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"Why didn’t you inform me to meet you at the airport?"

"I know you’re busy and don’t want to delay your time."
"Oh, let’s eat." Yu Enze didn’t seem very happy. He walked to the table calmly and sat down.
Yu Enze and long summer didn’t say a word when they cleaned up dinner. It was suffocating to be angry and quiet.
"Enze, it’s time for us to talk about it." long summer finally put down his chopsticks.
Chapter 33 Why don’t you believe me
Was about to pick up the glass to drink water Yu Enze suddenly shocked to hold the glass still in place. His fingers couldn’t help but tighten. He looked up at long summer and his expression was unusually stable. "What do you want to talk to me about?"
"What’s wrong with us?" long summer looked Yu Enze straight in the face and asked him.
Yu Enze suddenly had some heart. "long summer, what’s our problem? Don’t you know that you came to ask me?"
Seeing that Yu Enze seems to know everything and questioning her attitude, long summer looked at Yu Enze incredulously. "Enze, how did you become like this? Shouldn’t we be honest with each other? If there is any problem, you can tell me to my face what you mean by being so lukewarm to me."
"Honesty" Yu Enze sneered at a chicken’s eyes and left a reproachful color. "long summer, you know we have to be honest, so where did you go to be honest with me?"
Long summer didn’t know what Yu Enze said. She suddenly realized that they had a serious communication barrier. This is not a problem that two people who really love each other should have.
She and he would be in such an awkward and indifferent situation today.
品茶"Enze, I always believe that the two of us are conditional letters. You ask me where I have been honest with you." long summer stared at Yu Enze like a stranger with resentment and anger in her eyes. Her heart felt a kind of pain. "Are you doubting me?"
Yu Enze didn’t answer. He snorted lightly, skimming long summer’s sight with slight disdain, and then picked up the glass and drank it slowly.
A strong sour and injustice flooded my mind, and my eyes were filled with wet mist. long summer was white. He was the default, which chilled long summer. It was he who responded so coldly to her.
"Yu Enze, I’m doing the right thing." long summer struck the table angrily and chopsticks were bounced out. "Why do you doubt me?"
"Su Lixia, you still don’t admit your mistake. What on earth are you pretending to be confused with me?" Angry Yu Enze suddenly got up. He punched the cup around the desktop and was suddenly shattered by the sudden shock of the floor.
A white flash flashed across the window, followed by a deafening thunder.
Long summer has known Yu Enze for so long. This is the first time he has been so angry with her.
"Yu Enze, is this you?" long summer looked at Yu Enze disappointedly. "What happened to you? How did you become like this?"
"Su Lixia, you have to hide me now." Yu Enze’s emotions are out of control. He rushed to long summer and held long summer’s shoulder tightly and shook her. "Are you really me? Yu Enze is stupid?"
"Yu Enze, you let go, you hurt me." long summer roared that she struggled desperately and finally broke free from the shackles of Yu Enze. Then she slapped Yu Enze in the face with a loud slap. "Yu Enze, what are you crazy about?"
Anger is still burning in phoenix eyes Yu Enze locked long summer’s eyes. "What do you want to hold with Yu Jiahao? You are my woman. He is my uncle. You actually hold together." He always vented his anger in his heart.
Long summer suddenly alpha males.
The world seems to be dead.
At this moment, the thunder and lightning outside the window continue to storm violently.
It turned out that he was misunderstood when Yu Jiahao consciously hugged her because she almost fell to help her that day.
But shouldn’t he know everything about her heart? How can he not believe her?
"I didn’t hug him, but he didn’t step on the steps and almost fell down. I went to help him," long summer explained righteously.
Yu Enze obviously didn’t believe long summer’s explanation, "long summer, don’t you think your reason is too funny? You and I can’t tell the difference between helping and hugging?"
"Yu Enze, you don’t believe me." long summer’s heart is so cool that she doesn’t know what this person she loves deeply has no letter for her, so what is her mind?
"What kind of person is Yu Jiahao? You are not unclear." Anger persists. Yu Enze rebuked long summer blindly. "Why don’t you listen to me and advise you to know that the closer you get to him, the worse it will be for you. Why do you have to go your own way? How can I miss you?"
Looking at the irrational Yu Enze, long summer suddenly felt that even if she explained more, it would be a waste of effort because he didn’t believe her.
Is this still her sincere Yu Enze?
What, he’s going to look like this?
Who is he?
Why doesn’t she know him?
"Yu Enze since you never believe me, I have nothing to say." For a long time, long summer’s pale voice played "I am still that sentence, I have nothing wrong with my conscience." Then she swung her backpack and pushed the door open and rushed out.
She was submerged in the raging storm, and she ran hard, and the cold swept through her body, and she was so hurt that her heart was suffocating.
Long summer left and let Yu Enze chase him out as quickly as he woke up from a big dream. He regretted it.
What did he just do to him, long summer? What’s wrong with him? How stupid is he to doubt him, long summer? He actually hurt long summer’s heart. He hates him as an asshole.
"long summer, I’m sorry I was wrong. I was really wrong." I blamed myself. Yu Enze chased behind and shouted at long summer, "I beg you to come back. long summer, don’t go. Please come back."