it and that it would completely subvert their original peace and life!

"Don’t bother little dyed little dyed not just had surgery? Let her have a good rest. "
"But I have an appointment with Xiao Ran, and Xiao Ran also said that it is no problem."
Su Xuetong really likes Yin Anran’s shooting style. Although the anniversary of her and Xiao Yunan is celebrated every year, she attaches great importance to it every year. Small dyeing is very good.
"Talk to Xiao Ran and she will understand."
His tone is uncontrolled and heavy. Su Xuetong looks at him strangely and thinks he is a little abnormal. "Yuna, what’s wrong with you? How do I feel that you don’t want Xiao Ran to shoot for us? "
Xiao Yunan pursed her lips. "Without Xuetong, this city can take good photos. There are many photographers, so we don’t need to bother with small dyeing."
When Xiao Ning came from the building, he just heard the conversation between the two. "Dad, you are wrong. We are familiar with Xiao Ran, and it is normal for Mom to find Xiao Ran. It is not that you will be so opposed if you don’t give money."
"You shut up!"
Xiao Yuna was dumbfounded at this roar.
He has been famous for his temper for so many years, and his fingers can count the number of times he gets angry.
Xiao Ning didn’t expect his father to get so angry in one sentence. He touched his nose and coughed quietly and ate breakfast.
Xiao Yuna also realized that he was a little angry. He got up and picked up his suit and coat and went straight out of the door.
Just leave two mothers with big eyes and small eyes
"Your dad today also don’t know what’s wrong" Su Xuetong light with a sigh.
"Is dad going back to menopause?"
Su Xuetong gave him a sigh.
Xiao Ning smiled heartlessly. After breakfast, Xiao Ning wiped her mouth. "Mom, I’m leaving."
Today is the weekend, but the two fathers are still so busy. Su Xuetong shook his head. "You are busy at work and on weekends. Speaking of which, when will you bring a daughter-in-law back to your mother?" Su Xuetong cut his clothes for him.
Xiao Ning waved, "Eh, mom, don’t worry."
"Don’t worry? How old are you? Mom doesn’t ask you to get married. You should at least get married. Let your mother see some hope first. If you have a fancy to that girl, remember to tell her. "
"Mom, didn’t you hear people say that men have thirty-one flowers? I’m less than thirty. "
Su Xuetong nai smiled, "You are poor!"
Xiao Ning tried to sneak away.
What’s terrible about urging marriage!
Yin Anran was lucky to live, which is definitely not a good thing for Yin Mengting.
At that time, she didn’t hate Yin Anran and Mo Yan, but she was cold and faint to her. On the contrary, she was obsessed with Yin Anran’s performance, which made her hate her teeth.
Later, when she went out with her friends and heard them talking about the hired killer, she had bad thoughts.
Her child was pregnant without Yin Anran. When she was pregnant, Mo Yan also said that she didn’t love her, and Yin Anran had Meng Yichen to accompany her to the pregnancy test. Her jealousy of Yin Anran became more and more obvious!
So she found the killer. She was going to kill Yin Anran and kill the baby in her belly!
The original Yin Anran will die because of this, but I didn’t expect her to live so hard. It’s disgusting!
"MOna, what are you thinking? Let’s go to the jewelry store. "A friend took her arm and they went into the jewelry store together.
Yin Mengting was not in the mood to wander around her eyes and casually saw these things in the counter. Suddenly, she saw a necklace. "Show me this."
"Let me see this."
Almost at the same time, another sound sounded with her. When she looked up, she was a woman about fifty years old.
Yin Mengting never likes others to rob her. She sinks her breath. "Show me this."
At that time, the salesgirl had some difficulties. Now that this necklace has this one, both of them want to see it …
桑拿网  title="Miss, there are many other styles here. Why don’t you look at his style first?" One of the salesgirls said to Yin Mengting.
This salesgirl knows Su Xuetong and naturally doesn’t want to offend Su Xuetong.
Yin Mengting originally thought that this necklace didn’t have any special meaning, but now she has to lose her temper!
"I’m going to look at this! What, you think I can’t afford it? !”
The clerk apologized at once. "Of course not. Of course not."
Su Xuetong glanced at Yin Mengting faintly, then smiled and said to the clerk, "Since this lady wants to see it, show it to her, and I’ll see something else."
Su Xuetong’s remarks were suspected to have helped the shop assistant understand the situation. The shop assistant nodded his thanks and took Su Xuetong aside to see necklaces of other styles.
Yin Mengting didn’t look good. She picked up the necklace and looked at it. Suddenly, she thought of something and looked Su Xuetong over there.
The more I look at it, the more familiar I feel.
"I don’t think I’ve seen it before."
One side followed Yin Mengting’s friend to wind Su Xuetong and heard Yin Mengting say, "That’s Su Xuetong, the wife of the president of Xiao Group, who said that she also had photos when she interviewed President Xiao before."
"Xiao?" Yin Mengting’s eyes narrowed slightly. "Which Xiao?"
"Which Xiao can it be? It’s the Xiao whose president seems to be called Xiao Yuna."
Xiao Yunan!
Yin Mengting is no stranger to this name. She heard it when she knew Yin Anran’s life experience!
Xiao Yunan! Yin Anran’s biological father!
Looked at Su Xuetong Yin Mengting suddenly hook lip a smile.
Su Xuetong walked out of the jewelry store without taking a fancy to his favorite necklace after watching it for a while.
"Miss Su"
Yin Mengting stopped Su Xuetong before.
Su Xuetong looked at the woman in front of her just now.
Yin Mengting is still a stranger to Su Xuetong, and as proud as Yin Mengting in the jewelry store just now, Su Xuetong can’t have a good impression. "What can I do for this young lady?"
Yin Mengting smiled. "Of course, Miss Su, if I remember correctly, your husband is Xiao Yunan, president of Xiao’s group, right?"
Xiao Yunan is a public figure in the business world. It is not surprising that some people know him, and she has attended several business meetings with Xiao Yunan. Xiao Yunan also interviewed her, so it is not surprising that some people know her.
"Yes, what can I do for you?"
Yin Mengting smiled, "Miss Su has something to tell you about your husband."
Yin Mengting smiled at Su Xuetong and felt very bad. When she listened to Yin Mengting’s speech, her face changed even more.
"What? ! You talk nonsense. "
Yin Mengting’s smile became more and more obvious when she saw this reaction. "Miss Su, I know it’s hard for anyone to accept this, but it’s a fact, and I’m kind enough to tell you this fact. I hope you won’t be kept in the dark."