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Thousands of soldiers behind Hernandez were about to rush over. A red-robed and burly general led thousands of cavalry to the Flower Square. These cavalry troops were all printed with a white cross on a black background. It was the Archbishop of Taurus, the Knights of Quirino St. John!

"Hernandez, do you dare to fight with me?" Quirino’s resounding flower square almost shocked the Vatican Sineitai soldiers!
Quirino can be called the God of War in the Holy Roman Empire. Hernandez has always been afraid of him. How dare he go to war with him? "General Quirino, everyone is a Roman and will kill each other. I don’t care about your feud with the Pope!"
Hernandez found himself a step, so it was no longer difficult for Quirino. Hernandez immediately left the Flower Square with the Sineitai soldiers of the Holy See and stopped intervening in the Jade Emperor struggle
Antonio, Sabatino, Alexsandro, Augusto and tommaso, five cardinal archbishops, have all been knocked out. Camilo purified the five people in the square one by one, and cleaned the energy field defiled by dark magic. Twelve cardinal archbishops finally gathered here!
"I didn’t expect so many archbishops in red to be controlled by black magic!" Cancer Sabatino said that he regretted his previous behavior
"When did the Pope learn black magic and I never knew anything?" Libra tommaso said.
"I think there seems to be a great secret hidden in it!" Scorpio Augusto said
"Just like this, we, the arbiters of the Holy See, should find out the truth of this matter at once!" Capricorn Alexsandro said.
"Dear bishops, Antonio was so offended just now. Fortunately, this wizard from the East was so powerful that he didn’t make me make a big mistake," Antonio said. "In that case, the twelve of us will go to the Vatican Palace together to expel Satan from the body of the Father!"
"good! Ok! Good! " He eleven cardinal archbishop chimed in.
After the rest of the Flower Square, Ling Feiyang, Frederick II, Princess Natalia and twelve cardinal archbishops, thousands of soldiers of the Order of St. John marched to the Vatican Palace, the base of Pope Gregory IX! to be continued
Chapter 43 Twelve Bishops vs Pope
Ling Feiyang and others Qi Xin cooperated to rescue the holy Roman King Frederick II Camilo from the stake, purified the five archbishops polluted by dark magic, and the twelve cardinal archbishops of the Vatican finally United and headed for the Vatican Palace, the papal base!
The Vatican Palace in Rome, the Louvre in France and the Forbidden City in China are equally famous. It is said that the palace complex of the world’s three largest luxury palaces is located in a domed square building center in the highland in the northwest corner of Rome. This building is the Catholic Temple, the residence of the Pope.
Quirino left the Order of St. John’s troops outside the Vatican Palace, Natalia, Frederick II and twelve cardinal archbishops filed into the door of the Catholic Temple through a sculpture group. Although there were many kerosene lamps in this temple, the light was still very dark. Twelve large murals were painted on the walls of the temple. Behind the statue stood a statue of Jesus Christ more than three meters high, and a spiral staircase led to the top floor of the temple.
Fifteen people climbed around the spiral staircase for three times, and finally reached the top floor of the Catholic Temple. On the opposite side of the staircase was a very spacious hemispherical hall. The whole dome was installed with rose windows to block the sun’s rays. A 70-year-old man was sitting in the middle of the hall, wearing a blood-red robe and a golden cross on his chest. It was Pope Gregory IX of the Holy Roman Empire!
Ling Feiyang and others never thought that all this way was not only intercepted by the army, but also the Pope’s side didn’t even have a Vatican escort!
Ling Feiyang, Princess Natalia, Frederick II, Grignon Aries, Quirino Taurus, Antonio Gemini, Beduneau Cancer, Gonzalez Lionel, Camilo Virgo, tommaso Libra, Augusto Scorpio, edmundo Sagittarius, Alexsandro Capricorn, Alberto Aquarius and giuliano Pisces lined up in front of Pope Gregory IX!
"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!" Gregory IX saw the fifteen people but didn’t get up and said slowly
"Respect the Father and expel Satan from your body. Please accept the purification of the holy light!" Frederick II stepped forward, and the white ball of light appeared on Camilo’s head!
Holy light purification!
Gregory IX’s right hand gently stroked the cross on his chest, and the cross gradually turned black. A black light suddenly shot from the cross and hit the ball of light. The white ball of light turned black immediately!
Death ray!
"The disciples of Jesus Christ are baptized with the light of death!" A gloomy and piercing sound came out of Gregory IX’s mouth, and suddenly a black light shot out of the black ball. Camilo immediately fell unconscious!
"Satan, the devil, stop encroaching on the holy body of the Father and let me send you back to your own country!" Antonio read a spell in his mouth and a long and narrow air crack appeared in front of everyone!
Time crack!
With this powerful suction, a black shadow suddenly emerged from Gregory IX’s head, but Gregory IX’s cross on his chest once again emitted a black light and directly shot into this slit! This air crack suddenly turned black and sucked Antonio’s body in instead!
"die in the rift leading to hell!" That creepy sound came out of Gregory IX’s mouth again, and Antonio’s body gradually disappeared into this crack and disappeared immediately!
In an instant, Antonio and Camilo, the most powerful of the twelve cardinal archbishops, were defeated by Gregory IX, and their lives were uncertain! However, his thirteen people were not afraid to use all kinds of magic and martial arts to attack Gregory IX!
Gregory IX’s black shadow suddenly condensed into a demon with six wings!
"It was Satan!" Ten cardinal archbishop saw this scene is almost exclaimed.
According to the Christian Bible, Satan was in front of the Emperor’s throne. Seraphim was driven out of the kingdom of heaven by the Lord because of delusion. After Satan degenerated into a devil, he formed an army to rebel against the Lord and lured Adam and Eve to eat good and evil trees in the Garden of Eden, which brought evil to people.
Wind, fire, thunder, gold, earth, water, ice, poison, darkness, and mind control are ten kinds of magic. At the same time, they are coming at Satan, who is also mixed with Ling Feiyang’s six-pulse Excalibur. Satan suddenly burst into laughter. A dark cloud appeared around Gregory IX’s body and absorbed all the attack departments!
Black magic shield!
桑拿网"Foolish people, don’t you all want heaven? Why don’t I send you to hell?" As soon as Satan’s mouth opened and closed, this dark cloud suddenly expanded sharply. In the hall of the temple, several black monsters with a tiger head and a lion body swooped down on the thirteen people!
Dark Guardian!
Ten cardinal archbishops used magic one after another. Some monsters were hit by magic, but more monsters still came. Gonzá lez, tommaso, Augusto and giuliano were first attacked by monsters and fell unconscious!
Ling Feiyang saw a monster rushing towards Frederick II, and immediately stepped forward to use a palm "Kang Long has regrets" to shoot at this hideous monster!
However, the monster paused for a moment and then continued to rush forward. Ling Fei whisked up Frederick II’s arm and pulled him aside.
"Earth that gave birth to life, spread your loving arms to protect your devout believers!" Grignon chanted a spell, and Shi Zhuan rose from the ground to form a huge stone wall in front of these monsters!
Sigh wall!