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Jun Qian’s understanding of mummy is not a ghost repair. Although his strength gives him an unfathomable feeling, this humble filament is condensed from corpse gas at best, and his quality is lower than that of ghost repair. Even if he has more than one achievement, he can easily cope with it.

Unfortunately, it turned out that he was dumbfounded.
After the sword light was cut into thin lines, it was slightly "scoffed", which made the gray filaments slightly flash and stagnate for a moment, and then the sword light suddenly disappeared, and it seemed to be absorbed by the gray filaments, and the gray filaments were again lasered.
Jun Qian’s heart shook his wrist and dozens of sword lights formed a fine sword net to meet the gray filaments. He especially felt that Xuanli was not running fast enough, and a huge sword light followed the sword net.
When the gray filaments meet with the sword net, they make a sneer again. The sword net failed to stop the filaments for a long time, but in a moment, the sword net was already dim and was absorbed by the filaments. Most of the filaments crossed the sword net and struck again, but then the sword light was cut out.
This time, the filament can no longer absorb the sword light, but it is not cut off by the sword light as Jun Qian expected, but it stops.
Jun Qian was a little relieved in his heart and was about to apply gray filaments again, but suddenly there was a blur, followed by a hundred gray filaments.
These filaments are extremely flexible and instantaneous, which is to bind the dagger in Jun Qian’s hand.
Jun Qian felt that his hand sank and he could hardly hold a strong force to take the sword away from his hand. He poured Xuanli into the dagger and Guanghua flourished for a moment before he forced back the filaments and barely got rid of it.
However, the gray filaments seem to have some hard-to-detect attraction. With his repeated efforts, the sword did not move.
Jun Qian frowned bitterly, and his heart loathed to give up this dagger. The dagger is a pair. If it is lost, it is not easy to make a pair again. I am hesitant to see a dazzling sword light flashing next to me, followed by a sword tearing and falling those gray filaments quickly.
品茶论坛The sword was cut, the sharp front sounded, and the gray filaments broke in the light of the sword. Although it was not broken, most of the filaments were cut into several pieces. Jun Qian felt that when his hand was loosened, the pressure suddenly dropped, and his wrist was taken back. At the same time, he took advantage of the opportunity to draw the sword light, and Huada Sheng was still wrapped around the filaments of the sword to regain his freedom.
The sword was naturally made by Jun Kuang, who had previously obtained the sword. He didn’t look at Jun Qian, but stared at the middle school with a frown and a dignified face.
See the mummy opposite a growl that was scattered by his gray filaments and condensed together for a moment and then returned to the same shape.
"What the hell is this?" Jun Qian also noticed this abnormality and was shocked.
"I don’t know, but it’s very troublesome to look at the sample." Jun sank wildly.
"It seems that the boss didn’t lie to us. The land of Fei Moon City is indeed dangerous step by step." Jun Qian turned his hand to offer another dagger.
"This kind of filament seems to be extremely difficult to destroy and seems to be able to absorb the physical attack of Xuanli, but it is effective and the effect is not obvious." Jun said crazily.
Jun Qian’s eyebrows are wrinkly. I’m afraid there is really no good way to deal with him.
Mummy didn’t leave enough time for you crazy people to think about it. Its hands stretched out, its fingers flexed and its gray filaments came from the fingertips.
Jun Kuang Jun Qian stood side by side with a dignified look, and almost the mummy attacked. At the same time, the two of them moved the Jun Kuang sword at the same time, and the sword rushed to meet the mummy filament.
Two people a left a right to protect themselves, filaments fall in the whole body, although a part of the sword light is absorbed, but when the two people work together to slay the sword light, there is no real threat.
Mummy saw its own gray filaments didn’t work for a while, but it didn’t stop. Instead, it meant that the fingers trembled and suddenly counted the gray filaments around them, and they rushed towards the crazy two men, and wrapped them layer by layer, which meant that they were completely trapped.
In your crazy eyes, there is a flash of cold light, a flick of a sword, a flash of light, and a sword, like thunder, slashing at the surrounding filaments.
At the same time, Jun Qian’s double swords violently twisted the surrounding filaments.
There are gray filaments, and two people join forces to attack and be chopped into several pieces. They want to be trapped, and their intentions are realized at one time.
Mummies don’t seem to know how to give up things, and they don’t seem to know how to choose the means of attack. They still keep spouting gray filaments to supplement the encirclement, and those filaments that have been cut off also have some re-condensation to restore the two sides to a stalemate at the moment.
"It’s not a way to go." Jun Qian once again cut off the filaments that extend towards himself and grind his teeth.
"We are really too passive, and the opposite root is a fool." He raised his eyebrows and saw his one eye.
How can Jun Qian miss the provocation in each other’s eyes? "Well, look, I’m really grateful that my opponent wants me to work hard."
"Otherwise, attract the attention of this monster, and I will seize the opportunity to get away and kill this monster near." Jun gave him a crazy and funny look.
"Why should I be a living target?" Jun Qian gave him a rather disgusted look.
Naijun’s madness is to throw all the dirty work to him. You can say that you took a shallow breath and turned your hand. The sword light came out of the filament encirclement and spared no effort to cut a gap.
You crazy word shape flash is flicker out from the gap in the hands of a sword toward the mummy pledge to cut.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-one Cutting corpse 2
Seeing your crazy mummy out of trouble seems to be a little anxious. It seems to be hesitant to deal with your crazy. At the same time, his eyes are also turning to your crazy. His attention to your modesty has weakened a lot. He is obviously not good at distraction, and he is slow to move.
Jun Qian is aiming at this. When the body achievement method is driven to the extreme, the later stage of the sacred land will exert more explosive force than the initial stage of the sacred land, and the sword light will shine and expand the gap in the encirclement.
Mummy seems to notice that Jun Qian’s side is lax and can’t shrink his fingers. It seems that he intends to shrink the encirclement filaments and wrap Jun Qian into a cocoon, which completely makes him unable to move.
However, an instant madman has swept to the mummy and turned his hand to sell his rapier and went straight to the mummy. The speed is that Jun Qian’s eyesight can also be captured.
Without thinking, the mummy made a spin and wrapped a rapier in dozens of filaments with her fingers.
"Ah" you crazy slightly evoked corners of the mouth.
The rapier is just a feint.
Pay attention to your modesty while mummified, but also try to deal with the rapier root. There is no margin to pay attention to your crazy action.
As early as several previous temptations, Jun found out the details of the mummy. The mummy’s manipulation of filaments is very similar to his body feeling, which can be regarded as a metabolic product, but in other words, it is also a part of his body.
Only by throwing a thin sword at close range did he determine that the surface color of the mummy was due to the winding of thick filaments, which must have accumulated on weekdays. This led to the fact that the physical strength of the mummy was far too strong, which could be comparable to that of ordinary monks at the peak of their status, regardless of those who reached the peak.
The meaning is very hard
It may be a headache for an ordinary warrior to touch it, but it seems that Jun Kuang does not pose a threat. Jun Kuang is comparable to the top artifact, and the physical strength is not a problem to deal with the mummified roots.
What’s more, he has an innate advantage.