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I stared at his long eyelids for a long time and couldn’t help laughing.

When Xiao Jin and I were held hostage by Han Qingshan, it was Ye Xiangyuan who was passive.
Now the situation is reversed, and Han Qingshan is our headache.
Thought of here, I can’t help but admire Ye Xiang’s telepathic means again.
He really is tit for tat, and he is also tit for tat.
Ye Xiangyuan guessed what I was laughing at and pinched my face in a low tunnel. "So, honey, you have to believe your husband. He’s not a loser."
约茶  title=I am angry and funny. Touch his face like him and pinch the tip of his nose. "Got it."
As a result, I don’t know where I provoked him. As soon as his eyes deepened, he grabbed me and threw me into bed before I recovered.
After that, there was another killing.
It’s already noon when everything is calm.
I lie prone on my leaves and don’t want to move because I am lazy in my arms.
The warm sunshine outside the window is very comfortable for my face.
Ye Xiangyuan clasped my fingers, and my warm and generous palm made me feel at ease.
It’s … It’s broad daylight, and we have a serious discussion before making out …
I didn’t think this man suddenly threw me down.
I don’t even know how to feel this way.
It’s a little hard, but I also enjoyed it. I’m even embarrassed to call him a daytime slut …
Ye Xiangyuan pecked and kissed my face after lifting my hair.
Warm with him for a moment, I really can’t stand playing. I can’t help but debut. "Let’s … go see the baby. What if … what if he … is hungry?"
Ye Xiangyuan low smile "have parents-in-law what are you worried about"
I’m really afraid that everyone will know that there are not only bodyguards and servants in rolled sheets and the castle, but also my parents.
Ye Xiangyuan seemed to know that I was worried and smiled and kissed me again. "We are husband and wife … don’t be shy."
He has a hoarse voice and a taste of laziness.
I was red in the face.
Well, he didn’t move on, he just hugged me and slept in a cage.
It’s just lunch time after getting up again and washing up.
I was worried that I would be teased, but everyone was used to it and there was no abnormal reaction.
Come to think of it, Ye Xiangyuan and I have been married for almost two years, even with children, and it is normal to have a husband and wife life. It is really nothing to make a fuss about.
Li Mulin did find a time to find out again.
I told him that "Ayuan said the news was true … I was so shocked that I didn’t expect tracing the cause to betray Ayuan … I already knew that Ayuan was wanted in the country … Ayuan must have been wronged. Brother Lu Xun was too unkind. I thought he was a gentleman before." Then I looked at Li Mulin sincerely. "Fortunately, you have always been Ayuan. I know that you are Ayuan’s good brother. Don’t betray Ayuan like Lu Xun."
Li Mulin is better at acting than I am. He looks quite excited and holds his fist. "I also believe that my second brother has been wronged and I will never betray him."
I will show a moving expression.
When he left me, he secretly sighed.
Ye Xiang came over and took hold of my shoulder and said softly, "Don’t think too much about different things, no common goal."
I’m, uh, still sad after all.
It’s not that Li Mulin is sad, but I think I would be very sad if Nannan and I learned that Nannan had ulterior motives one day before they approached me and became friends with me.
At the end of the day, I’m Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my face and said, "Do you want to go outside?"
I knew he was trying to change the subject, so I followed him and said, "May I?"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled "of course"
Actually, I’d better stay in the castle and not run around when martial law is in place.
But since he said, but that’s definitely no problem.
We went out through the back door and crossed a long stone road with dense forests on both sides, and then we could see an open grassland with mountains on three sides.
It turns out that this is a canyon with a lot of gurgling streams flowing from the mountains, and the scenery is beautiful.
I didn’t expect that there was another world behind the castle, and I was shocked.
Ye Xiangyuan told me that this is the eastern end of the Alps.
The next time we went camping on the mountainside, we passed here, but the town didn’t come to this castle.
I slowly looked at him and said, "Did you expect to buy the castle a long time ago?"
This old castle is like a military stronghold.
The castle is surrounded by tall trees, just like a dense forest. It is difficult to attack from the outside.
And even those who are invade into that castle can retreat to this canyon.
The canyon is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and there is an entrance. If troops were arranged in the forest on both sides of the stone road just now, no one could conquer it.