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Shi Luoxin and Gu are indeed husband and wife, but they are both influential figures in the entertainment circle. Their marriage cannot be announced, and a few reporters and insiders know about them.

It was not until He Lianyin’s car reminded Yin of Mu Ni’s being lost that she could not say anything when she looked at the silent driving.
She sensed intuitively that he was angry.
"I’ve called Dai Mu, and she’ll be fine." He Lianyin seems to be.
He Lianyin seems to know what she said, simply say
"Well" whispered "thank you" to Yin Yin.
"Just have been hurt? It’s so confusing that I can’t see clearly. Shall I take you to the hospital? "
"No, I’m not hurt, really."
"really?" He raised his eyebrows.
"Really," she said firmly.
He Lianyin suddenly stepped on the brakes.
Make public Ferrari parked on the right side of the road
He Lianyin turned on the dome light and helped her face. The dome light carefully observed her facial skin to see if there was any injury.
His face is so close.
Breathing and body temperature haunt each other.
"I’m really not hurt," he said unnaturally to Yin.
I don’t know why. Her heart is beating fast and she’s a little out of control.
He Lianyin ignored her words and quietly watched her face and eyes black. "I’ll look."
Don’t talk to Yin.
The brain gradually pulled away from reason, and finally she said softly, "can you let me go?" Not very comfortable. "
He loosened her voice. "What’s wrong?"
"No," she bit her lip gently and sat back. "Thank you for today, but I can’t help you. You haven’t got a mirror yet. Doesn’t this delay your trip?"
"It’s okay. I can get through without a mirror." He came to the set to see her.
"Because I am famous," He Lianyin said with a smile.
It dawned on Yin that "it is".
"Well," He Lianyin turned on the dome light and re-opened the car in the middle of the road. "Today, the mirror is over anyway. Why don’t you go and see Tong Tong? He has always said that he misses you very much recently. "
桑拿论坛"Yeah," she promised that she hadn’t seen Tong Tong for a few days and still missed him.
"Why don’t we have dinner at home later?"
Hesitated to Yin, "It’s ok, I’m late sometimes."
"Good" HeLianYin smiled and turned the steering wheel corners of the mouth how to suppress all can’t hide the smile.
Retro even in the house
The light is gentle
He Lianyin and He Tongtong’s two fathers sat back and watched the thugs swim to Yin’s kitchen to learn cooking from Song Jie. She has been in Beijing for a long time, but she is still not used to Beijing cuisine. She wants to learn some Cantonese cuisine and cook it for herself when she goes back.
One minute passes by.
Going out from the kitchen with Yin Duan’s seafood soup, I saw my two fathers desperately playing games with mobile games and couldn’t help frowning slightly. "Hey, don’t teach him to play games. He is still so young."
HeLianTong secretly yan mouth smile.
He Lianyin shrugged.
The light floated gently under his eyes. "Not playing games can promote children’s brain development."
To Yin frown deeper "that you have considered his eyes? What if I am nearsighted? "
"Oh, I suddenly forgot about it." He Lianyin suddenly realized that he Liantong was driven away from him. "Don’t ask Dad to play games after Tong Tong stopped playing."
"…" Tong Tong got up from the blanket with a small black line and ran to Yin and held her hand behind him. At this time, Tong Tong looked at He Lianyin and pouted slightly. "Mom and Dad lied because he wanted to play."
He Lianyin "…"
Xiang Yin "…"
"Hey Tong Tong doesn’t take such a traitor" He Lianyin squinted slightly and "kick down the ladder"
"Mom" Tong Tong looked up at Yin "Dad scolded me"
He Lianyin "…"
Stare at Yin. "Look at how you teach children to be so big and so naive."
Helianyin make signal with the lips
"Have a meal, have a meal" Song Jie brought out the dishes one by one, which prevented He Lianyin from educating Yin. He Lianyin hurriedly called them to eat in the past as the owner of household shoes.
"Come and eat when the meal is ready."
A family of three sat around the dining table in harmony.
He Lianyin picked up chopsticks and put a chicken wing on Tong Tong. Then he put a chicken wing on Yin and bowed his head to eat his lunch in the bowl. When Yin’s back froze, he didn’t say anything. He put a chicken wing on her slowly. Tong Tong moved the chopsticks away and picked up the chicken wing with both hands. He wiped his mouth with a napkin and said to He Lianyin crisply, "Dad, I want to eat chicken wings."
"Good" He Lianyin naturally stretched chopsticks to clip chicken wings for Tong Tong.